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June, 2015

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I've put together some of my most popular posts from this year. Please forward anything useful to a friend, colleague or client.


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Social Media
Reflecting my continuing interest in social media, this post was published on
Care2 Healthy Living and Thought Catalogue:
  • 6 Reasons Saying Bye To Facebook Will Make You A Happier Person. People are incensed about Facebook's manipulation of emotional content. Psychologist that I am, I wasn't too upset about it. Since my dissertation involved deception, how hypocritical would that be? And, I seriously doubt that Facebook's research killed anyone, as one Tweeter apparently wondered. Continue reading...

For my technophobic friends:

  • 9 Important Steps To Avoid Becoming a Tech DINOSAUR. When I went to college I felt estranged from my parents. The only way we could communicate was with a landline, which I had to stand in line to use. Now I can shoot texts back and forth with my son, with links to interesting news bits, YouTube videos or music, and pictures of the cats doing dumb things while looking cute. I get that you want to do things your own way...but there are some anachronisms in the 21st century that are just plain annoying. Continue reading...

Health & Wellness

While posts about exercise don't always fare so well, those about happiness and confidence do. On Yahoo Beauty and Psych Central:
  • 7 Ways You Choose Unhappiness (Without Even Realizing It).As I approached a birthday, one with a ginormous number, a wise coach posed the question: If not now, when? I was grumbling about how I hadn't been getting enough done when I really wanted to spend more time reading, watching movies and the World Cup; in other words, engaging in activities that would result in getting even less done. If not now, when?, she asked. Continue reading...
I'm not sure what it is about lists of "7s", but, also at Yahoo Beauty:
  • Live Your Best Life: 7 Steps To A Healthier, Happier Existence. These are my top wellness steps borrowed from what the books say and what I've learned from my clients. If you want to improve your wellness, you may have to eat differently, change your exercise program, or develop a new sleep plan.  You have to be focused. There may be other behaviors you have to look at, like how much time you work, relax and spend with friends.  You can use these steps with any goal you're working on. Continue reading...

On positive mindset, goals and perseverance:

  • Need A Boost Of Confidence? First, Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone.Why enter a road race? If I say, "Because it's fun," I can hear the groans already...I've decided it's all about getting out of my comfort zone and becoming stronger-not just physically stronger, but mentally stronger. I'm able to gain a boost of self-esteem and see growth in confidence of my abilities. Continue reading...

Relationships & Divorce

Bringing health and wellness to post-divorce adjustment, this post appeared on
Yahoo Beauty:
  • 6 Surprising Lessons Yoga Taught Me About Divorce. About 10 years ago a friend invited me to a yoga class. Just divorced, I was feeling open to new things. Yoga was really not something I'd considered before, but I didn't evaluate it, overthink it or analyze it to death. I just went. It was my first lesson. Here's what I learned about divorce from yoga: 1. Beginner's Mind. Imagine what it would be like to see a sunrise for the first time, as if you have never seen one before and you will never see one again. This is beginner's mind. Continue reading...

Another post-divorce adjustment piece appeared in our local Magnolia Magazine:

  • 50-Plus & Fabulous, Get Out of the Post-Divorce Doldrums. Spring is a great time for renewal, reinvigoration and reinvention. It's a time to leave the post-divorce doldrums behind. You can get stuck in the doldrums after any period of stress like divorce, maybe even anytime after you hit the big 5-0...the doldrums...famous for diabolical transitions from calm to squalls...can keep a ship stuck. If this sounds like your life, you're not alone. Continue reading...
I was a guest on a web-radio show with an associated article picked up by
Women's Health Magazine:
  • 10 Tips For Re-Entering The Dating Scene After Divorce. The first date you have after (or during) your divorce is magical. You anticipate new love, new romance and even simply new friendship and camaraderie. It seems so dreamy, so playful and thrilling after all we've been through with our divorce or an intense severing of a relationship. The reality is we are recreating who we are anew. Continue reading... named me one of the six best experts to help you through your divorce. My recent article there:

  • 7 Times Love at First Sight Can Actually Happen. Renee Zellweger explained it to Tom Cruise in "Jerry Maguire" with, "You had me at hello." Many of us have experienced love at first sight. According to a recent survey, 57 percent of Americans believe it can happen. There are many reasons we meet someone and later proclaim, "It was love at first sight." Continue reading...
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