March 2016




Dear Friend, 
Every month we highlight our star students and tutors. I am always amazed at the sheer tenacity and resilience of our students and the caring and passion of our volunteers. Please take a few minutes to read about Kaliyah who is in 6th Grade, and described by her tutor, Vivek, as brilliant, impressively curious and clever. Vivek has been a tutor since 2014. When he moved to Michigan to attend medical school, he continued to volunteer as an online tutor. Miles away, he continues to make a difference every single week.

Our students live with chaos and instability every day. They experience varying levels of trauma; some have been victims of violence and abuse; many more have witnessed it. Our students experience high rates of health problems. They are sick more often than other children. They also go hungry at twice the rate of other children and have three times more emotional and behavioral problems than their housed peers.  
And yet, when you read about mother and daughter tutors Susan Edelman and Clara Pitsker and how much they care about their students, or Jason Lee whose student encourages him to pursue his own dreams, you will understand that our students are fortunate to have such committed and compassionate people in their lives.

I'm inspired when I read about our star students and volunteers.  I'm inspired by all our students, volunteers and donors.  In my mind, you're all stars. Thank you for caring. Your support is helping make a significant difference in so many lives.

With gratitude,

Catherine Meek
Executive Director 
Celebrity of the Month

Kevin Bacon

On Friday, February 19, Kevin Bacon, the well-known musician and actor, stopped by our Skid Row Learning Center to find out more about Digital Learning with our students!

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Star Student
Sumaita, 9th Grade

Sumaita made the transition from middle school to high school in the most inspiring way. She has become focused and dedicated to her school work, having a nearly straight A report card last semester!
-Paige Kaplan, Tutor

Each of our amazing students inspire us every day.
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Star Tutor
Jannah Jakvani, Region 6

I decided to volunteer with School on Wheels because I value education a lot and being able to share my love of education with someone else is amazing!

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In the News
Most Likely to Succeed Film Screenings

We want to say a huge thank you to everyone who attended a screening of the Most Likely to Succeed film! We were very honored to have the opportunity to host the screenings and we hope you all enjoyed watching as well as took valuable information with you.
Poverty to Professional

"This is like being in prison, but you haven't done anything wrong."
A must read blog by former School on Wheels student Angela Sanchez about her journey through homelessness at the age of 16.


St. Patrick's Day Parade

Downtown Ventura 
Saturday, March 12, 2016 at 10 am 
Join us! Meet at the School On Wheels office parking lot at:
83 South Palm St. Ventura, CA 93001

Tutor Resources
School on Wheels runs a weekly advice feature every Tuesday called Ask a Tutor Tuesday!
This blog feature serves as the perfect opportunity to ask veteran tutors questions regarding their experiences and to get advice.

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Presidential Service Awards
Sometimes our volunteers might receive thank you cards from their students.
Other times they might receive a letter from the president! Both are great ways to show appreciation for the amazing volunteers of School on Wheels. 

If you are an active tutor and have logged over 50 hours between March 2015 and March 2016, you never know what surprises are in store...
Become a Regional Coordinator!
Looking for a rewarding volunteer management position where you can make a difference? 


How to Show your Continued Support

You can now show your support for School on Wheels simply by making a purchase! Amazon donates 0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to the charitable organization of your choice (hopefully School on Wheels). Click the button below to start shopping.
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