A New Semester Here at CIMBA! 

Welcome to a new year and semester at CIMBA! January and February have taken us by storm with 110 new undergraduate students fresh from the United States, a specialty program for the University of Delaware, and a record number of LIFE programs both at home here in Paderno and abroad!
In this CIMBA Newsletter we welcome you to get acquainted with the students from the University of Delaware, learn more about LIFE, see what the MBA class of 2016 has been up to, and keep up with your fellow CIMBians by joining a recent Alumni Association brunch.
As always, we encourage you to connect with each other and share with us your good news. We look forward to hearing from you!
Leadership Initiative For Excellence

We asked a recent LIFE graduate who attended the recent LIFE program in Munich to give us her personal view of the LIFE experience:

Many friends and colleagues have asked me: "What is LIFE all about?" As any LIFE graduate will attest, it is an experience that is hard to truly express in words or even in a single sentence. To help break through the mystery I am pleased to have this opportunity to help answer some of the burning questions that many prospect LIFErs may hold.

So what is LIFE?

First, LIFE stands for Leadership Initiative For Excellence. A key component of LIFE is the analysis of leadership behaviors and character skills through the lens of the biometric data collected during the program. Top athletes, Special Forces, and first responders use similar technologies and data to prepare themselves for those moments where stakes are high. LIFE measures your EQ, empathy, stress response, and the ability to relate to others. It provides powerful insights for each participant to intrinsically overcome their own "immunity to change"; it sets the stage for participants to become the leadership personality they have always aspired to be.

Just like leadership itself, LIFE is intense and challenging. 

Character traits and attributes
 suddenly become visible and tangible as a highly dynamic interplay between varying stressful and non-stressful situations and phases of mindfulness intertwine to inspire deep, personal introspection and growth. Participants quickly realize that what it takes to become an effective leader you must first be a team player; that effective followership is the only true prerequisite for effective leadership. They realize: the only way towards effective leadership is the ability to give all of yourself for the team in order to earn your team's support as the leader responsible for achieving your team's goals. Throughout the journey highly experienced coaches challenge the team from the get go, early in the morning until late in the evening - with each process scientifically designed to awaken the leader within.

LIFE goes beyond technical leadership competencies. It aims to sharpen your personal profile and character by challenging to you look inwardly, with objective eyes, and push past those internal barriers holding you back. LIFE builds the foundation for leadership excellence: Self Awareness, Social Awareness, and self-regulation.
In combination with LIFE, the CIMBA online dashboard provides your
comprehensive data and allows you to continuously track your progress through biometric and other data t
o further support you in your leadership development journey

I personally encourage you to learn more about LIFE and in joining one of our upcoming sessions, the next one is March 18. 
- Fabrizia Forner, LIFE Class 1070

[Please contact Katiuscia Baggio at baggio@cimba.it]

Open Minds Week!
A week of cross-cultural education with the Istituto Filippin.

Over this past week, CIMBA has welcomed students from our host institution, Istituto Filippin, to join in a number of our undergraduate courses for a week of cultural exchange and learning. Augmented with specialty lectures on topics such as personal branding, presentation skills, and cultural comparisons on Italy, U.S. education systems, a select group of 20 Italian high-school students honed their English skills while meeting new friends in our undergraduate program.
(Open Minds class with Professor Houghton)
First Apertivo of Semester
With the New Year comes a new semester at CIMBA and we have kicked it off to a great start! The Class of 2016 jumped right in with a statistics exam from Dr. Al, followed up closely by reviewing Enneagram types with Ginny Wilson-Peters, and then by celebrated a memorable birthday for one of the full-time MBAs, Alessandra Visentin. 

At the end of a full weekend of Supply Chain Management, the team took a well-deserved break. One of the part-time students was so excited about the class material that he drew a Gant chart detailing activities for the rest of the evening, including time for an apertivo and dinner in Bassano. Guided by the chart, the crew met up in Bassano to share a drink on the Ponte Vecchio and further enjoy enjoy each other's company over dinner.

A great way to get back in touch after Christmas break and gear up for the rest of the semester ahead!

From the USA to the Veneto:
Early in January a group of university students from the University of Delaware crossed the seas to join us for a transformational study abroad experience. Accompanied by Professor John Stocker, Professor of Finance, the students took part in a full, 360 degree cultural and business immersion; from learning the art of baking traditional pizza to visiting several local family run businesses that stand at the heart of Italian enterprise and the Veneto experience.
As you know, at CIMBA we always strive to integrate authentic cultural experiences with the real business world experience. While continuing their studies, the students had the opportunity to connect with CIMBA alumni Marta Gazzola (LIFE Graduate) and Luca Galuppo (MBA Class of 2000) to visit their respective businesses, businesses that have been a hallmark of the Veneto economic experience for many years. These company tours introduced students to the family industries, rich in tradition, which have come to represent a business model highly unique to Italy, and particularly the Veneto Region. They had the chance to connect with the people and organizations that have contributed to creating the "Made in Italy" brand of quality renowned the world over.
Luca Galuppo, MBA class of 2000 and current Director of Marketing for Latteria Montello SPA, introduced the students to their famous brand Nonno Nanni. Latteria Montello SPA was founded in 1947 by Giovanni (Nanni) Lazzarin and is lead today by the third generation of the Lazzarin Family. Together with their children Alessandro, Daniela, Elisa, Gianni, Mirca, Silvia, and Tiziana who lead diverse business divisions of the Latteria Montello, they continue their grandfather's legacy. With 90 million Euro in turnover, they are an Italian leader in the premium market segment of Stracchino cheese; processing 60,000 tons of fresh milk a year and being represented nationally by both specialty stores and internationally in Austria, Switzerland, Greece, Britian, Belium, the United States and China.
Thanks to Marta Gazzola the students were also able to tour her family's business, Gaerne, founded in 1962 by her father Ernesto Gazzola.  From its inception and birth, Gaerne has been focused on sports shoes. It began with the production of hiking boots before the family diversified into making shoes for motorcyclists and bicyclists. Gaerne is synonymous with products of artisanal quality, created with a strict selection of materials and a strong commitment to design and innovation. Inspired by the "Made in Italy" branding initiative, they have enjoyed international success with leading sports champions wearing their equipment for more than 50 years.  These days, after having diversified their product line, they produce around 77,000 pairs of cycling shoes and 113,000 pairs of motorcycle boots annually, allowing this Veneto company to dominate international markets in 66 countries around the world.
We would like to thank Marta, Luca, and their companies for sharing with us their hospitality and expertise. Thanks to the generous donation of their time and passion we were able to offer the students a transformational business experience that they will carry on with them into the future.


MBA Class with Professor Jon Wong of Iowa State University
March 12th, 2016

Congratulations to Professor Erich Dominik (UG Faculty 2008) and his wife on the birth of their daughter, Christina Ashley Dominik, born July 3rd! She is healthy and already has daddy wrapped around her little finger!
John and Erika Drake, just had twins! Please welcome young babies Oscar Jack and Otto Louis Drake to the CIMBA family. While the babies don't have any travel plans as of yet, John and Erika are looking forward to getting them on the road as soon as possible.

Alumni Association Brunch in Treviso
This past Saturday, February 20th our newly created Alumni Association held a brunch in Treviso for our MBA, LIFE, and Executive Programs alumni living throughout the Veneto.  It was a fun opportunity for some 30 alumni to come together and reconnect over beautiful late morning meal.

In the fall of 2015 the Alumni Association was formally 
inaugurated and is now working to connect alumni and build the greater CIMBA community through organizing regional meetings and Alumni events like our recent brunch. We strongly encourage everyone to get involved and attend an alumni event near you. It is a great opportunity to learn about all of the new, exciting events and activities taking place at your Alma Mater!

Our next Alumni Association meeting will be taking place in Padova on March 18th.  If you are interested in attending please follow this link to RSVP.

Send us the student's name and contact information and we will follow up with him or her as soon as possible. Alumni recommendations always get preference!



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