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We imagine you are relishing the abundance of sunshine that typically comes with spring and warmer weather! May's CIMBA News brings a plethora of fun, engaging happenings on both the CIMBA side of things and around our community! We are utterly delighted to report that both Dr. Al's presentation and CIMBA Italy's presence in the Innovation Hall at TEDxPadova were  tremendous successed. 
Don't miss the May CIMBA Spotlight on Summer 2014 Graduate Program participant Scott Schmidt, a recent graduate of the University of Iowa's MBA Program. Scott was featured on the Poets & Quants website as one of the Best MBA Students of the Class of 2015. MBA students and CIMBA staff indulged in the high-ropes course in the woods of Asiago. Read on to check out meet-ups among MBA students and professors as well. With all of the fun things going on, academic work is not to be forgotten. We announce the winner of the 2015 Nord(B)est Award below! Providing a fresh spin on networking, speaker Jaymin Patel also shared tips and tricks for "networking like a rockstar" in his April talk in Paderno. Finally, catch-up with the energy of TEDxPadova 2015 by reading the transcript of Dr. Al's TEDx presentation in this month's  ABC. 
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CIMBA Italy's Successes at TEDxPadova! 

On Saturday, May16th, CIMBA Italy Founder and President, Al H. Ringleb wow-ed the 650-member audience at TEDxPadova with his talk, "Wired to be Social: Finding the 'We' in an iWorld". Scroll down to read the full transcript of his insightful TEDx presentation! 


On top of being represented on stage, CIMBA Italy was in full force in the form of an interactive and engaging booth in the TEDxPadova Innovation Hall! TEDx event attendees had the opportunity to test out several CIMBA technologies implemented here in Paderno del Grappa in an effort to gain a better understanding of the revolutionary work being done in the field of neuroscience and personal development. The CIMBA team was clearly overflowing with passion and enthusiasm - well done!

Team Zepa Takes the 2015 Nord(B)est Award!
On Friday, May 22, the 2015 Nord(B)est Award Ceremony was held. This year's ceremony celebrated the excellent work done by both 16 northeastern Italian journalists and CIMBA Italy's Full-time MBA consulting teams! After being placed into teams in December, these students have been working digilently over the past five months to provide a desired deliverable for their assigned company. While teams consulting for Generali, Inn-flux, and Altevie showcased exceptionally high-quality work and customer satisfaction, it was Team Zepa, made up of Alberto Rizzetto and Marisa LaGreca, that took home first place. Congratulations to both you and your company!

MBA Students and CIMBA Staff Conquer the High-Ropes Course in Asiago!


At the end of April, CIMBA staff and Full-time MBA students alike headed to the mountains of Asiago not for cheese, but for some high-ropes course action! The group dispersed throughout the wooded area to traverse an array of treetop obstacles. Belaying and navigating the course together, everyone cheered each other on, especially when those fearful of heights struggled a bit! Topped off with a cake to celebrate a cluster of April birthdays, the ropes course was a great teambuilding challenge! Following the activity, all headed to a local pizzeria for lunch before MBA students wrapped up the day with spritzes and gelato in the town of Asiago. It was all smiles after a day outside in the sun!

MBA Students Say Goodbye to their Consulting Project Advisor/CIMBA Director of Product Development, Chris Ancona!


On Thursday, May 21, several current MBA students joined together to say farewell to CIMBA Italy Director of Product Development and Class of 2011 Full-time MBA alumnus Chris Ancona at Nidaba in Montebelluna for some delectable gourmet burgers and craft beer! Endless stories and memories were shared over dinner as students expressed their thanks to Chris for his mentorship and guidance over their consulting projects this past year. Chris will be moving to Lille, France, and will continue to do some work for CIMBA from his new home. After ffour years here, we wish Chris all the best with his future endeavors!


TEDxPadova Talk Transcribed
Wired to be Social: 
Finding the "We" in an iWorld
by Dr. Al H. Ringleb

In lieu of the May book review, below is the transcript from my TEDxPadova presentation, "Wired to be Social: Finding the 'We' in an iWorld".


My life has been much about numbers and statistics. I have multiple degrees in mathematics, statistics, econometrics, and economics. I even threw in a law degree just for fun. My father was absolutely convinced I was going to be a professional student. But I surprised him a little and became both a professor and an entrepreneur. As an entrepreneur, 

I learned the hard way that people matter far more than numbers. As a mathematician, I was curious as to whether we could use numbers and statistics to better understand people skills -- particularly the skills that allow us to lead and to be led.


So we put together a Team, created a Lab, and started to work with leading anthropologists, biologists, psychologists, and neuroscientists. Our goal was to see if we could find a better way to measure, assess, and develop those people skills. I am here to share with you what I learned on that incredible journey.


The first thing I learned -- something that most of you already know:


A course on leadership does not make you a leader.


It clearly takes something more. In looking for that something more, we learned that:


A person's barriers to leadership are typically the very same barriers they face in being the person they would truly like to be - amongst friends, in the family, community, and in other social groups.


Let me give you a sense of what I mean:


How many of you believe you are below average in terms of your ability to drive a car?.....


As you can see, there are only a few hands. Studies show that about 97 percent of us believe we are above average. Of course, this contradicts what I learned from statistics...


Scott Schmidt, Summer 2014 MBA Program
Scott Schmidt attended the graduate program in Summer 2014 and was recognizedrecentlyas one of Poets and Quants' Best and Brightest of the Class of 2015! A current University of Iowa MBA student set to graduate, Scott was nominated by the Full-time MBA Program at Iowa and was selected as one of just 50 MBA students around the country for this honor. Check out the link below to read his full profile and what makes him such an inspirational model MBA student. Congratulations and well done, Scott! 
Jaymin Patel Teaches CIMBA Italy Community How to 'Network Like a Rockstar'
Former Carnegie Mellon Hiring Manager and a supercharging speaker who's drawn rave reviews, Jaymin Patel immediately snatched his audience of CIMBA Italy MBA students, staff, alumni, and community members with his presentation "How to Network Like an MBA Rockstar" on April 24th. Jaymin demonstrated how to skip recruitment managers' hiring buckets of yes, no, and maybe to jump right into the rockstar bucket. Perhaps one of the most valuable takeaways was that experience is an expensive teacher so be ready to absorbe someone else's experience as your own education. Attendees left with an alternative view of networking - one in which job seekers have all the cards (tools) to play!
Part-Time MBA Students and Professor Link Up in Rome!
On Monday, May 21st, Samuele Zanella, current second-year Part-Time MBA student and Dainese Export Manager, connected with Iowa State University and MBA Marketing Professor John Wong to give a presentation on his company to American undergraduate students studying in Rome. Samuele discussed Dainese's marketing here in Europe, what marketing means to them, their marketing strategy, and the evolution of their strategy over the years. He also touched on the types of sponsoring they engage in and how Dainese studies its markets. Students are now studying the Dainese USA website and will send the company a report in the next few weeks. In addition to meeting up with his former marketing professor, Samuele was also able to get together with current first-year Part-time MBA student and local Roman, Paolo Seralessandri. Samuele also took Paolo and the students to Dainese's Rome branch to meet with local Dainese representatives. What a great learning opportunity for students created by the CIMBA family, too!



Lori Dolinger, MBA Full-time Class of 2007, married Bobby Sitro on April 19th! Best wishes to you and your families from theCIMBA staff!

Cassie Cooper, CIMBA Italy Consultant, and her husband welcomed their third daughter Abigail Hope Cooper into the world on April 20th. We are sure Abigail can't wait to follow in the footsteps of her big sisters, Nathalie and Miriam. Congratulations to your entire family! 
Lorenzo Piccoli, MBA Full-time Class of 2011, married Gloria Amores surrounded my friends and family in Spain on April 25th. Congratulations!

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