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In this month's edition of CIMBA News, we are proud to feature Dr. Al's participation at TEDxPadova as a speaker. Additionally, MBA students dive deep into managerial economics and Y-40 Deep Joy, the deepest pool in the world right down the road in Padova. Check out the April CIMBA Spotlight on Dr. Matt Bowler of Oklahoma State University to read about the rewarding experience he's had here in Paderno during the Spring 2015 semester. Pining to hear about your classmates? Look no further than our Alumni News Section where MBA and undergraduate alumni alike continue to wow us with their endeavors and personal successes. Lastly, take a moment to see why Making Conflict Work is on Dr. Al's list of must-reads.

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CIMBA Italy Hits the TEDx Red Carpet!

On Saturday, May16th, CIMBA Italy Founder and President, Al H. Ringleb will take to the TEDxPadova stage! As a TEDxPadova speaker, he will introduce the CIMBA philosophy and share its role as a unique learning organization emphasizing personal development and growth. 

An intriguing encounter with neuroscience in 1997 dramatically changed the way Dr. Al looked at personal learning and development. After years of thought and exploration, he co-founded the NeuroLeadership Institute in 2007 to create a forum for scientists, academicians, learning consultants, and coaches to share ideas and stimulate research. Along with his CIMBA research team, he envisioned the on-going explosion of discoveries in neuroscience converging with the increasing power and ubiquity of mobile platforms and a new generation of bio-sensors to create the next technological revolution, technology as an "Awareness Multiplier." Research at CIMBA is showing that this awareness revolution is addressing our growing need to better understand ourselves as humans, to better understand others, to be more aware of the emotions that both make us human and give quality to our lives -- a desperate, ubiquitous need for social learning, meaningful social interaction. At CIMBA we believe that by reviving our brain's evolutionary social wiring, this next wave of technology has the potential to enable humans to interact and cooperate at levels never before possible. 


MBA Students Soak Up Managerial Economics from Dr. Dan Benjamin!
This past weekend marked the final weekend all current MBA students - full time, first year part time, and second year part time - will be sitting in the same classroom during the 2014-2015 year! However, they were lucky enough to learn about managerial economics from the jovial and effervescent Dr. Dan Benjamin, Alumni Distinguished Professor at Clemson University. We are sure all they benefited from his enthuiasm as well as the friendships formed over the last year!

MBA Students Take on World's Deepest Pool!


Before it began warming up here, a group of full-time MBA students ventured to Y-40 Deep Joy, the world's deepest swimming pool, for diving, not once but twice! Located only an hour from Paderno in the Padova area, Y-40 has grabbed recent headlines for being named the deepest pool in the world by the Guinness Book of World Records. At 138 feet, the pool opened last June as a center to train scuba divers and to support underwater photography and scientific research. 


This made Y-40 the perfect lab for CIMBA MBA students! The pool outings served as both excellent team building activities as well as opportunities to implement biometric asessment tools. Sincere thanks go to Silvia Tessari, MBA Class of 2015, for spearheading these efforts! We hope to join next time around.




Making Conflict Work
Harnessing the Power of Disagreement
by Peter T. Coleman and Robert Ferguson

Recall in the last ABC, we talked about a series of books we would review over the next few months that, when taken together, would serve to define what we mean by character, character development, and social learning. We also discussed how gaps in our social learning -- in our character development -- are increasingly leading to difficulties in our social interactions at work and, perhaps more importantly, outside of work with our friends and family members, within our communities, and in our other social groups and relationships (rates of marriage, divorce, juvenile crime, depression, bullying, among others in addition to shortages in leaders). Last month, we explored the topic of social learning in general, and then took a look at feedback and receptivity to feedback as necessary ingredients in activating our Social Brains, promoting necessary social learning and character development. In this ABC, we will look at another component in our Social Brain's ability to assist us in getting along with others  - the management of conflict.


I would like to begin with an anecdote we often use at CIMBA in presenting ourselves to corporate clients. Despite frustration with the results they are experiencing from traditional technical-based training and development approaches to behavioral change, we find our biggest challenge is in making the important distinction between technical (course-based) and adaptive (coach-based) solutions understood. And particularly in making it understood when and in which circumstances to apply these very different solutions. The former works well in addressing performance issues, while the latter is far more effective in addressing issues of character -- effective critical thinking and social interactions. We often begin by first pointing to research on losing weight, something to which many of us can all too easily relate, particularly as we grow older..... 
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Matt Bowler, Spring 2015 Faculty, Introduction to Management and International Business Environment of the Firm
Along with his family, Matt came to CIMBA Italy this spring from Oklahoma State University where he serves as Associate Professor and Don R. Brattain Professor of Management. As the undergraduate semester wrapped up, we at CIMBA sat down with him to hear more about his experiences in Paderno del Grappa and what he recommends for prospective faculty.


Heather Schnacke, Campus Life Coordinator and MBA Class of 2013, has just taken up a new role within the LPGA Foundation - Girls Golf Division. She is now focusing on girls' golf and junior clinics and is excelling at event planning, organization, coordinating, and travel through photography, videos, and blogging. We are ecstatic to see Heather continuing to motivate others by inspiring young girls to reach their full potential through the game of golf! Be sure to check out Girls Golf and LPGA Foundation to learn more.


Emily Sheldon, Fall 2008 Undergraduate alumna and Resident Assistant recently got engaged to Shawn Lavery! We wish them the very best as they continue their journey together.


Joe Maresca, Fall 2004 Undergraduate alumnus, and his wife Samantha DePaulo welcomed a new baby girl on March 2, 2015. Welcome to the world, Everly Bess!


Neha Dev, MBA Class of 2011, is engaged to Ankur Dhingra! We have an inkling that this could also bring another MBA Class of 2011 reunion in India. Congratulations to you both!
Juan Manuel Alvarado, MBA Summer 2002, is excelling as the Latin America Business Development Manager for Allcot in Lima, Peru. Here he is with his beautiful family - wife Cynthia and sons Mateo and Marcelo!

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