Ciao CIMBA Family! 

We hope you are doing well. As we approach our 25th anniversary in the next year, we want to thank our students, faculty, and more than 10,000 alumni for being part of our proud history. Each of you has touched our lives, and we hope we've touched yours.


You may have noticed this newsletter has a new design. It's our first opportunity to reveal our year-long effort to re-examine and revitalize our brand. In 2014, we invited branding consultants to our Paderno del Grappa campus to experience CIMBA. They met with faculty, staff, students, and alumni here and at our University of Iowa office. They also surveyed alumni around the world. Many of you shared stories about lifelong friendships you made, team projects you participated in, adventures you embarked on, and doors that opened when you listed CIMBA on your resume. These personal experiences created the building blocks we needed to better tell the CIMBA story. Today, we're proud to introduce a new logo, tagline and website. Our goal was to create a website that would make it easier for you to connect with us, one another, and would provide the latest information about programs, courses, news, and events.
Our modernized logo was designed to give a nod to our 25-year legacy. Our name now includes the word "Italy" to highlight our location.
Our new website ( offers a comprehensive look at our study abroad, MBA, and Executive programs.

Over the coming months, we'll continue to add more content, but we think we're off to a very good start. If you have a moment, send us an email and let us know how you're doing and what you think of the new website. We'd love to hear from you.


Thank you!


Al Ringleb                                        Cristina Turchet

Founder and President                    Executive Director 


Turning Ideas into Innovations

You'll notice our new tagline is "Leading the Way in Global Business Education." That's because one of the cornerstones of our programming is our Leadership Institute. The Institute is designed to help people, in all phases of their life and career, develop skills to turn ideas into practical innovations, to effectively manage and lead others to higher levels of performance, and to become more confident in their abilities to overcome the most demanding challenges. That's why we've infused our leadership and personal development programming into nearly all aspects of our global business education: from semester study abroad, MBA, and executive certificate programs to company tours, consulting projects, cultural excursions, and beyond.  

Earn a Full-time MBA in 11 Months or a Part-time MBA in Two Years
Deadlines are fast approaching. Priority admission for our Full-time program was Feb. 28, general admission is May 30, and final admission is July 30. Our Part-time program accepts applications on a continuous basis.


Share Your Cultural Experiences with Us! 

Our Cultural Exploration Program is at the heart of the CIMBA experience. Check out this video that features some of our students' most recent adventures. And, if you have a minute, send us a link to your YouTube or Vimeo video that captures memories of your cultural experiences at CIMBA. No video? No problem! Send us an email with your favorite memory. (Don't worry we won't use your emails or videos unless we ask your permission!) Tell us, did you participate in... Pizza Making, Olive Picking, Aggiungi un Posto a Tavola (Add a Seat at the Table), Gourmet Dinners, Travel, Company Tours, Volunteer in the Community, Cultural Excursions, Exploring the Italian Countryside or other favorite events.

Thanks for the Feedback
The Science and Art of Receiving Feedback Well
by Douglas Stone and Sheila Heen 

With this ABC, I would like to introduce the first book in a series that we will be reviewing over the next several months. My intent is to more fully acquaint you with a concept we have labeled internally as social learning. This series of books will assist you in promoting and developing it.  Rather than getting specific about what we mean by social learning, let me begin with some basic insights from neuroscience to better set the stage.


In order to survive, the human brain had to have the innate ability to learn, and to learn what its social environment demanded. That is, the human brain adapted by prewiring itself both to learn and to be social. As our ancestors discovered, the inability to do either, led to social exclusion and significantly reduced the odds of survival. Our social environment clearly shapes our brain's processes. Our social environment clearly shapes our brain's processes, significantly influencing how we speak, think, interact, and behave. Even in the absence of conscious awareness, we acquire habits, master new skills, gain useful knowledge, adapt, and adjust our reactions to incentives encouraging our social survival. Information processing by the brain underlies thinking, learning, planning, problem solving, and decision making. Our behavior is the manifested outcome of those cognitive and mental processes, as we interpret and give meaning to what we see, hear, and feel. More specifically, if an individual is unable to learn and process social signals - due to deficiencies in the neural circuitries supporting self-awareness, social awareness...


Re-imagining Our Brand

As you look at our new website, you'll notice we've repackaged some of our most distinctive programming. Our leadership innovations will now be part of our Leadership Institute, and cultural experiences such as gourmet dinners, travel, and Add-a-Seat-to-the-Table will be featured within our Cultural Exploration Program. The programming is the same; only the names have changed. You'll also noticed we've added the word Italy to our name in order to highlight our location in a country that remains one of the top study abroad destinations.
Luca Seminati, Executive Programs, 2006 and 2007

Managing Director, Ideal Work, a leader in Europe's decorative concrete market. "In 1997, when I started my business, I was only 23 year old; I had very little business experience. For many years I looked for "different" schools to improve my skills and my knowledge. The Executive program was a perfect choice for me because I could study and improve my management skills while I continued to run my company."


Spela Trefalt, MBA 2001, had an exciting month in February both professionally and personally. Early in the month she achieved tenure at Simmons College (Boston, MA) where she works as a professor of management.


On February 12th, Spela and husband Thomas Lui welcomed the birth of Gretalise Trefalt-Liu. Gretalise joins her very excited big sister Nikolina. Congratulations to Spela and her family for these wonderful milestones!ese wonderful milestones!


Jeremy Lill, 2002 Summer Study Abroad and 2006 MBA, will graduate in May from the University of Illinois with his PhD in Accountancy. Jeremy has accepted an assistant professor position at the J. Mack Robinson College of Business at Georgia State University beginning in August. Congratulations and best wishes for this exciting next step in his career!


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