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January 2014

Raimondo Nonnato
Sales Manager at Grandi Molini group Executive Certificate 2012 

Raimondo, tell us about yourself: what is your background and career?

I am a graduate of the  University of Padua with a degree in Chemical Engineering. My career started as a TQM (Total Quality Manager) in the Automotive Industry. I then moved to the Food Industry (wheat milling) as Quality Manager and then as Plant Manager and now as Sales Manager for Industrial Customers.

Why did you chose to attend the Executive Certificate in International Management and Strategy? What are the benefits you had following the program?
A friend of mine told me about CIMBA and its Executive program and gave it very good reviews. I was interested in better understanding the Anglo-Saxon way of thinking about business administration and at the same time wanted to practice and improve my English.
The Executive Certificate schedule was very well organized, with classes held one weekend per month and the final part in the US. The class time was not enough to go in-depth on every single subject, but the discussion between the participants and the professors was the greatest value of the lessons.

What were your favorite moments in the program?
The Executive Certificate team was great; we shared a lot of moments together, mixing leisure time with professional situations. I remember the early morning running sessions in Asolo before class; the swim in Chicago's lake, and the week in Iowa City working together as well as  sharing "spiritual" moments with the CIMBA staff.

What are, in your opinion, the skills that a manager must have to be successful?
In this world, changing so quickly, I think the first skill is to be "open minded" in order to understand how to manage change. Another skill a successful manager must have is to be able to see the goal and lead his team to reach it. I deeply believe in  teamwork and the power of the organization instead of the "one man band" way of thinking (so typical of our Italian culture). 

Can you share a dream or a future goal?
A dream is a new Italy, because I love my country and want to think there is a great future here for the next generation. My personal goal is to reach the general management position maintaining a well balanced working and personal life. 

What inspires you?
I have the fortune to work with an inspiring owner, that has been  really important for my professional growth during the last ten years.
Also, with my Executive Certificate team we created a mantra: "See the sea from Asolo" that inspired us throughout the program. This means that you always have to see beyond the obstacles to find positive results and never give up. This is a good inspiration for me, for my job and also for my personal life.
What do you like to do in your spare time?
I am an avid runner; running is the easiest way to combine sport activities and my job. I run everywhere I can. I also love to spend time with my wonderful wife and my 2 sons, whom I am very proud of. 

What is your favorite book and movie?
I like reading different kind of books and newspapers. I don't have a favorite book but the last one I read is "Il Complesso di Telemaco" about the new role of the father in society. 
My favorite movie is "Il Profumo del Mosto Selvatico" (A Walk in the Clouds) with Giancarlo Giannini, Anthony Queen and young Keanu Reeves  because I am very romantic!

Favorite vacation?
Salento. I use to describe myself as "A Salento son" because I like the sea and culture of this particular area of Italy. 

Favorite city and why?
Venice is first. Second place Paris (yes, I am romantic).



Jeremy Lill, former CLC and MBA alumnus of class 2006, became the proud dad of beautiful Genevieve Anne, born on December 30th. Congratulations dad Jeremy and mom Sarah!  



Congratulations Tess Montano! Our former CLC and MBA alumna class of 2009, got married to Chuck Forth on January 4th.
Our best wishes to the newly married! 


So much love is in the air! Robert Tudisco, former CLC and MBA alumnus of class 2008, got engaged to Tarah Rouhani. He proposed at 8,400 feet. Very romantic. 




Class of 1993

is planning the 20th reunion on June 27-29 in Prague. Please contact to attend the event! 


Class of 2004 

will have a reunion in Kansas City MO on March 21-23. Get in contact to Jorge Velez to attend. 


Class of 2003  

Margo and Michiel are planning a class reunion in Asolo, on May 24 - 26. Please contact them if you want to join the group. 


Calendar of Events

From February 3  
Mindfullness exercises at 12.45PM
February 3   
First Gourmet Dinner 
February 17/18 
Company Tours 
February 24 
Expatriate Panel 
February 8,9 - 15,16
Marketing Management
With Prof. Najankankuppan, University of Iowa
February 26
Marketing Management Exam

February 21 and 22
Negotiation Strategies 
With Prof. George Siedel, University of Michigan
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Dear ,    


We hope that your 2014 has started off well and that those New Year's resolutions you made are still goals that have not been given up on... for a little motivation on the subject remember there is no "TRY"!    


As for here at CIMBA, it has been so busy that we aren't sure where the month went.  It feels like just yesterday we were getting back from holiday vacation.


This month's newsletter features an interview with Raimondo Nonnato who earned his Executive Certificate through CIMBA in 2012; also take a look throughout this rest of the sections to see what kept the month so hectic... 3 LIFE's (100% Undergrad Participation), the planning of new executive programs, as well as Supply Chain and Presentation Skills MBA courses.   



The CIMBA Staff  

Saturday, February 15 in the CIMBA campus 

CIMBA and the University of Iowa present the MBA and Executive Certificate Programs at the Paderno del Grappa campus. This is a great chance to breathe the unique educational environment of CIMBA, by seeing the campus, talking to current and former students and meeting with directors, faculty and staff.

The presentation will be held in English.
Please forward this information to anyone you know that may be interested in attending.

Event Schedule: 
10.00AM to 11.00AM 
MBA Presentation

11.15AM to 12.15PM 
Executive Certificate in International Managment and Strategy Presentation


New Certificate in

Effective Business Communication

CIMBA is glad to announce a new course reserved for Managers, Professionals and Entrepreneurs that want to be more effective in their communication skills, especially between different cultures, and are willing to improve their public speaking abilities.
The Certificate will be held in English at the CIMBA campus in Paderno del Grappa (TV) over 3 weekends between April and June.

April 4-5: Effective Presentation Skills
May 9-10: Public Speaking
June 6-7: Cross Cultural and Effective Meetings

For more information feel free to contact us at or 0423.932120

George Siedel's Negotiation Strategy workshop on February 21 and 22

Professor George Siedel, from University of Michigan, will be teaching the Negotiation Strategy workshop at CIMBA next month. We are honored to have such a world-wide known instructor and great professor coming back to CIMBA.

Professor Siedel with CIMBA MBA and Executive students

In this class, participants are divided into groups and have the opportunity to refine their skills through interactive exercises, negotiation simulations, and hands-on activities to make better decisions, and negotiate better deals.

A few seats are still available for the workshop.
If you are interested to attend, please contact us at or 0423.932120 


The spring semester at CIMBA has kicked off and is somehow already one fourth of the way through. In the blink of an eye, 120 students have graduated LIFE, planned their first extended weekends, explored Paderno, discovered Italian pizza at Al Sole Pizzeria and so much more.


 Spring 2014 Resident Assistants in Venice


Everyone at CIMBA hit the ground running on January 13 and have not stopped since. After an exhausting first week of LIFE for one third of the group and classes through Saturday, a number of students ventured to Venice to top off their first week in Italy. There they discovered gondolas, a city without cars, began to form what are already amazingly strong friendships and learned just how much it rains in Italy in January as they explored a flooded, yet still breathtaking Venice.


Flooded streets and chilly weather can not deter this group from traveling and making the most of every minute here in Italy though. Nearly the entire program bussed to Florence the second weekend and were rewarded with sunny weather, meeting the ever-famous David and an exciting nightlife.


On top of traveling during every moment of free time, this semester's CIMBA students have been busy during the weekdays as well. They have been brushing up on their survival Italian, learning KT Problem Solving and Decision Making, and building time management skills, all on top of their general courses.  


Every student graduated the LIFE program with a Certificate of Breakthrough! While overwhelmed by the trainers and the program at first, the students rapidly came together as strong teams and were determined to not only make their way through the program, but also help everyone else along as well.


-Jennifer Sweet, Resident Assistant


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and videos:
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CIMBA Spring 2014- Florence


In January the students in the part-time MBA program took Supply Chain Management with Professor Tim Lowe of the University of Iowa. 
Professor Lowe incorporated a number of simulation activities  into his course so students could experience situations first hand similar to those being discussed in class (as can be seen in the photos).

First year students also took Presentation Skills with Dominick Standish where students worked on public speaking skills and how to appropriately adapt their styles to a business setting.