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Katy Community you have done it again! As a way of celebrating the milestone of providing 20,000 nights of completely free lodging at The Ballard House, the Board challenged the community to raise $10,000. This would be matched dollar-for-dollar from the Board. If successful, a total of $20,000 would be raised in celebration of 20,000 Nights. We are thrilled to have passed $20,000!  On behalf of our guests and their families, thank you to each and every one of you that donated! We still have donations coming in. Once we receive them all, we will share statistics about the donations.

--The Ballard House Board
Staff Member Highlight
Meet Melissa Nunmaker!

Melissa Nunmaker was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. She moved to Katy, Texas sixteen years ago with her husband, Randall, and her daughters, Kylie and Amanda. She spent fifteen years as a stay at home mom before she started volunteering at the Ballard House. After volunteering for some time, she was offered a part time position with the house. As a breast cancer survivor herself, Melissa felt incredibly connected to the work being done at the Ballard House and gladly accepted the position. She feels blessed with the opportunity she has been given to work with this fantastic organization. 


Meet the Lamans!

Della and Jess are with us for Della's surgery at MD Anderson from New Mexico.  "The Ballard House is a blessing to the patient as well as the Caregiver and family members. The staff, volunteers as well as the building is truly a blessing. God bless The Ballard House."

Della and Jess Laman

Thank you Memorial Drive United Methodist!

This is Memorial Drive United Methodist Church. They brought in donations and worked in our gardens!

Thank you Troop 584!

United Boy Scout Ray Borchert, Troop 584 brought breakfast in for The Ballard House guests!
Thank you UT Physician Group!

We are always so grateful for donations, and truly appreciated donations from the UT Physician Group!
 We appreciate everyone who has generously supported The Ballard House!

  We are so grateful for your continued support through Adopt a Day, Naming Rights, Donations and Volunteering!
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