News from The Ballard House!
Volunteer Appreciation Celebration 2015

You serve sacrificially
You laugh wholeheartedly
You care authentically

We are grateful to our volunteers!!!

Board Member Highlight

Meet Pat Mahaffey! A native Texan, born in Sealy, Pat Mahaffey has always considered the Houston area home. She grew up in a family that was transferred frequently and has lived in many US states and even Bombay, India. Pat coordinates our Adopt-A-Day Program,and has been a huge blessing to Cinco Charities for many years!

Fun ways to help The Ballard House!
Shop Kroger Community Awards and Amazon Smile

These days, EVERYONE is hard-wired to the net. Well, through the internet, did you know that you now can financially support The Ballard House through a few clicks online? It's fast, easy, and the best won't cost you any more money!

That's right! There are two easy steps to support The Ballard House through your normal activities.

Do you shop at Kroger? If so, you can support The Ballard House financially through your regular grocery shopping trips. Kroger's Community Rewards program provides quarterly donations to participating non-profit organizations. These donations are based on the amount of shopping done by those who connect their Kroger Plus card to the Community rewards program. First, register at the store for a Kroger Plus card. Then:

  1.    Go to
  2.    Click "Sign In". If no online account, create one
  3.    Click on "Community", then on "Community Rewards", then on "Enroll Now"
  4.    Enter number "21363"
  5.    Click Search and select "Cinco Charities Inc.", then click "Save"
  6.    Your enrollment was successful if you see Cinco Charities Inc. on the right side of your account settings

Similarly, another opportunity is available through Amazon. Called the Amazon Smile program, it works much the same way as the Kroger program in that Amazon donates a certain percentage of sales to registered non-profits. To support The Ballard House through online purchases at Amazon:

  1.      Go to
  2.      If you have an Amazon account, sign in; if not, create one
  3.      Select a charitable organization
  4.      Type in Cinco Charities Inc. and hit select
  5.      Enjoy shopping on Amazon

"We are grateful for all the support we receive and these two easy options allow anyone to financially support The Ballard House through regular, daily activities," said Lou Boxleitner, Chairman of the Board of Cinco Charities Inc., "and without spending any more money!" 

Meet the Galvan Family

Meet the Galvan Family from El Paso: Andreas, Maria and Andy.  Andy, in
his early thirties has been fighting cancer for the past two and half
years. His parents have been faithful supporters.  They've stayed at The
Ballard House on three separate occasions and are a blessing to all the
guests they encounter.  Andreas, is also very helpful around the house.
Andy looks forward to healing and resuming his profession as a chef!
 We appreciate everyone who has generously supported The Ballard House!

  We are so grateful for your continued support through Adopt a Day, Naming Rights, Donations and Volunteering!
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