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"Life is in the living, in the tissue of every day and hour."

~Edward S. Evans~


Issue 25 - October 2014

Are your employees truly satisfied in their roles at work?  If you don't think that employee satisfaction plays an important role in your organization's success or bottom line think again!


So often our focus is on the work and not on the people. Think about it! If your employees were fully engaged in the work that they do every day, your business would have the potential to increase profitability, reduce customer related issues and improve customer satisfaction overall. Employee engagement and satisfaction have a direct trickle down effect on your business bottom-line. How you see your employees is as important as the work they do for your business.




Tracy D. Holloman and Kevin A. Key

Managing Partners

"What Brings Happiness to the Your Workforce"

No offense to Pharell Williams, but does the climate in your company feel like "a room without a roof" to your employees? Do you truly have engaged staff at every level working to the mission, vision and values of your company?  If not, then you may want to read this.


Many business owners and management personnel believe that employees should just be happy to have a job however, if you want more out of your employees, you have to be willing to take them on the journey to success with you. Let's face it, there is a reason why Jane comes in at least 15 minutes late every day or she's late for every staff meeting.


Employee engagement is more than just job satisfaction or emotional attachment to an organization. Fully engaged employees are enthusiastic and are in full alignment to apply their talents to the organization's priorities, which is a win-win for the employee and the companyIn other words, there is value; so if Jane isn't valued by the organization that she works for, how valuable could she possibly be to the organization if she is not allowed to fully apply her talent in a meaningful way?


Pride and commitment are important ingredients in every organization. They contribute in whole or in part to maximum satisfaction. However, we have found that fully engaged  



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Performance Corner

Why Does That Employee Abuse Sick Leave?

While employee absenteeism may be costing you a pretty penny, it doesn't have to, you just need to do some homework and maybe tweak the way in which you manage the sick leave policy for your organization.


Often, the manner in which a sick leave policy is written, administered and enforced by a company is the key to helping employees better manage their time away from work. Let's face it, we recognize that from time to time, employees may need time off to address their medical needs. However, your policy must clearly state what the sick leave can be used for and stipulate whether or not the employee can use "their" sick leave to care for someone else; and you should be aware of what the "leave"  laws 



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