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"You are always and in all ways greater than you think you are."
~Bruce D. Schneider~
Business Tip

All Businesses need to have a sustainability plan, without it, you have no direction. The sustainability plan should include:
  • Strategy
  • Structure
  • Process
  • People
  • Rewards

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Issue 22 - June 2014

We often hear this question about succession-planning from business owners,  "How do we explain the potential impact on employees, including the effect on career development?". Easy question to answer right? We think so. For many companies however, answering this question becomes a daunting task.


This month, we will focus on communicating the intention to begin  succession in your organization and how the message and delivery are equally important.




Tracy D. Holloman and Kevin A. Key

Managing Partners

Part II - Planning for Continued Business Success...Even after you are gone!

Last month, we talked about the implications and best practices for leveraging and developing people in the succession planning. This month, our focus is on communicating to your staff that a succession plan is coming, and how to explain the potential impact to employees including the effect on their career.

The Executive Team

Whenever a company develops a succession plan or succession planning program it is always necessary to have the senior executive team on-board; in doing some you have won half the battle. So what does having the executive team's support actually mean?


The support of the executive team of your organization to implement a succession plan means that they are actively engaged in its implementation! They will have first-hand knowledge of the intent of the plan, and be able to lend their expertise for the areas in which they have charge. Most importantly, however is that with the first-hand knowledge, they are able to go out to the masses and communicate the intent and expectations to employees at every level. Because there is so much to consider in terms of talent development, people alignment, process and change management, etc. having the key leaders on-board can make the succession plan strategy and execution a smooth transition. However, there are other things to consider when articulating the goals of your succession plan to the masses.   Read More
A Special Father's Day Message

"The Blue Light"

Recently, my business partner told me a beautiful story about his father and the teaching he had given him.  As a man who worked with his hands, his father often created gadgets that helped him as he built things and cared for his home and he was meticulous about how he stored his tools and equipment; adding magnetized stripping to his garage walls, placing his tools in size order, creating hidden storage spaces, etc. Neat, clean and always thinking of how to make things better and always finishing each project with perfection!  His lawn is always the best lawn on the block and he teaches his neighbors how to care for theirs as well. He is a teacher by nature!


One day, my business partner needed to access the vent for the attic fan in his parents' home from the garage to open it for the season.  When he went into the garage, he opened up the attic space door but couldn't see, so fumbled around a bit, and found a switch for the lights and flipped it on. When he turned it on however, a blue light came on as well. His first thought was, "oh my goodness, what have I done, did I touch something that I shouldn't have?" He went ahead and accessed the vent, and opened it, and tested the unit to make sure that it was working. When he finished, he closed the door and climbed down but he realized that the blue light was still on. Now he was asking himself, "What is this blue light for and why is it still on?"  Read More

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