Purposeful Living
October 2013Issue No. 14

"Without leaps of imagination or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all is a form of planning."

~ Gloria Steinem

Now that Fall is upon us, its time to think about 2014 and in what direction you will take your business. We often think that the status quo is appropriate for where we are but the truth is, even if things are working fine, they can always be better. Taking a pulse check of your organization is necessary for continued growth and profitability.


Whether you are a single entrepreneur, a business with a few employees or a larger organization with multiple employees, change is bound to occur and taking the pulse is a way to see down the road and into the future for how your business will grow. So take the pulse and fine tune so that your business continues on the upward swing to business success; change can be... a good thing!


Tracy D. Holloman and Kevin A. Key
Managing Partners
"Seasons of New Beginnings for your Business"  

Fall is upon us and so is the "Season of New Beginnings"! As we enter into this time of change, we must think of the New Year and what it will bring but we must also prepare for it. What is it that your business does now that you need to change? Or, what is it that your business does well that you need to ramp up? Are you prepared to change it? If you don't change it, how will it impact your bottom-line in the New Year?


These are the questions that every business owner or executive whether a sole-proprietor or a larger small business with lots of employees and customers should be thinking about. You see change is a process, not an event, so when you think about business growth, think of what needs to change and why to facilitate that growth.  


Recently, we worked with a small business to help the business owner (Glenn) understand that in order to grow he must change a few things. One, he had employees that needed to retire because, they weren't as effective as they needed to be for the roles that they had, plus he was paying them full-time salaries and they were actually doing part-time work. Next, was location; while Glenn thrived for about 25 years in his current location, his clientele dwindled because the location was no longer viable. People no longer utilized that area for his services because his competitors set up shop on a major thorough-fare in the area which made it convenient for customers, allowing them to capture a significant portion of Glenn's market-share. Our role was to come in and help him assess his business and determine what was holding him back from being profitable and to help him to gain back his market-share. Third, his service offering needed to expand to set him apart from his competitors, making him more attractive to customers. So, did he readily make the transition and accept the change? Absolutely not, it was change and as humans, change is not easy to embrace.

"The Role of Your Business Coach"  

Obtaining a Business Coach can often yield wonderful results for your business however, one must be selective in who they invite into their business!  


With the economic downturn sustained by the U.S., many dis-placed workers sought to start their own businesses, hence the upward swing in providing coaching services. These are people who have an expertise in a certain field and sought to take their talents and call themselves coaches rather than consultants, advisors or counselors.


There is a difference between the two.  


* Consultants/Advisors/Counselors - have a certain level of expertise in a certain field and provide businesses with their expertise in that particular field, providing advice and/or information.

* Coaching - is partnering with clients in a thought provoking and creative process that inspires the client to maximize their personal and professional potential. The coaching functions on a process level to help people understand who and where they are in their lives and in their work/business. It is a healthy, positive and enabling process that develops the capacity of people to solve today's business problems. The role of the coach is to help the individual to think about and identify strategies for success, and helps the individual to create goals and helps to keep them motivated so that they realize their goals.  


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Top 5 Influencers to Employee Performance

  1. Leadership
  2. Company Reputation
  3. Work Environment
  4. Position Satisfaction
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Spotlight on Leadership 
Gloria Steinem is best known for her activism for women's rights. In the 1960's and 70's, Ms. Steinem lead the U.S. Women's liberation movement and changed how our country saw women in the workplace and in the home. By steering change in our country, Ms. Steinem paved the way for women all over the world as she advocated for women and their right to choose. And while this was something that men and women alike could not get used to at first, she was fearless in pushing change especially as women took on the role of "single mother" post-Vietnam. Her journalism career allowed her to be able to be the voice for change as she wrote for magazines such as Huntington Hartford, Esquire and New York magazine to name a few, using them a vehicle for raising awareness on controversial topics around woman's rights.

It is because of Gloria Steinem's efforts and influence, and working with others that women are now able to hold positions traditionally held by men in American businesses and have the right to choose. Despite the controversy the movement caused and the slander that she endured, etc., she has become the iconic leadership role model and voice for women all over the world.