Purposeful Living
May 2013Issue No. 9

"Success...seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don't quit."
~ Conrad Hilton

This month we passionately talk about two topics that are near and dear to us, self-motivation and employee turnover. We hope that they are near and dear to you as well.

You see it takes courage to change your circumstances, whether it's personal or professional. Change requires that we stay personally motivated and equipped to handle whatever comes our way, it requires us to 'get up on the inside' so that we can encourage others to do the same. Whatever we feel inside reflects on the outside and can have a negative impact on those around us; this can affect family or our employees. As small business owners with employees, we know that it would be difficult to stay afloat without the work of our staff. But when employee turnover is elevated in your organization, it requires that we take a closer look at ourselves as leaders and the environment that we have created within our organizations. Hold that 'mirror' up and take a close look at yourself to see what you as the leader could be contributing to the loss of employees in your organization. If you've exercised self-motivation and reflection, you won't be afraid of what you see and you won't be reluctant to change it.


Tracy D. Holloman and Kevin A. Key
Managing Partners

Getting Up on the Inside

Leadership EnergySometimes we get discouraged by the little things that life throws our way. And while I realize that it's not just one thing that can help one to become discouraged, it is the volume of happenings that do it. We didn't get that new client, the client didn't pay on time, you're not getting the clients that you need to grow and/or sustain your business, or maybe it's something personal. An argument with a spouse, your teenager is being difficult, etc. It's hard to stay encouraged.

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What's Causing Turnover in Your Organization?

Leadership EnergyTo compete with larger companies, small businesses should have efficient workforces that are as productive as possible. Increasing employee retention is one way to achieve this. High turnover in any organization has an immediate impact on any organization. When we think of an employee leaving, we immediately think to replace them and how the departure will affect productivity. While we focus on replacing them, we may rely on other employees to pick up the slack. This approach however, is often met with resentment, resistance, low employee morale, low productivity and perhaps more turnover.

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Getting Up on the Inside
What's Causing Turnover in Your Organization?

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