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April 2013Issue No. 8

"The best reps win the battle not by "discovering" what customers already know they need, but by teaching them a new way of thinking altogether."
~ Unknown

Long gone is the tell and sell attitude of sales. Today, clients/customers want to be engaged in conversation about their business; they want you to know that they are experts. Perhaps you are seeking the business of a new client and you're not sure what they do or how they do it. Let your client provide you with an education into their business. Seeking to understand your client's business and fully engaging them in the conversation is absolutely the right thing to do. No one wants to appear to be a know it all, it's a turn off and can actually help you turn-off a potential sale. Keep in mind that while your client can learn from you, it's up to you to learn from your client. In the end, you've developed a trusting relationship where your client is acknowledged for their expertise, feels valued and is more inclined to listen to you when you offer your services and their benefits. Listening to your client opens you up for the sale.


Tracy D. Holloman and Kevin A. Key
Managing Partners

7 Ways to Get to the Truth: When the Sale "Disappears"

Leadership EnergyYou're close, really close, to making a sale. Your potential client is in the market for your product or service and you've had a couple of good meetings. Have you been in this situation before? Of course you have-we all have, and it's painful. So, can you keep from getting dropped?

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Goal Planning for Long Island Small Businesses

The Small Business Advisory Boards are each made up of 10 to 15 small business executives and owners that meet bi-weekly. Each board has a lead facilitator from Purposeful Leadership Solutions that will help each person identify their business goals and create workable business solutions to achieve their business goals. Because of the group setting the cost to each participant is significantly reduced. Think about it, expert advice from like-minded advisors without the hefty price tag.

There are several other benefits to small business executives, like:

  • Realized goal achievement
  • Sharing of ideas with other board members
  • Gaining from other's experiences
  • Developing Accountability partnerships with board members to achieve Goals
  • Support from leaders at Purposeful Leadership Solutions


If you are interested in taking your business growth to the next level, join us! For more information or to join a small business advisory board today, contact us at info@pls-ny.com or call Kevin Key at 516-991-8013.

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7 Ways to Get to the Truth: When the Sale "Disappears"

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