Purposeful Living
February 2013Issue No. 6

"The one thing you need to learn about leadership is that there is more than one thing you need to know about leadership. To lead well, we must do 21 things well."
~ John C. Maxwell 

John C. Maxwell said in his quote, we must do 21 things well to be excellent leaders, but it's a reality that none of us does them all well. We can however, learn the basics and grow the leaders within us. Leaders are inspirational, energetic visionaries who strategize their vision, create the mission and help those they lead experientially contribute to realizing the vision in a meaningful way; all the while taking them on the journey to collective success. Leaders champion those they lead to be the best at who they are and what they do and get into the trenches to help lift others to greatness. The result, fulfilled mission and realized vision.

Now, leadership is not just about business, it's about life. We're all leaders in our lives and within our families. Each of us has the potential to lead and lead well but we must be willing to grow!

Leadership growth starts with a desire to learn as much as we can about ourselves to determine our strengths, blind spots and areas of growth; we are all a work in progress. Good leaders learn but great leaders understand that learning never ceases; it's a never-ending quest for greatness, for ourselves, and for those that we lead on the journey. That's how we do the 21 things well.


Tracy D. Holloman and Kevin A. Key
Managing Partners

Growing the Leader within Us

Leadership Within Leadership is a verb, not a noun. Leadership is action, not a position. Leadership is defined by what we do, not the role we are in. Some people in "leadership roles" are excellent leaders. But too many are bosses, "snoopervisors," technocrats, bureaucrats, managers, commanders, chiefs, and the like. Conversely, many people who have no formal leadership role are excellent leaders. In today's fast changing world, we all need to be leaders.

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There's Energy in Your Leadership: The Questions is ... is it Anabolic or Catabolic?

Leadership Energy We hear the term Human Resources a lot, and HR departments are found at companies large and small. But have you ever stopped to really consider what the term really means?

Human Resources is defined as: "The people that staff and operate an organization." In all truth, human resources is the scarcest and most crucial productive resource that creates the largest and longest lasting advantage for an organization. It resides in the knowledge, skills, and motivation of people. Your leadership has a direct influence over the knowledge, skills and motivation of your people and how you lead, anabolically or catabolically.

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Growing the Leader within Us
There's Energy in Your Leadership: The Questions is ... is it Anabolic or Catabolic?
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