Keep your Cold Vault looking as good as the rest of your store!
Invest in the whole store including the Cold Vault
C- Store chains are investing heavily in key departments that are trending and driving revenue based shopper buying demands and day-part needs (e.g foodservice, coffee, deli, fresh donuts, and fresh food).
Facts - Foodeservice
  • Foodservice in C-stores is growing rapidly and continues to be profitable
  • Foodservice accounts for 18% of sales but 29% of profits
Facts - Cold Vault

The Cold Vault accounts for:

  • 40% of store traffic
  • 16% of sales and 20% of profit margin

But the Cold Vault is often NEGLECTED

Shopper Feedback
Shopper perception of the overall store image is important. Here's some real feedback from C-Store shopper interviews:
  • "A disorganized shelf is just not inviting and appealing"
  • "It is difficult to find products"
  • "I don't like shopping in that aisle"
  • "I do not have the time and patience to figure out the shelf when it is not well presented"
Where would you rather buy?
FlexRoller is a No-Risk Investment.

  • Products fronted continuously and consistently
  • Eliminates out-of-reach and perceived out-of-stock
  • Flexible divider adjustment to suit any planogram
  • Durable, high quality rollers and tracks
  • Available in any size and for any shelf
  • Front retainer available in different heights
With FlexRoller you can now gain an extra facing in the same space:
10-wide facings 20oz PET bottles
 8-wide facings 28oz Gatorade

Increased Packout
Use horizontal shelf space more efficiently
Consistent Fronting Always
Front all product packaging types
Drive Additional Sales
Fronted products result in increased sales

Save Labor Cost
Eliminate fronting and reduce stocking time
Click to view:
  • Actual benefits of the FlexRoller system in a C-Store Cold Vault -- consistently fronting all lanes.
  • Also see how easy it is to restock the lanes from the back.
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