Avoid Perceived Out-of-Stock at All Costs!
A shopper is looking for a product.
It is on the shelf but she/he does not see it and therefore walks away without a purchase and possibly a bad impression of the retail store.

A shelf that is not perfectly stocked, organized, fronted and maintained can reduce the ROI of any shopper marketing effort by negatively affecting store image:
This is what shoppers don't like about disorganized shelves:
  •  "A disorganized shelf is just not inviting and appealing"
  • "It is difficult to find the products I want"
  • "I don't like shopping in that aisle and might even avoid the store in future"
  • "I do not have the time to figure out a disorganized shelf"
FlexRoller Fronts Consistently and Continuously.

  • Products fronted continuously and consistently
  • Eliminates out-of-reach and perceived out-of-stock
  • Flexible divider adjustment to suit any planogram
  • Durable, high quality rollers and tracks
  • Available in any size and for any shelf
  • Front retainer available in different heights
Click to view:
  • Actual benefits of the FlexRoller system in a C-Store Cold Vault -- consistently fronting all lanes.
  • Also see how easy it is to restock the lanes from the back.
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