Cleanliness and Hygiene Drive Sales!
Companies who get a high score from customers on food container cleanliness achieve 4% higher sales!

Source: Technomic study - Click to read the details
EZLid delivers one Lid-At-A-Time!
Hygienic - Convenient - Cost-efficient - No Waste
Lid Dispensing Solution for Foodservice and Deli

Dispenses a lid at the Press of a Button
Counter placement or Wall mounting

Universal application
  • All lid types (cold beverages and coffee)
  • All lid sizes
  • Lid container customized to any height
Interchangeable graphics
  • In-store branding communications
  • Cross-promotion opportunities
Individual lid delivery system
  • Fast and convenient
  • Hygienic and sanitary
  • Reduces waste

One push delivers one lid    -    Interchangeable graphics


Current dispensing areas are:
Unhygienic  -  Disorganized  -  Wasteful



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