Enhanced Visual Retail Merchandising Presentation Drives Sales!


The shelf is one of the most important, yet least appreciated,

Visual Merchandising tools.

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Bruegmann products enhance the visual presentation on the shelf of any brand.


Brugmann merchandising solutions like FlexRoller, ProShelf and InfoStrip deliver business benefits:


    Enhance brand presentation


    Enhance shoppability


    Increase sales and save labor


    Optimize communication


Bruegmann Products for Enhanced Merchandising!


The objective of our products and services is to enhance product merchandising in-store to ultimately stimulate sales, reduce labor costs and protect profit margins:


Reliable fronting and planogram flexibilityClear and efficient communicationTheft and shrinkage preventionConsistent and reliable fronting
Bruegmann is a vertically integrated company with all key resources in-house:


  • Conceptual design development
  • Industrial engineering
  • Prototyping and testing
  • Injection molding production
  • Extrusion production
  • Tooling
  • Project Management
  • Quality control
  • Inventory management and warehousing
  • International shipping and logistics

For more information please contact:


Joel Linton

Bruegmann USA, Houston, TX

Tel: 888 745 9229 ext 111

Email: joel@bruegmann-usa.com

About Bruegmann

The Bruegmann Group designs, develops and manufactures high quality retail merchandising products and solutions that deliver an innovative differentiation to the target market (retailers or brands). That means simplifying, protecting and enhancing product presentation in-store to ultimately protect product margins, stimulate sales and reduce labor costs. 
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