FlexRoller Fronts All Products Consistently and Reliably!

Eye Tracking Research Supports the Importance of a Fronted Shelf!

  • Products inside a cooler/cold vault are the main focus of shoppers when purchasing beverages.
  • Eye level shelves are observed most of the time - therefore fronting is even more important for top and bottom shelves.
  • Shoppers spend up to ONE second observing a shelf - therefore fronting is essential for product visibility.

FlexRoller is the BEST Fronting System on the Market based on:



FlexRoller Drives Sales and Saves Labor Costs!



FlexRoller Outperforms any Roller System!


ORGANIZED               EFFECTIVE                 PROFITABLE

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The Bruegmann Group designs, develops and manufactures high quality retail merchandising products and solutions that deliver an innovative differentiation to the target market (retailers or brands). That means simplifying, protecting and enhancing product presentation in-store to ultimately protect product margins, stimulate sales and reduce labor costs.
FlexRoller Fronts Consistently and Reliably!
Beverage bottles
Beverage bottles
Milk jugs
Milk jugs
Tetra Packs
Tetra Packs
Margarine packs
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