FlexRoller is a Risk-Free Investment!

Flexibility - Longevity - Warranty - Perfect Fit - Easy Installation

Drives Sales Increases of 6% and Saves Labor Costs



The patented FlexRoller keeps working for you for many years and outperforms any other glide and roller system due to its:


Flexibility               Works across categories (any package type, size, weight)


Longevity              10 million tracks installed over the last 10 years - no returns


Warranty                5 year limited warranty


Perfect fit               Manufactured to exact measurements of any shelf


Easy Installation    Out of the box installation -- no tools required

FlexRoller Introduction - increase sales and save labor.wmv

Watch a video about FlexRoller benefits and installation

FlexRoller Drives Sales Up and Labor Costs Down!


6% to 9% Sales Increases in two store tests in the USA and Europe
Fronting of products is eliminated saving up to one and a half hours per day
Restocking is faster and easier
FlexRoller Fronts Consistently and Reliably. 
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Tetra Pak
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