Successful FlexRoller Installation!
Feedback from a Store Owner about his FlexRoller Installation.


"Fronting is eliminated"


"We can implement any planogram"


"Store employees can now execute more important tasks"





 Quoting detailed feedback ...


"FlexRoller saves us about 30 min to 1 hour of fronting time per day - the coolers now look full and clean all day"


"My employees can now focus on more important tasks than fronting the cooler"


"Once FlexRoller is installed it is easy - planogram changes are fast and easy"


"The plastic glides from the beverage companies stop working soon after installation, and that means manual fronting time is needed"


"With FlexRoller I can implement any planogram change quickly and efficiently - especially with the continual introduction of new beverage drinks and different packages. The plastic glides just don't allow this flexibility"

FlexRoller drives Sales by 6% and saves one hour of Labor per store per day


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Kyle Ellisor

Bruegmann USA, Houston, TX

Tel: 888 745 9229 ext 111


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