FlexRoller outperforms any Roller System!
In a comparative test, certified by the global testing company SGS, FlexRoller outperformed all other roller systems in a shopping simulation and rolling performance comparison.



Now you can invest in your Cold Vault with FlexRoller:

  • FlexRoller drives sales
  • FlexRoller saves labor costs
  • FlexRoller enhances product presentation
  • FlexRoller facilitates planogram resets

FlexRoller continually fronts products making them visible and shoppable at all times.

Packages Tested and Test Setup

Packages of different products, types, styles, material and weight were included in the test.




The test was performed on 3 and 5 degree inclined roller trays.

Shopping Simulation Results

Product packages were removed one at a time from a full shelf.


FlexRoller fronted all packages to the last unit on 3 and 5 degree inclines.


On all other roller systems most products got stuck and were not fronted properly. Lighter products did nor roll down at all.

Rolling Performance Results

Each package was timed to accurately measure rolling performance.


FlexRoller performance was superior to all other roller trays. All products rolled down all lanes.


Competitor rollers delivered inferior performance - products were getting stuck and did not front.
Rolling Performance Comparison
FlexRoller outperforms all other glides in rolling performance

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