Bruegmann Open Cooler Pusher System!

Replace all peghooks with flat shelves and pushers and benefit immediate sales lift and labor savings.


Benefits for Retailers

Continually fronted product drives sales
Enhanced presentation improves shoppability
Labor savings - Flexibility of system reduces restocking time and improves stock rotation


Continually fronts products making them visible and shoppable at all times.

Durable Construction - Easy Installation - Easy Planogram Updates
Pusher cheese components

Peghook merchandising is inefficient and costly - replace now with pushers and realize immediate results.


For more information please contact:


Kyle Ellisor

Bruegmann USA, Houston, TX

Tel: 888 745 9229 ext 111


About Bruegmann
The Bruegmann Group designs, develops and manufactures high quality retail merchandising products and solutions that deliver an innovative differentiation to the target market (retailers or brands). That means simplifying, protecting and enhancing product presentation in-store to ultimately protect product margins, stimulate sales and reduce labor costs.
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