Bruegmann Clear Pusher System enhances Product Presentation!


This new pusher and divider system is attracting the attention of major chain retailers across the USA! 


Enhanced presentation of products drives impulse sales.


The Clear components dissappear on the shelf.


Clear components are new, sleek and deliver a modern up-market impression for any suitable category.


The new design delivers a "center lane" push action ensuring consistent front-facing across all categories.

Shelf management pusher and divider components are a well-established commodity item essential for retail merchandising requirements and achieve two key objectives:



1. Attract, engage and motivate shoppers to buy

Make it easy and faster to locate desired product and brand


Shelf is fronted to the last SKU




2. Save retailer labor time and related costs

No more manual fronting of key categories


Faster and easier restocking


Quicker to identify shelf out of stocks

Bruegmann Clear Pusher System enhances Product Presentation!


For more information please contact:


Kyle Ellisor

Bruegmann USA, Houston, TX

Tel: 888 745 9229 ext 111


About Bruegmann
The Bruegmann Group designs, develops and manufactures high quality retail merchandising products and solutions that deliver an innovative differentiation to the target market (retailers or brands). That means simplifying, protecting and enhancing product presentation in-store to ultimately protect product margins, stimulate sales and reduce labor costs.
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