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February 2013
Shell and ARAL sales and operations benefit from FlexRoller installations!
Shell and Aral have installed FlexRoller in several test stores in Europe.


Topline results:

FlexRoller drives sales increases in all test stores.

Although beverage sales in C-stores show a downward trend, the FlexRoller test stores have been driving sales increases

Beverage sales in c-stores in Germany have declined by 5% from 2008 to 2011 with a slight increase in 2011 of 2%

Sales in FlexRoller test stores have grown substantially above that trend:

  • Shell: Non-alcoholic beverages grew by 9.3%
  • Aral: Non-alcoholic beverages grew by 5.8%

This proves that continually fronted products drives sales by making them visible and shoppable at all times.

Aral open cooler installation


Installation of FlexRoller in February 2012

2 door cooler and reach-in, open cooler.

Shell cold vault installation


Installation of FlexRoller end January 2012

6 doors total 94 doors soft drinks and 2 doors beer) 

FlexRoller is the BEST Investment for your Cold Vault!

The patented roller system consistently delivers products to the shelf edge.

  • Perfect presentation of products
  • Saves labor costs (eliminates fronting and quicker restocking)

The FlexRoller system is the premium shelf management system available, suitable for all channels across many product categories.

The FlexRoller system is THE innovation in the cold vault since many years.


FlexRoller continually fronts products making them visible and shoppable at all times.

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