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November 2012
FlexRoller is the BEST Investment for your Cold Vault!

Some reasons for investing in the Cold Vault with FlexRoller:

  • Non-alcoholic beverages and beer as well as foodservice are the fastest growing categories in C-stores
  • The Cold Vault is a primary destination for C-store shoppers
  • Shoppers make beverage purchase decisions in the store within 9 seconds
  • Many purchase decisions regarding category, brand and package are made in-store

The FlexRoller system is THE innovation in the cold vault since many years.

It continually fronts products making them visible and shoppable at all times.


Read on to find out why fronting with FlexRoller is so important in a c-store.

Beverages are the largest Sales and Margin contributors

Packaged beverages and beer together account for the largest share of profit margin in c-stores compared to all other key categories. Even more than Foodservice.

The Cold Vault is a key Destination 


The cold vault is the main destination inside C-stores for 40% of customers.


Foodservice is the main destination for only 27% of customers.


The next largest destinations account for only 20% of shoppers

 It only takes 9 Seconds for a shopper to select a beverage


"It takes an average of just 9 seconds for a consumer to make a purchasing decision when faced with a shelf of tempting drinks".



Source: Beverage Manager Magazine

 Many purchase decisions are made in-store


According to a study by Ogilvy many purchase decisions are made in-store:


13% don't buy a category they planned to buy

29% buy a category they planned not to buy

39% decide the brand to buy in-store

52% decide the size and number of packages in-store


This shows how important it is that shoppers have access to fronted products at all times.

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