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September 2012
Investing in FlexRoller pays out in less than 6 Months!

In a comparative store test in several C-stores in the US FlexRoller achieved the following results:.

  • Sales in FlexRoller stores outperformed sales in stores with gravity glides by 6%
  • FlexRoller saved 1.5 hours of labor per store per day
  • Store mangers perceived FlexRoller superior compared to gravity glides

The FlexRoller system is the premium shelf management system available, suitable for all channels across many product categories.


Read on for detailed research results or go to the FlexRoller website.

FlexRoller outperforms gravity glides by 6%
Comparative store test methodology (FlexRoller test stores versus control stores)
FlexRoller drives additional sales due to consistent front-facing of all products on all shelves
 Improved shoppability because all products are in reach


Shoppers only spend 9 seconds in front of cold vault to make purchasing decision

FlexRoller saves 1.5 hours per day


Overall less time spent organizing and fronting products in cold vault.

FlexRoller allows labor re-allocation in the store.

Labor savings based on average C-store with 10 doors.

Store managers prefer FlexRoller


Store managers scored FlexRoller considerable above gravity glides in key areas like:

  • "Easier shopping"
  • "Less out of stock"
  • "Much faster to restock"
FlexRoller pays out in 5 Months

Return on Investment payout is calculated at 5-months which is the BEP (Break Even Point)

This is achieved from a C-store with 12 doors, 6% sales increase and 15 hours of labor savings per month.

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