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July 2012
FlexRoller Features and Benefits

The patented roller system consistently delivers products to the shelf edge.

  • Perfect presentation of products
  • Saves labor costs (eliminates fronting and quicker restocking)

The FlexRoller system is the premium shelf management system available, suitable for all channels across many product categories.

Introducing FlexRoller
  • Innovative shelf management equipment for any cold vault or open cooler
  • Products are always fronted
  • Flexible lane adjustment to suit any package size or type
  • Drives sales up - optimal product presentation
  • Saves labor time - restocking and reloading

FlexRoller research results: sales increase, labor costs, store feed-back


Comparative store tests were recently completed. The methodology was designed to evaluate sales increase, labor savings and store manager feed-back using scanner data, visual diary and interviews.

Sales in FlexRoller stores outperformed control stores by 6%

FlexRoller increased sales by 6% over a test period of 6 months. The equipment consistently and reliably fronts product to the shelf edge.  On average, shoppers only spend 9 seconds in front of the cold vault to make a purchase decision.  The FlexRoller merchandising system allows shoppers to easily locate their products of choice.

FlexRoller saves 1.5 hours of labor per store per day

FlexRoller eliminated fronting time of 1.5 hours per day in a cold vault of 14 doors. During a whole year and across more stores FlexRoller delivers substantial dollar savings. As an alternative store staff can use the freed-up time for more value added activities like serving customers.

Store managers prefer FlexRoller over gravity glides
Store managers scored FlexRoller considerably higher than gravity glides in key areas like ease of shopping for customers, elimination of perceived out-of-stocks and the speed of restocking.

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