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Common Knowledge, 
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A National Charter School of the Year,  
A Nationally Recognized Blue Ribbon School, 
A Certified Official Core Knowledge Site School,  
A John Irwin School of Excellence, and A Gilder Lehrman Affiliate School  

May 9|5th/6th Band/Choir Concert.
May 12|WatchDOG, Kurt Friesen.
May 19|WatchDOG, Jon Nelson

May 19|End of the Year Awards-
You will be notified by your student's teacher if your child is receiving an award. Perfect Attendance will be calculated on May 18th and parents will be notified.  Mr. Churchill will announce names at the Award Ceremony.  If the student maintains Perfect Attendance thru the last day of school a certificate will be mailed to the student's home by May 29th.  Any questions re: perfect attendance, please direct to Jill Ronen at [email protected]

May 20|WatchDOG, Mark Irby

May 20|T-Shirt Day

May 26|BOD Mtg.

May 26|Olympic Day-
No lunch will be served. Microwaves not available.

May 26|WatchDOG, Rodney Good, Mike Hersh, Wes Cardenas.

May 27|Last Day-11:00 Release, no lunch will be served.
Please note:
No bus service between schools will be provided on the last day of school.

May 27|Free Dress Day 

Olympic Day is May 26th and volunteers are needed.  Watch your emails this week for Olympic Day Sign-up Genius
Gala 2016
More than 500 Liberty supporters including school founders, current Fort Collins city council members, other elected officials, LCS staff, grandparents and parents gathered to celebrate Liberty Common School's successes at the 2016 Spring Gala.  The spirited event raised more than $100,000 and will benefit Liberty Common Schools by helping to support the addition of a gymnasium at the high school building and a vestibule at the elementary school. CLICK HERE and locate the "About Town" section in the menu bar of the Style Magazine.   Photos courtesy of Amy Adell Photography.

Sunscreen Guidelines
Although sunscreen is allowed at school, teachers or staff passing it out, as well as sharing among students is prohibited.  Students must bring their own sunscreen for use at school.  Sunscreen will not be provided at Olympic Day. 

Board of Directors  
You may contact all members of our Board of Directors at [email protected] or by telephone:
  • Patrick Albright: 232-8257
  • Joel Goeltl: 593-8556
  • Paulette Hansen: 282-8455
  • Jeff Webb: 545-9636
  • Denise Benz: 420-4184
  • John Rohrbaugh: 225-2259
  • Aislinn Kottwitz: 217-5925
Next Board of Directors Mtg., 
May 12, 2016 
Liberty Common Elementary    
In an effort to keep students safe during drop-off and pick-up times, please refrain from using cell phones. The front, middle and back drop-off and pick-up areas are designated NO CELL PHONE AREAS. 

A special thank you to all our Classroom Volunteer Coordinators, Kim Farrand, Classroom Volunteer Chairperson, and Mandy Tanner, volunteer, parent and dependable daughter.  You spoiled us with breakfast and lunch, coffee and juice during a very busy week.  Thank you!

The Archer family recently treated faculty and staff to an amazing lunch that included a potato bar and yummy desserts.  David Archer moves onto LCHS next year and he will be missed.  Thank you for your generosity.    
Major Dates Have Been Finalized
2016-17 Calendar
  • Classes Begin-Aug.  29
  • Labor Day-Sept. 5
  • Parent/Teacher Conferences-Oct. 28
  • Thanksgiving-Nov. 23-25
  • Winter Break-Dec. 26-Jan. 6
  • Martin Luther King Day-Jan. 16
  • Professional Development Day-Feb. 17
  • Presidents'Day-Feb. 20
  • Spring Break-March 13-17
  • Good Friday-April 14
  • Last Day of Classes-1/2/Day May 26
Liberty Sports News
 Jr.-High Sports 
        Girls Soccer
Monday, 5/9, 4pm, Away @ Frontier Academy
Friday, 5/13, 6pm, Away @ Estes Park (Championship)

The Eagle's Nest

May 9, 2016 
Volume 19  
  Issue 32     
News from Elissa Hersh, 4th Grade Teacher LCS

Stop the Summer Slump: The Case for Summer Packets

Throughout the 2015-2016 school year, we have seen immense changes in the students who walk these halls. In some students, where there were once baby teeth, empty spaces sit waiting to be filled with new teeth. Many have grown inches and shoe sizes. Some have learned new instruments, played on sports teams, and performed in musicals. All students have learned new skills, gone up reading levels, mastered math facts, and have stored large quantities of knowledge in science and history.
We celebrate these growths now as we prepare for next year when we will do it all again. However, as we enter the summer break, we face an unfortunate reality - the Summer Slump. Research shows that students can lose up to two months of math and computational skills over the summer. Reading and spelling can decline as well. Often, we see students enter with lower test scores in the fall than they had in the spring. While this shocking drop can occur to anyone, it can be reduced or avoided.
How can we combat the Summer Slump and keep math and reading levels up? Enter the summer packets. Contrary to popular belief, summer packets are not a masochistic way for teachers to torture students. Their intention is actually the opposite. They are designed to review previously taught skills in reading, math, and penmanship so that students can feel more confident entering their next grade level at the same academic level they left in the spring.
As a runner, I wouldn't expect to take three months off from the sport and be able to jump back in at the same pace and distance that I had previously run. Staying sharp takes consistent practice. However, it does not have to rule your summer. Here are some tips for getting the most out of the summer packets and staving off the Summer Slump while still having an enjoyable break.
  • Break Packets into Weekly Goals
Count the pages of the summer packets and plan how many pages your child needs to complete each week. Weekly goals often work better than daily goals because they allow for days when your child is busy with an all-day activity, such as going to Water World. 
  • Daily Reading Time
Set aside daily reading time and while you're at it, earn free rewards from the public library's reading incentive programs. Barnes and Noble also offers a free book for completing their Summer Reading Triathlon.
  • Read Together
Read books with your children - even the older ones! Start a family book club and discuss the story together regularly. For added fun, plan to go to a coffee shop or park to discuss the book.
  • Complete an Independent Study
Ask your child to choose an area in which he or she has a high interest. It could be drawing, dinosaurs, space, a certain species of animal, or a period in history. Research that topic, get books, listen to podcasts, and watch a documentary. Then end the independent study with a field trip.

Charter Schools Under Attack

The empire is striking back with a vengeance down at the State Capitol today.  Two bills establishing equitable funding for charter schools passed the Senate last week on a bipartisan basis.  But over on the House side, a powerful cabal of traditional charter-school opponents are pulling out all the stops.  The anti-charter "Empire" consists of, among others, the Colorado Education Association teachers' union, the Colorado Association of School Boards (PSD is a prominent member of this lobbying bloc), and the Colorado Association of School Executives.  The majority party (Democrat) has made killing the bills its top priority.  Both bills are scheduled for House hearings today at 1:30PM.  Support for the legislation is being organized by the Colorado League of Charter Schools (Liberty is a longstanding member of the League and Principal Schaffer serves on this group's board of directors).  To learn about the League's efforts including tactics charter-school parents can pursue  CLICK HERE.  To read the Denver Post's (pro-charter) editorial on this epic battle CLICK HERE.   

Purchase Your Legacy Brick by This Sunday
Legacy Bricks are selling fast.  Deadline:  Sunday, May 15th.  While this is a school fundraiser and we need to raise a great sum, the intention is to be inclusive, not exclusive.   This project is turning out to be a very nice and exciting fundraiser for the purpose of outfitting and furnishing the new LCHS gym and Stoa.  Thanks to the anonymous donor's contribution, fifty 4X8 bricks can be bought for $125 instead of the regular $250 asking price.  To purchase a Legacy Brick simply CLICK HERE.  Questions?  Email Mrs. Tiffany Green parent/volunteer extraordinaire who stepped up to manage this awesome campaign.
Lost and Found Overflowing

Please take a few minutes to visit our Lost and Found.  As you can see from this photo, it is bursting at the seams with a plethora of items.  Remember, items not claimed by May 27th., will be given to charity.  Thank you.   

Please complete and return Family Info. Update Form.
By now you should have received a 2016-17 Family Information Update Form in the mail.  The form is a light purple.  By completing this form you are helping us enter your family's information in our data base over the summer and be ready to go on August 29th.  Please contact the Front Office if you didn't receive or have any questions. 
6th Graders Are Good Listeners
Thank you to all the 6th graders who listened to Kindergartners read during 2nd semester.  The goal of these early readers was to finish reading all of their readers by the end of the semester and with the help of these awesome citizens, they have met their goals.  The 6th graders were recently thanked and celebrated with a poem and small bag of candy. 
6th grade listeners: (Back row, left to right) Riley Weinhaus, Kate Horst, Christine Doman, Sydney Taylor, Hailey Sawyer, Riley Bayens, Nate Dostalek, Ryan Green, Miranda Trujillo, Sydney Reinke, Eli Thomas, Abby Robertson, Katherine Wei and Chloe Trujillo.
Front Row: (left to right)Skyler Mayse, Dharini Sriram, Sophia Solis, Olivia Good, Giselle Jurgens and Morgan Jenkins.

News From the Health Office
Immunizations. Starting July 1, 2016, please be aware that parents/guardians seeking non-medical (religious or personal belief) immunizations exemptions for schoolchildren through-12th grade must submit non-medical exemption forms annually according to state law. Medical exemptions only need to be submitted once and require the signature of your child's doctor or advanced-practice nurse. To submit a non-medical or medical go to
and follow the instructions. Children with an exemption may be kept out of school during a disease outbreak. If you have any questions regarding this new process, please ask your health tech, or e-mail the school nurse at [email protected].  
CPR/AED class. Congrats to this group of 6-12th graders (pictured) who are now have certifications through the American Heart Association in CPR/AED, ready for their summer jobs and saving lives!
Due to high interest and attendance, we are going to offer one more of these classes at the beginning of the summer for those who are interested.  Must have a minimum of 10 students in the class and will be capped at twenty:

Class takes place Monday, June 13th, 9am-Noon at the elementary school. American Heart Association Certification (good for two years). Heart Saver CPR/AED (adult, child, infant, to include measures for choking) $35/student (this exact class runs in the Fort Collins Recreator for $70/person)  Register here by Monday, June 6. Questions, contact our school nurse at [email protected].

Medication Reminder. Please remember to pick up any medications or supplies your student may have in the health office by 10AM on Friday, May 27th (the last day of school!), or they will be disposed of.  You are always welcome to pick them up anytime before that if your child will not be needing them at school.

Liberty Common Academic
Summer Camps

Dear Parent/s,
Summer will be here before you know it! Liberty Common Elementary School is offering a SUMMER CAMP for reading and literacy, math, and academic individualized tutoring, for students entering 1st.-6th. grades.  Spots are filling up, so register early.

CLICK HERE for information about and to register for  Reading and Literacy Camp.

CLICK HERE for information about and to register for Math Camp.

CLICK HERE for information about and to register for Individualized Tutoring.   

We are excited to offer our summer camp and hope your child can join us!

Keith Churchill
Principal, Liberty Common School

Attention Parents of Liberty Common Rising 6th Graders
Summer English Program.  This summer's four-week English "booster" is the perfect, economical opportunity for students needing a grammar, vocabulary, or writing-skills boost.  For more information  CLICK HERE. The cost is much less than typical tutoring, the tutor-to-student ratio is small, and the instructor is Mr. Dybzinski, head of Liberty's English department.  Regardless of whether your student is ahead or behind, he will set your child up to engage our rich English curriculum at LCHS.  Furthermore, he plans to have much fun in the process.   CLICK HERE to sign up.

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