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Volume 18 Issue 31                                                                           
April 13, 2015
Important Dates
April 16|BOD Meeting at 6:00 p.m., LCS Teacher's Lounge.

April 17|Chess Club

April 20-April 24 Scholastic Book Fair

Volunteers are needed.  Click Here to volunteer.

April 24 and April 25| 5th and 6th Grade Dessert Theatre, Peter Pan in the LCS Performance Hall.  Doors Open at 6:00 p.m., dessert is served at 6:30 p.m. and during intermission, show begins at 7:00 p.m. Buy your tickets online only by CLICKING HERE

Donations of juice boxes for the Dessert Theater are needed.  Any amount of juice boxes provided are appreciated.  Please bring juice box donations to the Front Office.  We are also requesting dessert platters/serving trays to borrow.  Please label your platter with your name.
They will be returned.  

April 24|Liberty T-shirt Day 

April 24|Last Day of Chess Club

April 28|Character Ed. Assembly-Perseverance
(K-3) attends assembly at 8:10-8:45
(4-6) attends assembly at 8:55-9:35
Speaker: Ellen Martin, Visual Arts Administrator for the City of Fort Collins. 
Mathnasium Supports Liberty's Spring Gala

Important Dates
School Year
Classes Begin|Aug. 24
Thanksgiving|Nov. 25-27
Winter Break|Dec. 21-Jan. 1
Spring Break|March 14-18
Last Day of School|May 27
3rd-6th Graders Encouraged to Participate in Standardized Testing   
Liberty's participation in the State of Colorado's standardized testing begins soon. Liberty's participation in the State of Colorado's standardized testing begins soon.  Although Liberty is opposed to Common Core, we are encouraging students to take the state tests.  Ridgeview Classical School Principal, Mr. Anderson, recently wrote a wonderful perspective that mirrors our stance on the tests.  Please CLICK HERE to read Mr. Anderson's article. 

Only 3rd-6th graders will be taking the tests.  Attending school during these days is of utmost importance and we greatly appreciate your support.  Please do not plan any vacations or medical/dental appointments on testing days. CLICK HERE to view the schedules.  Be sure to scroll thru the entire document to know when your student will be testing.  Thank you. 
Summer Math and Reading Camps and Individualized Tutoring Coming to Liberty. Plan and Register Now
reading Research at Liberty Common School has shown that a whole summer without regular math and reading practice can cause a HUGE drop in reading levels and fluency and a drop in math testing and grades.

To combat this trend, Liberty Common School is offering summer Reading and Math Camps and individual tutoring of students entering grades 1st-6th.  Space is limited, so register now!

Click Here for Reading Camp Information and Registration Form.
Click Here for Math Camp Information and Registration Form.
Click Here for Individualized Tutoring Information and Registration Form.

7th Grade Summer English Program  
Attention Sixth Grade Parents: Liberty Common High School Summer English Program-Get on Track and Get Ahead!

Did your student struggle to manage the various, demanding language arts this year: grammar, vocabulary, writing, etc.?  Are you worried that waiting until next school year to revisit these areas will only result in a deeper hole at the next level?  Is your student going to be new at Liberty next year, and are you worried whether he/she will be ready for the cumulative nature of Liberty's English curriculum-especially the rigorous grammar training?  Maybe you just want your child to refine and bolster his/her language skills, guided by close instruction and support.  Regardless of the reason, this summer's four week English "booster" is the perfect, economical opportunity.  The cost is much less than typical tutoring, the tutor-to-student ratio is small, and the instructor is Mr. Dybzinski, head of Liberty's English department.  Regardless of whether your student is ahead or behind, he will set your child up for more English success.  Furthermore, he plans to have much fun in the process!  CLICK HERE for the flyer.
Spirit Week 2015

LCHS Performs "The Importance of Being Earnest"
Students Perform Oscar Wilde's "The Importance of Being Earnest" This Weekend.  When Oscar Wilde was asked to describe his play, "The Importance of Being Earnest,"  he quipped, "It is exquisitely trivial, a delicate bubble of fancy, and it has its philosophy ... that we should treat all the trivial things of life seriously, and all the serious and studied things of life with sincere and studied triviality." In fact, this hilarious play first produced in 1895 at the St. James Theatre in London, was subtitled "A Trivial Comedy for Serious People." Wilde's wit was already popular but this play solidified his fame. This genre-defying play is both philosophical and flippant, hints at farce, satire, and broad comedy, but appeals to me most because it is, at heart, a play steeped in the pure delight and flexibility of the English language. The aphorisms, general observations spoken in laconic and memorable form, are some of the funniest one-liners in all of literature and the caricatures of the British upper-classes, clergy, and intelligentsia are still familiar and humorous.

The excellent cast of Liberty's first non-musical play would like to invite you to attend the LCHS production of Oscar Wilde's hilarious play, "The Importance of Being Earnest" on April 17th or 18th at 7:00 pm at LCS. Tickets can be purchased at the door and are $10.00 general admission and $5.00 for students. 

In This Issue
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Healthcare Reminder
If your student is sick with a fever of 100 degrees or higher or is throwing up or has diarrhea, he or she is NOT ALLOWED to attend school. Your child may return to school if they are not throwing up or fever-free (WITHOUT FEVER REDUCING MEDICINE) for 24 hours.
Board of Directors
Quiet Zone
Please remember that the front office is an office of business and the use of cell phones is prohibited.  We also ask that conversations be kept to a minimum so that front office staff can provide quality customer service to students, staff members and other parents. 
Thank you.

Job Openings at LCS

Dear Parents,

Liberty will begin hiring for upcoming 2015-2016 positions starting in April.  We could use your help.  Please spread the word to anyone you know that would be a good fit for Liberty.  Here is a link to our website listing all available positions.



Liberty Administration

News from the Athletic Director, Dan Knab
2015 Jr. High Track Meet Schedule:
 *Click on away location for directions to meet site.

April 18, 2015 @ Mountain View HS  


April 20, 2015  @


April 27, 2015 @ Liberty    

May 4, 2015 @ Frontier NCIL Championship


Contact Coaches: Donny Reeves
Jon Wilcox

Please Visit Lost and Found
Our Lost and Found is bursting at the seams with a plethora of items.  Please take a few minutes and visit our collection.  Remember items not claimed after 2 weeks are donated to charity.
Drop Box

 As a tuition-free, public-charter school, Liberty receives less funding from the Poudre School District than do regular public schools.  To help Liberty remain the best school around, we rely upon free-will contributions from parents, grandparents, and alumni; and upon the generosity of community members who support Liberty's innovative brand of high-quality classical education.

The Liberty Board of Directors, the school administration, faculty, and staff extend sincere thanks and humble gratitude for the following recent contributors:

John and Cindy Wederquist

Your generosity and thoughtful support of Liberty Common School give to our students academic advantages they would not otherwise enjoy. Thank you for your leadership in public- education reform, and specifically toward achieving Liberty Common School's ongoing mission of academic excellence and fairness.

All donations to Liberty Common School are tax deductible (Federal non-profit ID # 84-1404585). To volunteer on the Liberty Fundraising Committee CLICK HERE.

To volunteer on the Liberty Grants Committee CLICK HERE.

To make an online donation CLICK HERE. For more information about contributing to Liberty Common School, please CLICK HERE to visit the "Support Liberty" options at the school's website.
Reloadable Gift Cards

Voot, Clams and Bee's Knees

By: Bob Schaffer, LCHS Principal

Last Friday's Spring Gala was Jake. It had a Roaring 20s theme to it and raised needed voot for the school. These speakeasy phrases from the 1920s only mean the event was a great success. More are scattered below.


For the past month or so, the teachers' break room at the elementary school had become the command center for planning for last Friday's Spring Gala. It was a full, active, and cheese'n space.


Last Friday, it showed. The hard work of so many Liberty volunteers paid off as our fifth-annual Spring Gala unfolded into our biggest, happiest, most lucrative soup job ever.


If you weren't able to attend the event, make sure you don't miss out next year. Not only was this year's Spring Gala the cat's pajamas, nearly every attendee went home with loot worth far more than the clams they left behind. All proceeds go to support the school.


It was especially nice to have in attendance key community and education leaders including Larimer County Clerk & Recorder Angela Meyers and her husband Gary, Fort Collins Mayor-elect Wade Troxell, and Colorado League of Charter Schools officials Dr. Terry Croy Lewis and Jacquie Carter. They all made donations (and so did Larimer County Treasure Irene Josey even though she couldn't attend), and deserve our appreciation for their support of our school.


As a parent-run, parent-owned school, these kinds of events are absolutely necessary for the ongoing growth and improvement of our academic enterprise. When the Colorado law passed creating charter schools, this is just what the Act's authors had in mind.


Liberty is exactly what a charter school should be, and having all parents pitching in to support better educational opportunities through events like our Gala is a hotsy-totsy demonstration of Liberty's character.


The list of volunteers is long, and it's important that everyone recognize these heroes and heroines for the yeoman's work they did to make this year's Gala the noteworthy milestone it turned out to be.


There are lots of people to thank for pulling of such a magnificent event. Topping the list are Queryldine Hoffinger and Jodi Fraser who served as event co-chairs. They really know their onions and poured a good portion of their lives into the effort. It really made a great difference, too.


Heading the event Steering Committee were: Clare DeFrance, Rebecca Hicklin, Shelley LaMastra, Maia Tomich, Kelly Notarfrancesco, Janelle Rohrbaugh, Kim Kent, Marnie Dame, Michelle Johanson, and Erica Martin.


Big thanks to everyone who worked on the Procurement Committee obtaining auction items: Marie Beck, Wes Cardenas, Margaret Ho, Jen Hopkins, Cheryl Lennell, Dola Sawyer, Sandra Simon, Marnie Dame, and Joann Steele.


Big thanks to everyone on the Dessert-Auction Committee: Joy Archer, Todd Arndorfer, Stafanie Chimeri, Heather Jackson, Shannon Pavek, Cheryl Smith,

Amanda Ticolli, and the chefs who made the incredible desserts that fetched equally incredible auction sums. 


Big thanks to those leading the "Pink-Bag Projects:" Mollie Everitt, Tiffany Green, Heather Jackson, Keilie Kreikemeier, Charla Lacy, Celia Lavassar, Kathy Lovely, Luale Luude, Peggi Mullen, Shannon Pavek, Dola Sawyer, Stephanie Staples, Catalina Swanson, Valerie Trujillo, Joyce Waller, Susan Wolfe, and

Cheri Young.


Big thanks to volunteers who tackled specific event "projects." Data Entry:Libby Bartley. Event Photographers:Ken Sandberg, and Amy Feist. Graphic Design:
Rebecca Finkel. Paddle-Call Film:Kelly Notarfrancesco. Slide Show:Yolanda Sears. Liberty Administration: Casey Churchill, Tim Ricketts, Bob Schaffer, Torgun Lovey, Sandy Stoltzfus.  Technical Support: Terra Drobny, Bill Kranz, Tom Stokovaz. Other projects: Mollie Everitt, Erin Grandprey, Bev Hanawalt, Rebecca Hicklin, Jen Hopkins, Beth Molenaar, Tracy Nichols, Richard Rencher, Tamara Rhoads, Jill Ronen, and Julie Russell.


Big thanks to the members of the Liberty Grandparents Club who stepped up on behalf of all Liberty grandparents.


Big thanks to the faculty for coming up with creative auction items, for attending and giving us parents a chance to hang out with them in a festive social setting, and for sharing the LCS teacher break room, accommodating Gala-related interruptions, and helping with special planning requests.


Big thanks to the many donors and corporate sponsors who front-loaded the event with funds and valuable items that made the fundraiser an impressive one. Please  CLICK HERE to see names of these supporters and links to their websites. Please patronize these generous pro-Liberty businesses whenever possible.


It's highly probable there are a few important names that should be singled out and thanked yet are errantly unmentioned above. If so, I'm truly sorry as that oversight would be mine. Please mention any omissions to me for proper recognition in next-week's Monday Notes. At a school teaming with active and engaged parents, nearly everyone pitched in to make the Gala a success, and we're truly grateful for the entire, community-wide effort.


Most of all, the multitudes of people who showed up, wrote generous checks and made in-kind donations to the event deserve endless thanks, too.  


On behalf of Liberty's Board of Directors, the school faculty and staff, and mostly our wonderful students, I extend my deepest and sincerest thanks and gratitude to everyone who made this year's Liberty Spring Gala the bee's knees.


Liberty's Annual Spring Gala - Thank You
By:  Kelly Notarfrancesco

Liberty's Annual Spring Gala

Thank You!


Thank you to everyone who made last Friday's Spring Gala such a tremendous success! We had a wonderful time celebrating Liberty Common Schools with founders, faculty, grandparents and parents. Guests went away with fun memories and tons of terrific items from both the silent and live auctions. We raised a significant amount of money toward the purchase of security equipment for our schools, too!    


A special thank you goes out to all the volunteers who made the Spring Gala possible. The evening was a success because of you!  



The Spring Gala Committee would also like to recognize our committee chairs-Qeryldine Hofinger and Jodi Fraser. Their vision and leadership, hard work and perseverance throughout the past year culminated in a wonderful celebration Friday.  


We look forward to reporting the financial results of our fundraiser as soon as final numbers are available. Please look for an update in a future newsletter!

Until next year!


Raising Kids Who Read Books Available  

 Thanks to all Liberty Common staff and parents that attended Daniel T.  Willingham's informative lecture on Friday, March 27th.  Dr. Willingham was a dynamic speaker who displayed a strong commitment to Core Knowledge. We hope you can join us for future speakers such as this. If you missed the lecture, and would like to purchase Dr. Willingham's book, Raising Kids Who Read, books are available for sale in the front office for $20.00 (cash or check). Please stop in to buy your copy today.  

Additional Liberty Common Athletic News
Jr. High Girls Soccer Schedule

4/13  4pm @ Loveland Classical

4/15  4pm vs Frontier Academy

4/22 Quarter Finals

4/27 Semi-Finals

4/29 Finals



1st Choice A.S.K. Program

Hello Parents,


The 1st Choice A.S.K. Program sponsored the Colorado Eagles visit to Liberty Common School on March 31st. We thought you would like to see your babies with the players.


Chris Duszynski (Forward) and Colin Joe (Defenseman) were kind enough to answer questions, take pictures and sign autographs.


Please support the Eagles any chance you get.


Also, we are taking reservations for next school year's (2015-16) After School Kare at Liberty Common. Email us as soon as possible to reserve your child's spot.  


Thank you and have a wonderful Spring Season.




Bill Black Pres.

1st Choice Before and After School Kare

1525 Pelican Lakes Pt. Unit B

Windsor, CO 80550

Off. 970-460-0031

Cell 970-744-9284

[email protected]