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  February 2016 Edition
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 Missionary Independent Spiritual Church  

Forestville, California Pastor: Rev. catherine yronwode.


 Four Altars Gospel Sanctuary  

Joshua Tree, California Pastor: Rev. Deacon Millett.


 Divine Harmony Spiritual Church 

Knoxville, Tennessee   Pastor: Rev. Jon Saint Germain.


 Caroline Dye Memorial Chapel

Willitts, California Pastor: Rev. Michaele Maurer.


 Sacred Clarity Spiritual Church

Dallas, Texas  

Pastor: Rev. Valentina Burton.

 Santisima Muerte Chapel of Perpetual Pilgrimage

Santa Rosa, California Pastor: Rev. Sister Robin Petersen.




Goteborg, Sweden

Pastor: Rev. Johannes Gårdbäck  


Five Gates Spiritual Church

Bethel, Vermont

Pastor: Rev. Kirk White 

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TUNE IN to the LMC Radio Network!

The LMC Radio Network is a community radio alliance of metaphysical, spiritual, inspirational, and political-justice broadcasters spanning a wide range of topics.  At the present time, the LMC Radio Network has SEVEN weekly shows in the line-up, with more on the way:

The Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Rootwork Hour with
catherine yronwode and ConjureMan Ali.
Featuring panel discussions on traditional African American hoodoo spellcasting with members of AIRR, plus free readings and ma
gical rootwork advice for our call-in clients -- this is the longest-running conjure show on radio!
3:00 PM - 4:30 PM Pacific / 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM Eastern   

Candelo's Corner with Candelo Kimbisa.
The voice of authentic Cuban Palo and Dominican Sanse in the United States, with special guests representing the entire range of African Traditional and Diasporic Traditional Religions, telling it true from the ancestors to you!
5:00 PM - 7:00 PM Pacific / 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM Eastern

The Crystal Silence League Hour with Rev. Jon Saint Germain.
Spiritual guidance on the practical use of crystals and crystal balls in the development of mental concentration and mind power, silent influence over others, divination and scrying of the future, and telepathic contact with people and spirits.
5:00 PM-6:00 PM Pacific / 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM Eastern

 Followed by:  

In The Streets with Beverley Smith.
Front page reports on the ongoing struggle for racial, social, and gender justice in America and the world, brought to you straight from the heart by an empowered and impassioned activist-priestess of ruthless compassion and insight.
6:00 PM - 7:00 PM Pacific / 9:00 PM - 10:00 PM Eastern

On Sacred Ground with Khi Armand. 
Broadcasting the voices of the land and the deceased, your host - aided by scholars, spiritworkers, and environmentalists - weaves together history, ethnography, and subjective experience to explore the unique promises and challenges of our time.
5:00  - 6:30 PM Pacific / 8:00 PM - 9:30 PM Eastern  

The Now You Know Show with Professor Charles Porterfield.
From deep in the heart of Texas comes your weekly schooling in down-home conjure, laced with country wit and Biblical wisdom. The old Professor is a natural man with a silver tongue who knows his roots and delivers the lucky numbers!
6:00 PM - 7:30 PM Pacific / 9:00 PM - 10:30 PM Eastern   

Liquid Libations with Andrea Weston.
Where poetry, short stories, and the spoken word come alive: Listen to the voices of our ancestors and companions, from the four corners of the world, uplifting, spiritual, heartbreaking, righteous, and complex -- they are speaking to you. Second Wednesdays are Youth Poetry Nights, and Third Wednesdays are Erotic Poetry Nights. 
5:00 PM - 6:30 PM Pacific / 8:00 PM - 9:30 PM Eastern 


Readings on the Corner with
Candelo Kimbisa and Guests.
This unscheduled "pop-up" Monday night show features Candelo Kimbisa and a dynamic line-up of invited guest-readers who employ cartomancy, bone reading, obi, chamalongos, and scrying to give free spiritual readings to callers.  
Watch for it!

As the unseasonably warm weather continues, this season should be especially delightful for those couples spending time together in sunny outdoor frolicking. While the seasons fight for control, sit back with a tasty beverage and enjoy this month's Newsletter!

If you haven't registered yet for the  2016 Hoodoo Heritage Festival, be sure to do so soon! I'll be presenting a workshop there called "The Four Branches of Crystal Magic: Scrying, Projection, Reception, and Transformation." It will be on the spiritual use of gemstones, and during the workshop I'll be introducing my new book on working with crystals and crystal balls, called "Crystal Magic: Divination, Healing, and Spellcraft with Gems and Minerals."  Hope to see you there!

Clear Viewing,
Jon Saint Germain 
Palmistry 101
 Jon Saint Germain
Last month we took a look at the Earth Hand. This month we continue our discussion of Palmistry by looking at the Water Hand.

The Water Hand
The Water Hand has a long palm with many fine lines and long fingers. Water is the most volatile and changeable of the four elements. Earth is always Earth, and Fire is always Fire, while Water can be liquid, solid or gaseous. It can be said that Water can take the state of the other three Elements as well as its own. Therefore the Water type tends to be moody, and at times their external appearance is completely at odds with the internal reality. "You can't judge a book by its cover," is definitely true of a Water type.

They are often plagued by mood swings and conflicting impulses, as they shift from a solid (Earthlike) state to gaseous (Airlike). The long fingers denote perfectionism and sensitivity to detail. They can be difficult to please. Because of the myriad tiny lines covering the surface, Water Hands tend to look old. However, the lines have nothing to do with age but with the intensity of their emotional expression. Always try to find something nice to say about a Water type's hands, as they tend to be self-conscious about their appearance.

It's difficult to read a Water type's moods from their face, as "Still waters run deep." They are watchers and observers. This holds especially true if the fingers are knobby. Water types love to watch and observe others.

Water types are restless, needing a grounding influence or they will tend to scatter their energy all over the place. They approach subjects indirectly and can talk for hours about nothing in particular. However, when grounded by a solid relationship, religious doctrine or profession, they can be tremendously productive and creative. Because they love to approach a subject from oblique angles, Water types have unique perspectives and their own way of doing things. Sometimes they can be sensitive to criticism and will often see rejection where none was intended. On the other hand they can be quite intuitive, and their first impressions of people are often right on target.

Water types should seek their soul mates among other Water types, or among the less-restricted members of the Earth type, as the secure boundaries of Earth helps contain the restless Water Element. Water and Fire can work together in business with powerful results (and sex between a Fire and Water type can be "steamy!") but for a long-term relationship the mixture may be too volatile. The Fire type might eventually feel smothered by the Water Element.

Water Hand types often have overactive Heart Chakras and require grounding, so a good crystal "Totem Bag" for them could include Hematite, Ocean Jasper, Aventurine and Malachite.  
Next Month: The Fire Hand 

Please address any questions, comments or suggestions to:

Featured Crystal of the Month: Danburite
Quality: Receptive

An Angel Stone, Danburite can be found either clear or with a subtle pink tint, allowing it to resonate with either the Crown or Heart Chakra. It facilitates communication with Angelic and Higher Powers -- even extraterrestrial and other-dimensional beings, and can function as a karmic cleanser.

Silent Thought 
of the Day: 

"Sometimes the best thing to say is nothing."
Next Month:
Attracting Love and Friendship
Palmistry 101 -- The Fire Hand 

 Remember the daily method.
  Continue to connect with us in mind and heart.
From the Mailbox:
"Thanks so much, your newsletter was short and sweet.  I am living proof of the power of the mind.  Due to prayers and positive thought I walk.

I was told by a doctor that I should not drive or be in a car.  He said if I was in an accident I may lose my mobility totally.  A week ago I was at a red light, looked in my rearview and saw the car coming.  I knew that God loves me and it was going to be okay.  A little voice said
'Put your hand on your forehead and push back.'

It's amazing how many thoughts you can have in a second or two.  That pickup with the chrome bumper hit me going about 35 or 40 .  My car and I are well, the bumper on the truck was mangled.

The poor woman who hit me was hysterical. I calmed her down, assured her that I was okay, my car was okay and most importantly I wasn't going to sue her.  We shook hands and went our way.

God is my co-pilot , that day and every day that I take a breath.  When we commune with God through prayer it lifts us up and those around us and those we pray for.

So my heartfelt thanks to the CSL through the prayers for me, and my prayers for others I have learned a lot.
Ironically, I just got the plaster hand with all of the lines, I should be getting back to work soon and it's for my desk.  I can't wait for palmistry 101.  Right on time!

Thank you for your work with the CSL, I hope you know how many people this helps.
Wishing you all the best,
Michelle Swetra
Student ID # 96"

If you have an experience or discovery that you would like to share, send a message to the newsletter editor:

John Saint Germain (