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 Missionary Independent Spiritual Church  

Forestville, California Pastor: Rev. catherine yronwode.


 Four Altars Gospel Sanctuary  

California High Desert Pastor: Rev. Deacon Millett.


 Divine Harmony Spiritual Church 

Knoxville, Tennessee   Pastor: Rev. Jon Saint Germain.


 Caroline Dye Memorial Chapel

Willitts, California Pastor: Rev. Michaele Maurer.


 Sacred Clarity Spiritual Church

Dallas, Texas  

Pastor: Rev. Valentina Burton.

 Santisima Muerte Chapel of Perpetual Pilgrimage

Santa Rosa, California Pastor: Rev. Sister Robin Petersen.




Goteborg, Sweden

Pastor: Rev. Johannes Gårdbäck  


Five Gates Spiritual Church

Bethel, Vermont

Pastor: Rev. Kirk White 

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As we say farewell to 2014, we look back on a year full of changes and challenges. What will 2015 hold in store for us? Whatever we ask for. And, of course, those surprise packages that the world always delivers to us when we least expect them.


Thank you so much for your continued support of the CSL, and may your holiday season be full of pleasant surprises. See you again in the new year! 

Clear Viewing,
Jon Saint Germain 
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The Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Rootwork Hour with

catherine yronwode and ConjureMan Ali.
Featuring panel discussions on traditional African American hoodoo spellcasting with members of AIRR, plus free readings and magical rootwork advice for our call-in clients -- this is the longest-running conjure show on radio!

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Candelo's Corner with Candelo Kimbisa and Tata Saulembo.
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5:00 PM - 7:00 PM Pacific / 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM Eastern



 The Crystal Silence League Hour with Rev. Jon Saint Germain.
Spiritual guidance on the practical use of crystals and crystal balls in the development of mental concentration and mind power, silent influence over others, divination and scrying of the future, and telepathic contact with people and spirits.

5:00 PM-6:00 PM Pacific / 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM Eastern

 Followed by: 

In The Streets with Beverley Smith.

Front page reports on the ongoing struggle for racial, social, and gender justice in America and the world, brought to you straight from the heart by an empowered and impassioned activist-priestess of ruthless compassion and insight.

6:00 PM - 7:00 PM Pacific / 9:00 PM - 10:00 PM Eastern



Liquid Libations with Andrea Weston.

Where poetry, short stories, and the spoken word come alive: Listen to the voices of our ancestors and companions, from the four corners of the world, uplifting, spiritual, heartbreaking, righteous, and complex -- they are speaking to you.

5:00 PM - 6:00 PM Pacific / 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM Eastern  



The Now You Know Show with Professor Charles Porterfield.

From deep in the heart of Texas comes your weekly schooling in down-home conjure, laced with country wit and Biblical wisdom. The old Professor is a natural man with a silver tongue who knows his roots and delivers the lucky numbers!

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Readings on the Corner with

Candelo Kimbisa and Malik Kimbisa
This unscheduled "pop-up" show features Candelo Kimbisa, Malik Kimbisa, and a dynamic line-up of invited guest-readers who employ cartomancy, bone reading, obi, chamalongos, and scrying to give free spiritual readings to callers.  

Watch for it!

The Crystal Work of C. Alexander: Part Two: Projection Work




Last month I made the rather bold proposition that the best scryers I've ever met were also the best meditators. We've received many e-mails requesting more information on this topic.


Meditation is also an invaluable skill for developing proficiency in Projection, Reception, and Healing, so let's dedicate this month's discussion to the subject. 


In my opinion, meditation is probably the single most important spiritual skill you can learn. Once you become skilled at meditative absorption, you'll be more sensitive to spiritual assault from outside forces, more alert to signals and cues people give off (allowing you to distinguish friend from foe) and you'll strengthen the mind's innate abilities to cleanse itself of negative tendencies and influences.


Meditation isn't hard to learn, and there are many, many forms of meditation. You may already know how to meditate. If so, I urge you to practice regularly. If you aren't familiar with meditation, don't worry. It's easy to learn, and all it takes is practice. The more you do it, the better you become.


To begin, find a quiet room, and turn off your cell phone. You need a timer, which I recommend to set for no longer than five minutes to begin with. Gradually increase your time until you mediate three to four days a week, for twenty minutes a sitting. Sit in a comfortable, balanced position, and don't strain to sit ramrod straight.  


Close your eyes and say to yourself, "I'm happy, cherished, and loved. I love myself most of all." I know this may be against what most of us have been taught. Often we're taught to love others, but sacrifice our own happiness. This is psychologically unsound. It isn't possible to love others unless you love yourself. Unhappy people cannot wish happiness for others. You may do so half-heartedly, but if you don't believe it, you'll find sneaky little ways to punish yourself, and eventually everyone else.


Next, reflect on where and how to find this elusive happiness. It doesn't take long to realize we won't find it in the past. The past is a terrible place full of unreliable memories and many of these are bad ones. The future is also unreliable. The only time and place where we have any real power of decision is here and now.  


But even in the here and now, we have to practice discernment. Not everything around us is dependable. If we try to base our happiness on things that change - sights, sounds, sensations in general, people and things outside - we're setting ourselves up for disappointment. This is simply repeating the past.  


The only logical conclusion is that true happiness has to be sought within ourselves. Meditation then becomes a search to find a place in the mind where you can't be moved; something solid, unchanging, a place where nothing bad can touch you; no hex, jinx or curse can reach you, not even death can touch you.


To find this place we need stepping stones. The first step is to cultivate happiness for ourselves. The second is to project that happiness to everyone else. We do this through identification with every living thing. Tell yourself: "Everyone, no matter who you are, no matter what you've done to me in the past, I hope you find true happiness too."


Why is this necessary? Because if you don't cultivate loving-kindness, you'll carry negativity and resentment into meditation, and that's what you'll find when you look inside yourself. You won't be able to locate that solid, peaceful spot you're trying to find.


So first, decide to love yourself. Second, decide to love everyone else. When you have cleared your mind and filled it with loving-kindness, you're ready to begin meditation on the breath. This is the method the Buddha taught, and it's stood the test of time.


All you do is concentrate all your attention on the sensation of breathing. It's so simple and you may think you're doing it wrong. Many people try to make it too complex. Inhale and exhale deeply a couple of times, focusing on any area where the breathing is easy to notice, such as the nostrils or abdomen. Don't become self-conscious with your breathing and hyperventilate, just breathe deeply and naturally. If your mind wanders - and this is natural - don't be frustrated. Bring your attention back to your breathing.  


Some people like to experiment with different types of breathing: short breaths, shallow, alternating long and short, and also shifting the focus of their attention to different parts of their body. I've never done this. I've always stayed focused on the breath. Over time you'll find your attention narrows down to a single very tiny spot. And then you can let your attention grow out from that tiny dot to fill your entire body. Over time, your attention can expand to fill the room - and beyond.  


When you're ready to come out of meditation, do so gradually and gently. When you're ready, stand and return to the world.


Featured Crystal of the Month: Malachite

Quality: Receptive
Associations:  Transformation, Luck, Prosperity, Transforming unhealthy Love patterns to healthy Love patterns.
Silent Thought of the Day: 
""God is silent. Now if only man would shut up." --Woody Allen
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The Crystal Techniques of C. Alexander, Part Two, continued: Projection
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