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Volume 5, No. 14, Feb. 26, 2016
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5 Points Potluck and Sing-a-long

Saturday, February 27, 2016 at Unitarian Church of Sharon, 4 North Main St., Sharon, MA 02067

Join the UU churches from our 5 Points Cluster (Easton, Stoughton, Canton, Sharon, Foxboro) at the next potluck and sing-a-long. Bring a dish to share, bring instruments, sing your favorite songs and hymns. We'll have a "singspiration". The Unity Band will perform.  No RSVP or sign-up required. Childcare will be provided. Food at 5:00, music at 6:30.

UCNE Arch Graphic Special Congregational Meeting
March 13, 2016 12 Noon, ParishHall                 


Article I.      To accept the warrant with times for discussion. (5 minutes)
Article II.     To hear a presentation of the (replacement) candidate for the Minister Search Committee from the Nominating Committee and to vote on the nominee for the Minister Search Committee (10 minutes).
The nominee from the Nominating Committee for the Minister Search Committee is Anne Fredericks.  (Katelyn Haven and Lori Miller-Freitas will continue to serve on the committee.)
Article III.   To hear a report on the proposed model of ministry with time for discussion. (30 minutes).

Unity in the Community

Part of Unity's vision is to "deepen our work to build a healthy community" through outreach efforts. Community outreach is important to Unity. Members bring it up repeatedly at various workshops and meetings. Here are two ways that you can contribute to this part of our Vision and one thank you for a job well done:

The CommUnity Closet! The CommUnity Closet is a shop in Holly House that will provide free gently used clothing to families in need. This is a fantastic project for Unity to assist and empower those in our community. One of the nice things about the CommUnity Closet is that everyone at Unity can contribute in one way or another.

The first thing we need to do is laundry. If you can spare an hour to provide clean clothes to a needy family then please grab a bag to wash. Up in the White Room of the Holly House are pre-bagged loads of laundry. Inside the bag you will find another bag for you to place the clean and folded clothes in and bring back to church. Please keep the bags separate, as the clothes have already been sorted. (If lugging a bag down the stairs is a challenge then please see me and I'd be happy to carry it to your car for you.)

We'll also need hangers for all these clean clothes. So please bring what you can and leave them in the CommUnity Closet.

BlackLivesMatter! Since September we have heard a number of sermons around the issue of racial inequality and justice, both by our own members and guest ministers. There have been many eye-opening conversations between members about race during coffee hour and online.

We have also reached out to local organizations working to create space for equality, and have contacted the UUA about programs we could host here at Unity in conjunction with the other Churches in the Five Point Cluster. Please let me know if this work speaks to you. Someone is needed to spearhead this effort and carry Jannelle's "flame of peace and love".
The YMCA thanks all who contributed to the adopt-a-family drive over the holidays.  Unity Church donated gifts to 40 children and parents living in YMCA sponsored shelters. The YMCA presented this wonderful framed thank you gift to Unity Church. The handwritten note reads "How can we ever thank you enough?  Your generous donations warmed so many hearts this holiday season.  We are so grateful."

Click to Enlarge

Watch for it hung in the church in the near future.

As J. Haven likes to say at the end of our closing circle, "GO UNITY"!

Yours in service,
Jason Gold

Hands & Flames  Religious Education Reminder

Children's Chapel March 13, at 10:30 am

A rehearsal will be held on Saturday, March 12 from 3-5pm in the sanctuary, with a family pot luck to follow in Parish Hall. Please let Deanna know if you cannot attend the rehearsal!

 The children have created posters to explain their projects, which you can find hanging in Parish Hall. If you haven't seen them, this is a list of the amazing things our youth are doing.
You can help!
Abbie, Samantha and Hunter are collecting old blankets and towels to donate to the animal shelter, so that the animals can use them as beds to sleep on. 
- How can you help? They are looking for donations of blankets and towels.
Damon, Ashton and Sadie are collecting spare change to buy new coloring books for the family room at the hospital. 
-How can you help? They are looking for donations of spare change or new, unused coloring books.
Henry and Naomi are creating shopping bags for the CommUnity Closet.
-How can you help? They are collecting donations to purchase bags, or donations of unmarked fabric shopping bags.
Winnie and Liam are organizing a food drive for the food pantry.
-How can you help? They are collecting non perishable food items.
Athena is organizing a sock drive for refugees. 
-How can you help? She is looking for donations of clean socks (new or used), or financial donations with which to purchase socks.
Ryn is planting a garden, so that she can donate the vegetables to the food pantry.
- How can you help? She is looking for donations of seeds.
Colin, Jack, Chloe and Anthony are making cards and pictures which they will deliver to nursing home residents.
- How can you help? They are looking for donations of card making supplies, or you can make hand made cards and pictures for them to deliver.
Solana is asking people to sponsor her for each mile that she runs this winter, and she will donate the money she raises to the food pantry.
- How can you help? Talk to Solana or her mom Illona.
Please contact Deanna Greenstein for more information!

Fellowship Spring Activities
 Mark your calendars!  

Circle Dinner - March 12, 2016   RSVP below.
Stewardship Breakfast Sunday April 24, 2016
before church
Take Me out to the BallGame - May 1, 2016 - Cookout and Wiffle Ball games (you'll be home in plenty of time before the Red Sox play the Yankees.)
June Jubilee - June 12, 2016 at Ames Estate, Sunday service and lunch
More details will be forthcoming.  Questions can be directed to Audrey Davies at her email


We start every Executive Committee meeting by affirming those who particularly stood out during the previous month. Though they do make it into the EC meeting minutes every month, we thought it would be nice to express this appreciation in a more public way.
So, they are included in our Unity News regularly! Here are the
recent affirmations: 
    • Cheryl Brigante for all that she does 
    • Stoughton for hosting a wonderful service for the 5 Points Cluster
    • Rev. Jim Robbins, Deanna and Adam Greenstein, Katelyn Haven and Anna Linzi for the wonderful services they led since our last Executive Committee meeting

    Fundraising Fun 
The New England Folk Festival Association (NEFFA)
has a festival in Mansfield each spring. Folk musicians and dancers come from around the world. Some (young adults, musicians) cannot afford hotel rates.  
We will once again host them, April 15 - 17, 2016. Church members register to provide a bed and/or floor space, a shower, and a continental breakfast on Saturday and Sunday mornings for a nominal charge that goes directly to Unity Church. This was a wonderful success last year, generating good will and funds for our community. This is our fifth successful year. You can find more details about this event on the NEFFA page of the Unity web site under the Calendar & Events menu.

You can talk to Hosts who've done it before. Last year we made $1185, can we top that?  Contact Anna Linzi if you are interested or have questions.

Remember these important dates !                 
Children's Chapel : Our Principles in Action.  Sunday, March 13, 2016 @ 10:30.  Rehearsal Sat. March 12, 2016, 3-5 pm Potluck after.

Unity Church Annual MeetingSunday, May 22, 2016 @ 12:00 - Parish Hall. This is one of the year's important meetings to attend.  Lunch and childcare will be provided.
All Committee reports are due by Wednesday, May 4, 2016 to Gail Bruno, in the church office.  These reports provide information for the Annual Meeting. 

Keeping in touch across the miles 
  • Bernie Champagne (our former Sexton) suffered a stroke last week and has been in Memorial Hospital in Pawtucket.  Bernie would appreciate receiving emails. His home address can be found in the Unity Contact list.
  • Carolyn McCafferty is very busy deployed in Abu Dabi. She recently updated her blog.   
  • Don't forget that Lyn and Ed White are enjoying the warmth(?) in Florida and their address is in the contact list.
The Contact List is on our web site under the Member Access menu, after you log in as a member.  

In Worship

February Theme: Non-Violence

February 28, 2016 : Guest Leader: Laura Wagner, preaching, Sermon Title: Social Justice as a Spiritual Practice.
Our wholeness as individuals in realized in connection with other human beings. It is through this connection that we define our values. Being aware of the struggles of others and then engaging in social justice allows us to put our values into action. Living our values through social justice helps us to create a living, meaningful spiritual practice that both heals the world and ourselves at the same time. After the service there will be a conversation about social justice activities and a substantial snack in the Chaffin Room. Contact Cheryl Brigante with questions or dietary restrictions.
 March 6, 2016    Daryl Bridges preaching, Sermon title : Spiritual Charity.

For more detailed information,
please visit the Services Schedule on our website.

The Worship Committee: Ken Love, Katelyn Haven, Kate Meneses, Carol Heap, Cheryl Brigante. Your reflections about Sunday services are always welcome.

Carpenter/Handyman Available 

Matt Menapace, Anna Linzi's husband, has a lull in his schedule. If you have a small carpentry or 'handyman' project you need finished, he'll help you out!  Contact Matt  with his email.

General Assembly of the UUA in Columbus Ohio             
The Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) holds a General
Assembly(GA) every year and it is in Columbus OH June 22-26, 2016.  Meetings are held related to the governing of the UUA as well as worship services, lectures, workshops and public witnesses. If you enjoy worshiping with our cluster churches, then you will really enjoy worshiping with thousands of UUs from the whole country and abroad. There is also programming for children 11-14 years and Youth 15-18. For more information check the GA website . Several members of Unity have been to GA and can share their experiences.  Email Cheryl Brigante with questions.  

Events at First Parish Universalist Church(Stoughton)

Monday evening from 7 to 8 pm, a Buddhist meditation group meets. Anyone interested in silent meditation is welcome. Contact Denise for more information. Cheryl Brigante has attended this.
2nd Friday of the month : 7 to 8:30 pm, Drumming Circle. Contact Kelley with questions 781-341-1213781-341-1213. There are extra drums to share.
First Parish Universalist Church of Stoughton, 790 Washington St. Stoughton. Enter using the door in the parking lot behind the church.

UCAN Colorform Logo 03Dec2012 CommUnity Closet Needs
The CommUnity Closet, a shop in Holly House that will provide free gently used clothing to families in need, is coming to life!  We're on our way to creating a beautiful shop together.  Here are some things we need:  
  • We need some folks to do the Laundry! Up in the White Room are pre-bagged loads of laundry, inside the bag you will find another bag for you to place the clean and folded clothes in and bring back to church. If you decide to take more than one (thank you!) please keep them separate, as the clothes have already been sorted into types.
  • We need hangers!
  • Mailing letters and following up with local businesses!
  • Money! Have no time, but a bit of spare cash? There are a few items needed that will need to be purchased. If you would like to donate the money to purchase the items off the Wish List, please send your check to Unity with CommUnity Closet in the memo line. 
I am so excited about this project! I am wrapped in the joyful feeling of helping to create a space that will hopefully help people who are in the middle of a struggle feel loved and cared for, while bringing our Church Mission to life in a truly tangible way. I encourage you to take the opportunity to be involved in this powerful ministry.  - Jannelle Codianni  

When the Weather Outside is Frightful
Snowy Hoe Shop & Trees
For the safety of our friends and members, in case of extreme weather conditions, please call the church office (508-238-6373) after 8:00 a.m. on the day of the Service or church event for a message about whether the Service or event has been canceled. 

"Piglet noticed that even though he had a very small heart, it could hold a rather large amount of Gratitude." A. A. Milne

We are grateful and say Thank You for all who contribute to our Unity Church community, those before us in a Sunday service and those unseen whose presence is a service for all. 

null Church Office News
by Gail Bruno, Office Manager

March Office Hours
Monday - Friday: 10:00 am to 1:00 pm
*exceptions: Office will be closed on March 7, March 21, and March 29.
Please contact the office at 508-238-6373 prior to visiting.

You can also  email Gail  directly. 
*If you plan to visit the office, please call ahead as Gail's schedule may change monthly.

Looking for Executive Committee and Church Meeting Agendas, Warrants, Minutes, or Member Contact information?
You can find it all on our web site under the Member Access menu, after you log in as a member.

Here is the Member Login 

If you have any trouble logging in, just send a note to the Web Administrator  using the instructions on the Member Login page.

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