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Volume 5, No. 11, Jan. 11, 2016
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Introducing  ... 
   The CommUnity Closet  

UCAN (Unity Church Assisting Neighbors) at Unity Church is beginning its efforts to bring the CommUnity Closet to life! This project will provide free, gently used clothing to families in need. The idea was first suggested by our Director of Religious Education, Deanna Greenstein, and we are so grateful for this wonderful inspiration. It fills a great need, makes families and children feel cared for and welcomed, and supports our Church Mission.  

Currently, there are no local organizations providing free clothing to families of need, and many organizations that are further away, make it very difficult to qualify for and the process itself takes up valuable time and energy that families who are struggling simply do not have. The CommUnity Closet, which will be advertised in spaces like the Food Pantry, School On Wheels, and A New Day, will target families likely to need this service but will serve all without pre-qualification, following in the example of My Brother's Keeper, a local Catholic Charity that provides household goods to those in need without "proof of need."  

By giving families a chance to choose the clothing they receive, providing an open room for children and parents to "shop" through, they will have the chance to choose items they need and like, preserving each individual's sense of worth and dignity. This means kids will feel comfortable and confident in the clothes they wear to school, and parents can feel confident in the clothing they have for school meetings and job interviews.  It may seem like a minor detail, but feeling confident in one's own skin has vast systemic implications from economic successes to being involved in at-risk behaviors, to school performance. In addition to helping in this area of need, we would be making Unity Church more valuable to the broader community we are charged to serve, making it more visible and welcoming to those who may be looking for a place to worship and grow in fellowship with us.  

If you are interested in helping with the CommUnity Closet,The first order of business in getting this project off the floor (literally) is to sort the clothing now plied up in the white room of the Holly House. If you're down for some light work folding, sorting and chatting together with friends, contact Jannelle CodianiThe CommUnity Closet will be staffed by volunteers from Unity Church and open on Sundays, (dates to be announced later). 

Want to help shape the future of Unity Church?
We have an opening on the Ministerial Search Committee.
The initial information gathering phase is complete and the next phase of searching for a minister is expected to start in February after further feedback from the congregation. This is an important position for the future of our church. Three committee members are required to form the Ministerial Search Committee. Won't you please consider volunteering? 
If you are interested please contact Melanie D'Aiello, Chris Pender or Jennifer Gold

Hands & Flames 
 Religious Education Update

     Religious Education will be held in the Chaffin Room through the winter, and volunteers are always needed. The children will present their annual Children's Chapel service on Sunday, March 13, 2016 at 10:30 am.

The theme of the Children's Chapel service this year is "Our Principles in Action". Each child will choose a principle, create and implement their own social justice project pertaining to this principle. On March 13, they will present these projects to the congregation.

Depending on their ideas, this may be a project that will require participation from families outside of church. Children will confer with their families before the start of their projects in order to ensure that their families can commit to their ideas, and help where applicable!
Please contact Deanna Greenstein for more information!

Mark your calendars for these important dates !                 
Unity Church Annual MeetingSunday, May 22, 2016 @ 12:00 - Parish Hall. This is one of the year's important meetings to attend.  Lunch and childcare will be provided.
All Committee reports are due by Wednesday, May 4, 2016 to Gail Bruno, in the church office.  These reports provide information for the Annual Meeting. 

Bells 2
Musical Update 

Greg Wolfe, Chairperson of Music Committee

What a busy year so far! Much of our time this fall has been spent coordinating Sunday services with the Worship Committee, guest and lay ministers, and various and sundry musicians. This was capped off by a wonderful music service last month, where we had musicians from four of the Five Point Cluster churches. There was a special feeling in the church to have all these folks working together in song and worship. 

We employed our new pianist Leslie Amper throughout the fall and she has agreed to accompany most of the services through June.  Leslie has also shown interest in working with the Children's Choir.  To see more of Leslie's background click here.  We are glad to report that Susan Maffa has indicated that the Unity Handbell Choir will be performing monthly for February, March, April and May. We've also done maintenance and tuning of the organ and pianos, and are glad to report them to be in good shape.

As we move forward, we now have a better idea of what to look for to fill in the duties of music direction.  We, and I include the music committee but also all of you, the congregation, are learning about music and worship in the absence of a regular pulpit and music ministry. That can be both frustrating and exciting, but it can be both! The same as we are looking for different ways to fill the pulpit, we are also using different ways to use Music, and we open ourselves up to new opportunities. All of which goes to say the Music Committee is not in a rush to hire an interim Music Director, though we certainly hope that this will happen sooner rather than later. We will continue to seek out people who are comfortable with our church, its resources and compensation for the position. More information will be forthcoming.


The Executive Committee begins every EC meeting affirming the particularly noteworthy contributions of the previous month. Though they do make it into the EC meeting minutes every month, we thought it would be nice to express this appreciation in a more public way.
They are included in our Unity News regularly! Here are the
recent affirmations:
    • Katelyn Haven for the Solstice service she put together
    • Rev. Trudeau for his service Dec.20, 2015
    • Ken Love for his lay-led service
    • The Fellowship Committee for the Christmas party they hosted for the adults in the congregation
    • Ernie Cohen for filling in while we are without a Sexton
    • Kate Meneses for orchestrating decorations in the Sanctuary
  • Affirmations aren't reserved just for the Executive Committee!  If there is somebody who you would like to affirm, please send your affirmation to the Cheryl Brigante for inclusion in the newsletter.

In Worship

January Theme: Communion

January 17, 2016 : Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.  "The Strength to Love". Reverend Jim Robinson, preaching. The sermon title is drawn from Martin Luther King's book "Strength to Love". The service and sermon will explore the difficult topics of racism, white privilege, and what we need to do from here to end racism in America.

January 24, 2016 :  "A Communion in the Wintertime". Multi-generational Sunday Service. Deanna Greenstein, preaching. Communion is defined as the sharing or exchanging of intimate thoughts and feelings, especially when the exchange is on a mental or spiritual level. Let us gather in the warmth of our community to c' Intimate and everyday stories of birth, death and life'elebrate a wintertime communion with each other.

January 31, 2016 : "Intimate and everyday stories of birth, death and life". Katelyn Haven preaching. 
How we tell the stories of our lives is a creative, humanizing and nurturing act. Within ourselves and when shared with others in community, our stories create the space for healing, connection, empathy and inspiration. We all have stories to share and stories to write! Growth is rewriting and (re)telling them. In this service I will share some intimate stories of growing up a believer of miracles, the births of many children, stories of death, and a few stories just for lighthearted fun. During Social Hour, Jannelle Codianni, our beloved, resident storyteller, will lead us in a fun storytelling exercise. Join us!

For more detailed information,
please visit the Services Schedule on our website.

The Worship Committee: Ken Love, Katelyn Haven, Kate Meneses, Carol Heap, Cheryl Brigante. Your reflections about Sunday services are always welcome.

Volunteers needed at Sunday Services  

Be a Worship Associate and guide us through the morning worship service.  Follow the prepared worship script and get to know the worship leader of the day.  Time commitment is Sunday 10 am - 11:30. To volunteer contact Cheryl Brigante.

Host Social Hour in Parish Hall on Sunday after service.  Set out supplies for beverages and snacks, make the coffee and clean up after.  More detail here.  This is an easy way to meet new people. Time commitment is Sunday 10 am - 12:30.  To volunteer contact Anne Fredericks

Short term housing needed.

Frank Smith's house is on "the market" and will likely be sold in the very near future. At this time of year, people want to move in as soon as possible after passing papers. Frank is looking for a 1 or 2 bedroom apartment to rent for 6 months or longer in the Easton area. Please email Frank at francis-smith@comcast.net

Events at First Parish Universalist Church(Stoughton)

Monday evening from 7 to 8 pm, a Buddhist meditation group meets. Anyone interested in silent meditation is welcome. Contact Denise
 for more information.
2nd Friday of the month : 7 to 8:30 pm, Drumming Circle. Contact Kelley with questions 781-341-1213. There are extra drums to share.

First Parish Universalist Church of Stoughton, 790 Washington St. Stoughton. Enter using the door in the parking lot behind the church.

When the Weather Outside is Frightful
Snowy Hoe Shop & Trees
For the safety of our friends and members, in case of extreme weather conditions, please call the church office (508-238-6373) after 8:00 a.m. on the day of the Service or church event for a message about whether the Service or event has been canceled. 

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If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is 'thank you,' it will be enough."--Meister Eckhart

We are grateful and say Thank You for all who contribute to our Unity Church community, those before us in a Sunday service and those unseen whose presence is a service for all. 

null Church Office News
by Gail Bruno, Office Manager

January Office Hours.
Regular Office Hours: 10:00 am to 1:00 pm (Office closed 1/14 and 1/18)

Please feel free to leave messages at the church office, 508-238-6373, or email Gail  directly. 
*If you plan to visit the office, please call ahead as Gail's schedule may change monthly.

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