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Volume 5, No. 6, Oct. 23, 2015
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Coffee with the President

Ministers. Music. Membership. Money.  Plus Religious Education, Social Action, Outreach, and Pastoral Care. These are the challenges that swirl around my head throughout the day (and night).  I also marvel at all of the members who volunteer their time to tackle one or more of these challenges. The more involved I become, the more appreciative I am of the immense dedication and talent that fills these walls. And the more time I spend as president the more I learn about the church and our members. One lesson that I am learning is that some members may feel disconnected from the big picture of what is happening at Unity.  This is in contrast to our Vision Statement which asks us to "...deepen our work to build a healthy community."  Therefore, I will begin holding monthly "Coffee with the President" one Sunday a month.  

One Sunday each month I will dedicate time during Coffee Hour to listen to your ideas, questions, and concerns (and perhaps even a compliment or two). If you feel like you want to be more engaged in church then this will be a perfect starting point.  Of course I'm also happy to talk to you any Sunday or during the week by email or phone as well. My hope is that these conversations will help to "...deepen our work to build a healthy community."

The first "Coffee with the President" will be during coffee hour on Sunday November 1st. Grab some food and coffee and meet me in the Chaffin Room. Future dates will be published in the weekly message and/or newsletters.  I hope to see you there!

Yours in service,

Jason Gold, President

November's Theme is Reason
  • November 1: "Beloved Dead". Led by Katelyn Haven, Amy Donahue, Teresa Foley, and Deanna Greenstein. Unitarian Universalists draw from many sources that inform our experiences of death, dying, and what happens next. This multi-generational, pagan UU worship service will inspire us to reflect on and celebrate our Beloved Dead with ritual, song, and story. Please bring a photo or other memento to add to the communal altar we will create in honor of all who have died.
  • November 8: "Trust, Even in Autumn".  Reverend Eric Cherry, preaching.
  • November 15: Emerson Covenant Group, preaching. A reading we will ponder : Marginal Wisdom by Rev. Leslie Takahashi Morris and other readings.
  • November 22: "Thanksgiving". Deanna Greenstein, preaching. This service will be about being thankful for the unthankful tasks in life.  Multi-generational.  (Thanksgiving Potluck afterwards in Parish Hall.)
  • November 29: Come and join us at the  Unitarian Church of SharonThere will be no service on this day at Unity Church.
For more detailed information,
please visit the Services Schedule on our website.

Hands & Flames
Fall Religious Education is in Full Swing!

Assistance is always needed in our Religious Education classroom
If you would like to join in on the fun, please let Deanna Greenstein, Coordinator of Religious Education, know!
All students must have an updated registration form. If you have not filled one out, please see Deanna for one. 
All adults volunteering with youth must have a current CORI form on file. If you have not yet filled one out this year, please see Deanna.

UCAN Casino Night! 

Unity Church Aiding Neighbors (UCAN) Casino Night was a success!  We had a great time and raised about $2,000.  Half will be donated to School on Wheels of Massachusetts as part of our Vision to build a healthy community through outreach efforts.

It took 17 volunteers from Unity, School on Wheels, and the community to pull this fundraiser together and make it run as smoothly as it did.   I especially want to thank Anna Linzi, Ilona Robbins, Tina Sarcia, Jenn Gold, and Greg Wolfe who worked tirelessly for months working through the logistics and seeking out sponsors and donors.  It was a lot of work but we were all rewarded in the end with laughter, fellowship, food, and charity.

- Jason Gold

More pictures can be found here.

5th Annual Fellowship Thanksgiving Luncheon
Our 5th Annual Fellowship Thanksgiving Luncheon is coming up on Sunday November 22 at 11:30 a.m. During Social Hour after the service, gather in Parish Hall for a Seasonal Luncheon! Turkeys will be prepared for us and we all will bring the side dishes.  
Look for a sign-up sheet in Parish Hall and start thinking now about what dish you would like to bring. We'll have the ovens warm and ready for your dishes.  Choices include things like:

    mashed potatoes 
    cranberry sauce 
    vegetables, including peas, corn, carrots, or your favorite 
    rolls or cornbread 
    pumpkin or apple pie, or your favorite pie 
    cookies or a cake

For more information contact Audrey Davies at 508-238-3516.

by Executive Committee members 
We start every Executive Committee meeting by affirming those who particularly stood out during the previous month. Though they do make it into the  EC meeting minutes every month, we thought it would be nice to express this appreciation in a more public way.
Here are the recent affirmations: 
  • Ilona Robbins for the service she led October 18th. 
  • Ilona Robbins affirmed the congregation, for providing the support she felt to feel safe enough to share her sermon with us.
  • The members of 4 churches of the 5 Point Cluster for attending the service in Foxborough and the congregation of Foxborough for hosting us October 11th.
  • Jason Haven for his lay led service on October 4th
  • Everyone who had a part in making the Casino Night happen.
Affirmations aren't reserved just for the Executive Committee!  If there is somebody who you would like to affirm, please send your affirmation to the Cheryl Brigante for inclusion in the newsletter.

Updates from Fellowship

Everyone is a Greeter: Although we schedule two people to be greeters for every Sunday service, we hope that everyone present considers themselves an integral part of our greeting team.  Remember to say hello to visitors and offer to show them the way to Social Hour. Social hour can be as intriguing as our worship service and we want to share that experience also. 

Greening Social Hour: Several members are encouraging everyone to help reduce our use of disposable coffee cups by instead using ceramic coffee cups. Feel free to bring a coffee cup of your own or one to add to the our small shared collection.  Enjoy some fellowship over washing some dishes! Hop in the kitchen and wash a couple mugs before you leave.

Social Hour: Thank you to all who have signed up to host Social Hour after our Sunday services. For all who enjoy this time of snacks and conversation, please remember to drop some money into the social hour fund basket near the coffee pot, to pay for the paper products, juice, coffee and creamer.

Name Tags: We are trying yet another way to organize Name Tags. Feel free to take your name tag home with you and remember to bring it with you to Unity. There is also an alphabetical box at the back of the sanctuary if you'd rather leave it there. If you have never had a name tag and would like one, please mention it to a Greeter. If you forget your name tag, we will have blank ones at the back of the sanctuary that you may use occasionally. 

"Like hope, trust, and love, gratitude is both a feeling and a spiritual practice."
- Christine C. Robinson, Alicia Hawkins

We are grateful for all who contribute to our Unity Church community, those before us in a Sunday service and those unseen whose presence is a service for all. 

null Church Office News
by Gail Bruno, Office Manager

October Office Hours.
Church office hours are Monday to Friday, 10:00 a.m. to 1 p.m. 
Please feel free to leave messages at the church office, 508-238-6373, or email Gail  directly. 
*If you plan to visit the office, please call ahead as Gail's schedule may change monthly.

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You can find it all on our web site under the Member Access menu, after you log in as a member.

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