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Volume 5, No. 3, Sept.11, 2015
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September 13, 2015
Water Communion

Jason Gold & Katelyn Haven will be leading our first worship service of the new year.

Everyone is invited to bring a small container of water to this service that represents a special place or experience in your life this summer!

Whether from a vacation to the Cape or just the hose you've used to water the garden you love, we will mingle the waters everyone has brought with water from Water Ceremonies in years past. It is this water, made sacred by the intention of our community throughout the decades, that we use to dedicate new babies and children among us.

This is a multi-generational service, meaning that it will be accessible to children of all ages. Childcare for babies and young children is available, as always, in Holly House.

Black Lives Matter 
in Every Town

by Jannelle Codianni

Perhaps you have noticed the Black Lives Matter banner on the front lawn of our Church.  Black Lives Matter is an activist movement co-founded by three black women in the wake of the 2013 acquittal of George Zimmerman who shot and killed 17 year old Trayvon Martin in Florida. It gained further traction during the protests in Ferguson, Missouri following the death of Michael Brown in 2014. This decentralized civil rights movement campaigns against police brutality against black people. As a result it has brought to the surface many uncomfortable truths about underlying racism in our culture.

As Unitarian Universalists, we have promised each other to uphold the Seven Principles in our congregations. As a people of faith who are called to strive for justice and equality and to seek peace and affirm the inherent worth and dignity of every person, we are compelled to bear witness to the suffering of our sisters and brothers of color who are calling out, with great urgency, for the same consideration many of us enjoy without question. This is why the 2015 UUA General Assembly passed an Action of Immediate Witness calling all member congregations to support the Black Lives Matter movement.

  This movement was formed and is urged forward by young people of color brave enough to speak these life-threatening truths into ears that have been deaf for too long. We are being asked to trust the voices of those speaking from a place many of us have never seen or had to imagine. We are being asked to reflect upon and take action against a system of injustice, despite the fact that it may never negatively affect us. Our first action must therefore be to open our hearts to suffering, and the next is to open our ears in deep listening to the truths of our neighbors' lives.  The Black Lives Matter banner is our way of bearing witness to this movement.

Our 2nd Cottage Meeting to discuss our goals
 September 20, 2015 11:45 am   

As the "Search Committee for Ministerial Solution" continues to gain clarity about what professional ministry can do for Unity Church moving forward, we've been reflecting on the three questions posed in our first cottage meeting.  
Where have we come from? 
Where are we now? 
Where are we being called to go? 
These are big questions that lend themselves easily to endless pondering. As leaders we want to know what is rising to the surface...?   What ideas, stories and common threads do we want to lift up and which ones do we want to let go?

We feel so proud of the work we put in to crafting our Vision. In this upcoming cottage meeting, you are invited to ponder all these questions as well, while letting our Vision be the anchor for our conversation.

You can expect to meet in the Chaffin Room following service. Please grab your coffee or tea from Parish Hall and head right back upstairs. We'd like to start promptly as September is a busy, full month and we want to make the most of our time together. Please plan for our meeting to last 1-1.5 hours.

Katelyn will facilitate our meeting using practices learned through PeerSpirit, The Circle Way - A Leader in Every Chair.  Marcia will take on the role of 'note keeper'.  The information and insight we gain in this type of discussion will be invaluable to us as the committee crafts all our ideas, desires, stories and common threads into a cohesive plan. All will be invited to share in the spirit of "Ideals". We want to hear your dreams for Unity Church in 5 years...What do you imagine when you set aside or deliberately choose to move past your fear and limitations?  Especially helpful to us right now is how you'd like to FEEL in this community. The "Search Committee" will use what we vision and learn to clarify just what we need in professional support to grow in thought, spirit, and service to others.  

Childcare will be provided.

Notes from 1st Cottage Meeting Click here 

your Search Committee for Ministerial Solution ; Katelyn Haven, Lori Miller-Freitas, Marsha Tims. 

Let's Meet & Mingle with other UUs
 in our Neighboring Towns
Join us on Saturday, September 26th, at 5:00 PM for a Five Points Cluster pot luck supper, conversation, and discussions about our congregations' present and future. The UU congregations that make up the cluster are Canton, Foxborough, North Easton, Sharon, and Stoughton. The event will be held at First Parish UU-Canton at 1508 Washington Street in Canton. Child care will be provided.
Feel free to come early (4:00 or after) if you'd like to help set up and/or take a tour of the church. 
Consider carpooling with Cheryl Brigante   

Chalice Only
In Worship 

Our first Fall service at 10:30 am will be
September 13 : Water Communion
September Theme is Vision
Sept. 20           Yom Kippur                 Harry Somers
Sept. 27                                            Rev. Judith Wright

The Worship Committee
 Ken Love, Katelyn Haven, Carol Heap, Marsha Tims, Cheryl Brigante, Ilona Robbins.

Special Congregational Meeting  
September 27, 2015 Noon

Article I.    To accept the warrant with times for discussion. (5 minutes)

Article II.    To hear a report from the EC regarding plans for moving forward with ministerial options. (30 minutes)

Childcare will be provided. 

Casino Night Tickets On Sale Now 


Casino Night  

You are invited to Unity Church's Casino Night Fundraiser. Come enjoy some food, drinks, music, and prizes! Have FUN playing blackjack, Texas hold'em, Money Wheel, and Chuck-A-Luck with "play money".

All this fun is for a great cause! This is a joint effort between Unity Church Aiding Neighbors (UCAN) and the fundraising  committee. Unity will donate half of all proceeds to School on Wheels of Massachusetts. This joint fundraiser is in line with our Vision to "deepen our work to build a healthy community" through outreach efforts.

Where: Stonehill College's Alumni Hall
When: October 3, 2015 from 7 - 11 pm. 
What: Tickets are $50 and includes $1,000 in chips.

Click the button below or visit UCANcasinonight.eventbrite.com for more information or to buy tickets.  Our goal is to sell 200 tickets. So please share this event with everyone you know!

Eventbrite - UCAN Casino Night Fundraiser

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