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Volume 5, No. 2, Aug. 28, 2015
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Note these Dates

Sept.13 - Water Communion and first service of the year at Unity Church, 10:30

- First day of Religious Education classes

- Cottage Mtg with Search committee

- 5 Points Cluster POTLUCK at Canton church.

Congregational Update

I hope you have been enjoying your summer! I was caught in the dark while mowing my lawn this past weekend which means the days are getting shorter and fall is almost here.  With fall comes the start of our next "formal" church year.  I'm looking forward to
water communion on September 13th.  It's one of my favorite traditional services.  I'm sure many of you are wondering what lies ahead for Unity Church this year.  Here's a peek at what's been happening with worship, music and search.

Worship Committee has had a busy summer.  They have been simultaneously organizing and supporting summer services while also planning for the fall.  Every Sunday service through December has already been planned!  A few of the exciting alternatives include:

The purchase of a subscription to the Touchstones Project , a UU innovative ministry project started in Denver, offering a variety of worship resources.  It supports theme-based ministry with shared resources that should be helpful in developing lay-led services.

Ken Love met with leaders of other UU churches in the 5 Points Cluster (Canton, Sharon, Stoughton, Foxboro) to discuss joint Cluster services on select holiday weekends.  We have a tentative schedule for the first half of the year.

There are plans to hold worship training sessions for members interested in leading services.  A 'worship teams' concept is also being explored.

Music Committee has been busy exploring a multitude of opportunities to bring a varied array of music to our fall services.  Nicola wrote to me over the summer and gave me permission to share some of her words.  "People used to gather together in community and sing. Families would sing and play together.  In this day and age with our schedules overbooked and our children consumed with electronics one of the ONLY places left to share in the creation of music is church!  Feel assured that it is OK to share your voice, move your body, hold hands with one another, etc.  Music has an extreme ability to bind people together when they look at one another as they share it.  To those who say they "can't sing" know you been given vocal chords and therefore have the Divine right to sing."

Search Committee for Ministerial Solution has been researching various options our community has for ministerial leadership.  They have been in touch with the Unitarian Universalist Association and other congregations, and continue to gather information within our own community - including facilitating our second
'Cottage Meeting' on September 20th.  The support from the community has been encouraging.  The Search Committee's work will continue through the fall, likely concluding in January.

I am filled with gratitude and respect for those working so hard to contribute to our church home.  Please remember to thank our dedicated leaders for their commitment.  And if you are one of those leaders, Thank You!

Yours in Service,

Jason Gold, President

Chalice Only
In Worship 

Services Schedule
Our last Summer service for 2015 will be
August 30: Anna Linzi, 9:30 service
September 6: No Service at Unity Church.

Our first Fall service will be
September 13 : Water Communion, service at 10:30.

The Worship Committee

Fall is Coming to Religious Education

Fall is nearly upon us, and you know what that means! Religious Education will begin again on September 20th! As the weather cools and the leaves turn, our congregation's children will again be exploring concepts of Religious Education using the Montessori based approach of Spirit Play. This fall, we will be discussing the spirit and mystery that some people call God. Using visual and tactile props, the children will experience stories from various cultures and faiths describing a wide array of ideas about the divine.

There is still time for the adults in our congregation to join in this experience! If you would like to volunteer to assist in the classroom, please contact Deanna Greenstein.

The fall schedule for Religious Education is as follows:
September 20th
September 27th
October 4th
October 18th
October 25th
November 8th
November 15th
December 13th
December 20th

Religious Education teachers should expect to begin the service in the sanctuary, and walk over to Holly House with the children after the Story for All Ages. Classes last about a half hour, and end when the church service ends. Teachers are responsible for ensuring that children are with their families before going to coffee hour.

All lessons will be available to teachers at any time during the fall. Though it is recommended that you take a look at the story before you teach the lesson, all of the lessons have a full script, so there is no need to worry if you don't get a chance to take a peek beforehand!

News just in : Gabriel Greenstein was born during the wee hours of Aug.28th, weighing 5 lbs 12 oz. Congratulations to the Greenstein family. 

by Executive Committee members 
We start every Executive Committee meeting by affirming those who particularly stood out during the previous month. Though they do make it into the EC meeting minutes every month, we thought it would be nice to express this appreciation in a more public way.
So, they are included in our Unity News regularly! Here are the
recent affirmations: 
  • The summer services are going well and there have been new people attending. Thank you to all of the leaders of the services this past month:Frank Smith, Tina Sarcia, Victoria Gold, Kate Meneses, Lori Miller-Freitas and Edie Marsden.
  • Ernie Cohen for all he does to support the Sunday services.
  • Ellen Dehm and Bob Champagne-Willis for coordinating the plastering and painting work in the sanctuary.
  • The Worship Committee for taking on the task of arranging upcoming services with gusto.
  • Jannelle Codianni who created, donated and hung the  BlackLivesMatter banner on the front lawn of the church.

Five Points Cluster upcoming activities

The 5 Points Cluster, that was created last year for 5 churches to work cooperatively together, had an August meeting to discuss plans for the new year. Listed below are some activities that everyone is invited to attend.  Joint worship services are in the planning also.

First up is a chance to Meet & Mingle with Other UUs.

Canton (1508 Washington St, Canton, MA 02021
Canton is hosting our next 5 Points Cluster pot luck supper
September 26th. The supper will include break out groups to discuss common topics of interest.  Workers are invited to help out at 4:00; starting time is 5:00 PM. Child care will be provided.
Please RSVP here: http://whoozin.com/47X-9HY-P4HW 

Sharon (4 N Main St, Sharon, MA 02067) 
Sharon invites us all to Movie Night for adults 2nd Friday of each month at 7PM (free popcorn!)
Sharon also invites us all to Coffeehouse, 3rd Saturday of each month at 7PM .  

(790 Washington Street, Stoughton, MA 02072) 
Stoughton invites us to a Drumming Circle, 2nd Friday of each month  September - June, 7PM

And Stoughton calls out to knitters - at noon on the
first Sunday of the month. A group knits "prayer shawls"- knitting prayerfully, the group sees that finished shawls go to those in need of a lift or who are celebrating something very  

Foxborough (6 Bird St, Foxborough, MA 02035
Foxborough holds a Peace Vigil in front of the church.
1st Thursday of each month from 6PM to 7PM.

North Easton (9 Main St, North Easton, MA 02356
North Easton invites all to their all-music service on Sunday Dec. 27, 2015 between Christmas and New Years, 10:30 AM.
Canton is establishing "Compelling Conversations" based on the radio program "On Being", hosted by Krista Tippett on  
NPR. Contact Kitty McGregor for more details 339-237-1381 or kittymcgregor99@gmail.com . Dates tba. 

Looking for Executive Committee and Church Meeting Agendas, Warrants, Minutes, or Member Contact information?
You can find it all on our web site under the Member Access menu, after you log in as a member.

Here is the Member Login 

If you have any trouble logging in, just send a note to the Web Administrator  using the instructions on the Member Login page.

Sanctuary Plaster Work Completed
Building Trustee Chairperson and Supporting Trust Fund Trustee Bob Champagne-Willis and Supporting Trust Fund Trustee Ellen Dehm worked with local architect Jay Thomas (Project Architect for the Unity Church Restoration) over the last two months to address plaster cracks in the sanctuary ceiling. In order to accommodate two previously scheduled weddings, Jay, the workers, our staff, and volunteers worked hard to get the project done in the most efficient, safe, and accommodating manner while still maintaining the high level of workmanship that our historic building deserves.
Scaffolding that reached from the floor to the upper rafters was constructed at the front and back of the sanctuary to reach the areas of concern. The plaster and cracks were repaired and the reachable sections were painted. The back wall of the sanctuary was also painted - no more splotches and two-toned paint!
Many thanks to our Office Manager Gail Bruno, who went above and beyond to accommodate the scheduled weddings. Thanks also to Ernie Cohen and Sexton Bernie Champagne for coordinating related cleaning efforts and to Cathy Adler for her support along the way.
Attached are some photos provided by Jay Thomas showing the rear sanctuary scaffolding and some close-up views of the Connick window afforded by the scaffolding's perspective.


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