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"We Pledge to Walk Together..."
Volume 3, No. 21, May 3, 2014

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A New Day Benefit
Committee Chairs!
Outrun Homelessness
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Annual Mother's Day Weekend Benefit Concert

Unity Church of North Easton has held a concert annually on Mother's Day weekend, for over 11 years, to benefit A New Day (formerly Womansplace Crisis Center).

A New Day provides free and confidential counseling and advocacy to all individuals impacted by sexual violence and/or relationship violence.

The music program, on Saturday, May 10th at 7 p.m., will include the Choirs of Unity Church and some wonderful soloists. Donations gladly accepted and all go directly to A New Day.

Join us this evening - bring your Mom!

Unity Church is handicapped accessible. Parking is available around the back of the church or on the street.

Annual Congregational Meeting on May 18th

Dear Unity Church Members,

As you know, the Annual Congregational Meeting is coming up soon, on Sunday, May 18, 2014. Please see below for the Warrant for that meeting, and also make every effort to attend. Childcare will be provided.

Just as with civic voting, it is important for church members to be present and to participate in our governance process by attending the Annual Congregational Meeting, hearing updates on the health of our operations, and voting on these leadership positions.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Chris Pender at cbpender at comcast.net or 508-238-9181.

Unity Church of North Easton 
Warrant - Annual Congregational Meeting 
Sunday, May 18, 2014 in Parish Hall at Noon

Article I
To accept the warrant with times for discussion. (5 minutes)  

Article II
Approve the Minutes from the Annual Congregational Meeting of May 19, 2013. (10 minutes) 

Article III
To hear a report from the Nominating Committee and to vote on the slate presented. (15 minutes)


Candidate(s) to Date



Jason Gold

1st Term (limit 3)

Vice President

Carolyn McCafferty 

1st term (limit 3)


Anne Fredericks 

1st term (limit 3)


Melanie D'Aiello

1st term (limit 3)


Lori Freitas 

Vacated Term, Expires 2015


Greg Wolfe 

Term Expires 2017


Jannelle Codianni 

Term Expires 2017


J Haven

Term Expires 2016


Walter Tramontano

Term Expires 2017

Assistant Treasurer

Mark D'Aiello

2nd term (unlimited)


Ken Love

5th term (unlimited)

Nominating Committee

Frank Smith

3rd (limit 3)

Nominating Committee

Jennifer Gold

2nd term (limit 3)

Nominating Committee

Chris Pender

1st term (limit 3)

Parish Hall Association

Ken Love

8th term (unlimited)

Parish Hall Association

Ernie Cohen

7th term (unlimited)

Parish Hall Association

Sandra Hill

7th term (unlimited)

Memorial Fund

Anne Fredericks

?th term (unlimited)

Memorial Fund

Greg Wolfe

2nd term (unlimited)

Memorial Fund


2nd term (unlimited)

Article IV
To approve the Annual Report 2013-2014. (10 minutes)

Article V
To hear and vote on a report from Rev. Kristin Schmidt and the Committee on Ministry regarding the new Unity Church Mission Statement and Vision Statement and take any necessary related actions. (15 minutes)

Article VI
To hear a report from the Safe Congregation Committee, to vote on the new Safe Congregation Policy, and to take any necessary related actions. (10 minutes)

Article VII
To hear a report from the Finance Committee and to approve a budget for fiscal year 2014-2015, including budgeting for another year of Contract Ministry by Rev. Kristin Schmidt. (25 minutes)

Article VIII
To hear a report regarding the Howard Home Grant and take any necessary related actions. (10 minutes)

Article IX
To hear and vote on any Memorial Fund requests. (10 minutes)

Article X
To hear and act upon any further business that may properly and legally brought before this meeting.

Ellen Dehm, Clerk  

Calling All Committee Chairs!

Annual Reports are Due NOW!

Dear Committee Chairs,
Please note that the deadline for your Annual Report is due NOW.

You can either drop it off at the church office or send it to me via email at Office@unity-church.com.

Thank you,
Gail Bruno, Office Manager, 508-238-6373

Office Hours: Tuesday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. 

UCAN Colorform Logo 03Dec2012

"Team Unity"

Helps Raise $40K+ for


I am so proud to be able to say that Unity Church, once again, placed support squarely behind its philosophy of helping its neighbors, by creating a 24-member team, being a t-shirt sponsor, and lending tables and chairs to Outrunning Homelessness 2014 (OH), held on Saturday, April 26.

OH is the annual signature event for School on Wheels of MA (SOWMA), a non-profit started in the basement of Cheryl Opper in Easton 10 years ago. SOWMA's mission is to educate children impacted by homelessness by providing academic support and one-on-one mentoring so children can reach their full potential.

This year, OH raised over $40,000 on a cool and rainy day at DCR's Borderland State Park. There were no cold or damp spirits there, with over 200 runners, 100 volunteers, and over 200 walkers.

Team Unity raised $1,470 toward the effort, and here are our mighty team members:

Melanie Willis D'Aiello, Team Captain
Mark D'Aiello
Chris Pender
Mark Kunemund
Jim Baker
Edie Marsden
Donna Hobart
Jenn Gold
Jason Gold
Victoria Gold
Michael Gold
Donna Taylor
Scott Taylor
Zach Taylor
Ian Taylor
Tina Sarcia
Anthony Maxwell
Anthony Sarcia-Maxwell
Chloe Sarcia-Maxwell
Mary Lu Love
Michael Achey
Bob Champagne-Willis
Andy Champagne-Willis
Stephanie Leighton

Thank you all for your continued work to help SOWMA provide educational continuity to its kids.

Cathy Adler
Co-Chair SOWMA OH 2014

Ellen Dehm was the event photographer for SOWMA. Click here to see lots more photos on Facebook.

Hands & Flames RE Focus on Homelessness 
The children in the Religious Education (RE) program are focusing on homelessness this spring, and will be hosting a Mother's Day Gift Sale to benefit the Easton Food Pantry, which is in dire need of donations this season.

In the weeks leading up to Mother's Day, people can "buy" a handmade gift with the donation of a non-perishable food item or toiletry item as "payment." Gifts will include small flowers and beaded jewelry, all created by the children of our church. These items will be available at the Annual Mother's Day Weekend Benefit Concert for A New Day (see above), as well as after the service on Mother's Day, May 8th.

In the meantime, the RE wish list includes beads and jewelry making supplies, art canvases, and fresh paints and paint brushes, though all craft supplies are more than welcome!

Editor's Note: A.C. Moore, at the Westgate Mall (here's a map), is liquidating their stock because they're going out of business. You can get many of these supplies NOW for 40% - 60% off!

For more information, or if you have any questions, please contact Deanna Greenstein at  
deanna.greenstein at gmail.com.


Are You Going to General Assembly (GA)?
by Beth McGregor, District Coordinator, GA 2014

I hope so. It's a gift both to yourself and to your congregation-a mind and soul expanding experience, a font of new ideas and perspectives, a chance to be heard and hear others. Remember, you can register for the whole GA or by the day, and there are a few events open to the public. Here is program and registration information. The final program and agenda will be posted very soon.

Want to Help?
We'd love to have you! There are multiple opportunities:
  • Be a GA Guide. The Public Witness team is looking for volunteers to assist attendees at WaterFire on June 28th. You need not be a registered GA attendee to help out with this. Great for people who know and love Providence's signature art event. Volunteer Here! There's also room for some extra help welcoming folks as they arrive in town.

Here is the WaterFire Public Witness Event Flyer 

  • Sing at WaterFire. As a sponsor of WaterFire, we've arranged for some UU hymns and songs to be part of the WaterFire 'sound track', and we need our Ballou Channing District (BCD) choirs to assemble to lead the singing. If you can be a part of this, and gather a group from your choir, please contact petervanerp@cox.net. Singers need not be registered GA attendees.
  • Donate Bowls to Combat Homelessness and Hunger. The Empty Bowls support our GA Service Project to address homelessness and hunger in Rhode Island. A variety of handmade bowls have been collected already-ceramic, pottery, papier-mâché, felted, copper, wood-and many more are needed to raise funds. The "empty bowls" provide a context for considering the innovative approaches to addressing hunger and homelessness by our beneficiary organizations, Housing First RI and McAuley House. At a booth in the Exhibit Hall and at a tent at WaterFire, the handcrafted bowls submitted by UUs will be offered for a donation. Meanwhile, the creation of bowls can be a group activity for members of your congregation, or a solitary one. Instructions for making papier-mâché or felted bowls are available from the Coordinator, Nori Duncan at nori.duncan@gmail.com or 401-475-1678. Please contact her to pledge a bowl (or several, or many) to the service project, and to arrange for delivery. You may ship your bowls in advance or bring them to the booth at GA. For groups of bowls, it may be possible to arrange pick-up within the BCD. Watch the UU World for an upcoming article with more details about the project.
  • Help Other Folks Get to GA. If you can't go yourself, how about financially supporting a youth or aspiring leader from your congregation? If you can go, how about organizing a car pool in your congregation? Traveling together, whether daily, for one occasion, or for the whole GA, saves money, driver fatigue, and the environment, and it offers the opportunity for shared experience and reflection. Get that travel signup sheet posted early, and let people know about it.

Make sure your congregation's voice is represented. Delegate credentials were mailed out to congregations at the end of February. Please see the Unity Church Executive Committee for more information.


Enjoy a Commuter's Respite
If you area day commuters (by bus, train or car), the BCD is sponsoring a "Commuter Lounge" in Salons A and B of the Biltmore Hotel, where people can retreat for a while during the day to relax, together or alone. We've also added a Family Respite Room in the Dunkin Donuts Center, right near the general sessions, where anyone, including parents with young children, can take a break.

Invite Others Along for the Open Events
Three worship services in the Dunkin Donuts Center are open to the public:
  • the Service of the Living Tradition on Friday evening,
  • the pre-WaterFire worship on Saturday evening, and
  • the morning worship service on Sunday, followed by open hours at the Exhibit Hall.

All of these feature inspiring speakers and music, and the thrill of raising voices in song along with thousands of other UUs. Plus there's a lot to see and do in Providence, and there's the beauty of WaterFire. So even those who aren't registered can experience a bit of the GA magic. Encourage them to give it a try.


Looking forward to seeing you soon in Providence!


Yours in faith,


Beth McGregor


District Coordinator, GA 2014
epjmcg@aol.com, BethGA14@gmail.com
781-784-6555(h), 781-784-5642(w), 339-364-1778(cell)

Safe Congregations  
Did you know that Unity Church has Safe Congregation Policy?  Well, we do! It was original written and approved by the congregation in 2005.

In fall of 2012, the Safe Congregational Committee composed of Carolyn McCafferty, Gregory Wolfe, and Mary Lu Love started to update the policy. It was subsequently reviewed by the Executive Committee and lawyers. We now have the updated 2014 version.

On Sunday April 27th we held an informational session to discuss the policy. The policy will be brought to the Annual Meeting for approval on May 18, but this is the opportunity for an in-depth discussion
Click here to open the document reviewed in this session (there will be minor updates made soon).
Please participate in making Unity Church safe for all by reviewing the policy.

Safe Congregation Committee, 
Carolyn McCafferty, Gregory Wolfe, and Mary Lu Love

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Click here to get to the Member Login.

If you have any trouble logging in, just send a note to the Web Administrator using the instructions on the Member Login page.

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