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"We Pledge to Walk Together..."
Volume 3, No. 15, January17, 2014

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Sunday Service Themes for the New Year
Visioning Continues
Spiritual Practice
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Waterfire at GA
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Happy New Year!

This year at Unity Church of North Easton we are exploring a different theme in worship each month.

January - Letting Go

This month we delve into what it feels like to let go. From laying down old grudges so that we have more energy for love, to exploring what it might feel like to let go of the need to always be right, we will consider the areas in our lives and our church that need pruning so that newness of life and purpose can take root and flourish.

February - Spiritual Practice
Our inner selves need regular exercise and care just as much as our physical bodies do. From meditation to journaling, prayer to rock climbing, spiritual practices are those activities we do regularly that help us develop emotional and spiritual strength for when life gets tough. This month everyone at Unity Church is invited to stretch a little and try a new spiritual practice!

March - Success
William Ellery Channing, father of American Unitarianism, is known for preaching that we all have the capacity to grow "in likeness to God." The first "Humanist Manifesto" imagined a society based on mutual cooperation as the noblest human goal. American society today seems to equate success with material wealth and physical beauty. This month we will explore many of the competing ideas about success and consider what it means to us and to our faith.

April - Transformation
Though it very well may still be snowing here in New England, April usually marks the time when Winter finally seems to give way to the beginning of Spring. From the celebration of Passover, the Jewish holiday that marks the Hebrews' liberation from slavery and covenant with God, to the Christian celebration of Jesus' resurrection, this month we will celebrate many kinds of transformation.

May - Joy
E. B. White wrote "I arise in the morning torn between a desire to save the world and a desire to savor it." Likewise, our religious tradition calls us to transform the world, but it also calls us to sense the infinite joy in each moment. As the sunshine warms the air and the flowers begin to bloom, this month we will savor the things in life that bring us true joy.

Whoever you are, we welcome you in the fullness of who you are. Unity Church has a rich history of caring fellowship and beautiful music for adults and children of all ages.

Come and join us on Sunday morning at 10:30 a.m.!
For sermon and preacher information on a particular Sunday,
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Rev. Kristin and the Worship Committee

Back Row L to R: Ken Love and Richard Hill, Music Director & Organist, ex officio Middle Row L to R: Anne Fredericks, Chairperson Jannelle Codianni, and Rev. Kristin Grassel Schmidt, ex officio Front Row L to R: Michele Blake and Katelyn Haven

Stole Detail
All Church Visioning Event 2 of 3

Sunday, February 9
11:45 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

In our first visioning workshop back in December we had a wonderful time telling one another our stories. We told one another the stories about what has made us most proud of being a part of Unity Church, what about the church has most changed or influenced the way we live our lives, and why we chose to make Unity our church. Through this process we discovered that we share some ideas and values about who we are as congregation. Since then, the Committee on Ministry has been leading our we evolving articulation of our mission (or purpose) as a congregation. Now that we have begun to put who we are into words, we move into discovering what gifts we have to offer, both to one another and to the world beyond our walls. 

In this second of three visioning gatherings, we will explore the gifts, strengths, and unique perspectives we possess as a congregation. So join us after the service on February 9 (February 23 snow date) for a fun and inspiring conversation about the passions, interests, and skills we each bring, and how with those gifts we might be uniquely equipped to serve the needs of our communities, both within and beyond our walls.
Everyone, whether you are a long-timer or a newcomer, is invited to participate. A light lunch will be served and childcare will be provided. There is no need to register, but if you have questions about the event please contact Rev. Kristin Schmidt.

All three of our visioning conversations will be guided by the Appreciative Inquiry (AI) process. AI encourages organizations to discover their focus on where their successes, energies, and passions are, rather than getting stuck in problem-solving mode. As David L. Cooperrider and Diana Whitney write in their book A Positive Revolution in Change: Appreciative Inquiry, "In AI the arduous task of intervention gives way to the speed of imagination and innovation; instead of negation, criticism, and spiraling diagnosis, there is discovery, dream, and design."

To learn more about AI, please visit 
The Rev. Kristin G. Schmidt 
Consulting Minister 
Unity Church of North Easton 
301-467-3552 (cell)  

Hands & Flames Do You Have a Spiritual Practice to Share? 
by Deanna Greenstein, Coordinator of Religious Education

During the Winter Curriculum, the children will be discussing spiritual practices, both as they pertain to structured religion (such as the lighting of our chalice during Sunday services), and as they pertain to individual people (such as a morning meditation).

Spiritual practice means something different to each person, and plays a major role in many of our daily lives. Do you have a practice that you would like to share with the youth of our congregation? Perhaps a ritual or meditation that helps to shape your day? You are welcome to meet with the group of children during Religious Education,  or meet with Deanna individually at another time if you would feel more comfortable.

You can contact me here by email or call at 857-829-3285. 

Upcoming Music Recital
January 22, 2014 at12:15pm UCNE Arch Graphic
Viennese Waltzes. This Organ Recital by Richard Hill, Music Director and Organist at Unity Church features Viennese waltzes from Strauss, Waldteuful, and Rosas.

Waterfire at General Assembly

The UUA will reach out in Providence by helping to sponsor Waterfire on June 28th; Standing on the Side of Love and taking a major role in this nature-centered artistic event, which has brought Providence international attention. Get a glimpse of this spiritual and communal experience of Waterfire

Unity Exchange is Back!
The Unity Exchange is a place where members and friends can offer gently used items to others for just a donation to the church.

Be sure to check there often, as items are added as they are offered! 

UUA Book Fair at Unity Church Every Sunday
Unity Church is hosting a Book Fair, with books for sale from the publishing houses of the Unitarian Universalist Association. A sample of their books will be available for you to choose from. You can also order a specific title listed in the UUA Bookstore catalog.

This is a wonderful fundraiser for Unity Church; you pay the list price and the church receives 40% of the price.
We will continue the Book Fair into the winter of 2014. Look for the Book Fair Table in Parish Hall during Social Hour. Contact Cheryl Brigante or Anna Linzi for more details. 

When the Weather Outside is FrightfulSnowy Hoe Shop & Trees
For the safety of our friends and members, in case of extreme weather conditions, please call the church office (508-238-6373) after 8:00 am on the day of the Service or church event for a message about whether the Service or event has been cancelled.  

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