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"We Pledge to Walk Together..."
Volume 2, No. 23, May 8, 2013

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Lay Ministry Wisdom
Outrunning Homelessness
Minister Search Web Page
Music Program Strength
New Committee Booklet
Spring Cleanup
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Lay Ministry Wisdom 
Ernie Cohen 2013
Ernie Cohen   
First Flight

The following brief story is adapted from the book Loving's Love by Neal Loving. Neal Loving was a Black man in Detroit in the 1950's. Even after losing both legs in an airplane crash, he followed his dream to design and build his own airplane - a small, fast Midget Racer. This story is about his first flight in this airplane, named "Loving's Love", or "The Love", air racing number 64. The story is spoken in his mind's voice as he is about to taxi his new airplane out to runway 24 to take off for the very first time.

"The sun warmed my cockpit, on this cool, bright morning. Lurking in the back of my mind were un-asked-for fears, but I tried hard to remain calm. The Tower Controller's voice came over my receiver, "Midget 64 do you read, over?" I waggled my ailerons in reply, and he replied, "Roger, Midget 64. For your information, due to the nature of this flight, we have alerted the crash crew and fire truck just in case of an emergency." I guess this was supposed to increase my confidence, but it only reminded me of the danger I was facing. I finally reached Runway 24, and performed a last-minute engine run-up and magneto check. Sitting there, I wondered if I really was suicidal as some of my aviation so-called "friends" had prophesied.  The Tower:  "Midget 64, you are cleared for takeoff".

Taking a deep breath, I slowly, but steadily, advanced the throttle until the Continental engine was developing full power, well above its normal limits. "The Love" leaped forward with an acceleration I never experienced before. Still on the ground, but approaching takeoff speed, I suddenly saw large red stains of aviation gas flowing around my windshield, partly blocking my forward view. In a controlled panic, I throttled the engine back to idle, slowing down to taxi speed, and turned back to the hangar where Sentas, my Chief Mechanic, and his crew, were ready to assist, whatever the problem was. Meanwhile the Tower Controller, not knowing what I was doing, called again, "Midget 64, you are cleared for takeoff".  For a few moments I was in a dilemma. This new development was one more risk, on top of a pile of risks! Common sense demanded I should return to the hangar and have Sentas solve the problem before another flight attempt.  But in the few seconds I had to make a decision, I suddenly knew that if I went back and climbed out of the cockpit, I would not have the courage to try again.  I was no fearless test pilot!

As I was still moving slowly along the taxiway, the windshield cleared and no additional fuel leakage appeared. I had 15 gallons of gas on board, so I decided that even if the leak didn't stop, this was enough fuel to keep me in the air long enough to see how this racer flies. Convinced by this self-advice, I taxied back to runway 24 for a second attempt at "The Love's" first flight.

"Midget 64 you are cleared for takeoff", spoke the Tower Controller, once more. With a renewed struggle to control my fears, I applied power, one more time. Again, during the initial acceleration, more red gas stains on the windshield! This time I ignored the danger, and concentrated on keeping the "The Love" tracking straight down the runway, at full power. Then, a slight pull back on the stick and I was instantly airborne, climbing skyward at a spectacular rate, as high as my own heartbeat! As my speed passed through 90 MPH the red stains disappeared! I could breathe again!

A quick glance at the instrument panel told me all the readings were normal, despite an incredibly high noise level. Now I could breathe again, and I calmed down enough to look outside the cockpit and see what a truly beautiful morning this was! It was the beginning of a memorable first flight in Loving's Love!"

This experience of Neal Loving, was to me, like our decision at Unity Church to set off down a new path, without a settled minister, to find our own way. Our First Flights, last summer, were a little rocky, with more than a couple stains on the windshield. We tried, mightily, to reassure each other it would be alright, even while trying to keep our own doubts and our nerves to ourselves. We sat down and talked to each other in a group, several times, about our hopes and dreams, and about what we intended to do. Finally, we sat in one big conference around Parish Hall and told each other, now with confidence; we are going to do this thing!

In the weeks and months since then, we, Unity Church, together, are actually sustaining level flight.

- adapted by Ernie Cohen for a Chalice Lighting at the Executive Committee meeting on March 12, 2013

Church Office Hours    

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Unity Men Dominate
the 5K to Outrun Homelessness! 


On a beautiful spring Saturday morning, Aprill 27th, roughly 20 Unity Church members and friends joined together to support the School on Wheels of MA (SOWMA) fun run/walk held at DCR's Borderland State Park. School on Wheels helps educate children impacted by homelessness by providing academic support and one-on-one mentoring so children can reach their full potential.
Melanie & Mark OH 2013
Melanie and Mark D'Aiello (shown left) organized the Unity Church Aiding Neighbors (UCAN) effort, registering Unity participants during the weeks leading up to the race, and manning the UCAN volunteer tent on the big day, April 27th, making sure all involved got their run/walk T-shirts (complete with the UCAN logo).

Before long, the race gun (okay, air horn) went off, marking the start ofMark K OH 2013 the 5K race. Team UMark D OH 2013nity made an incredible showing with both Mark D'Aiello (shown right) and Mark Kunemund (shown left) winning in their age divisions! The rest of Team Unity was in hot pursuit, all finishing the run and walk with smiles on their faces.
UCNE OH 2013
Participants included Jenn, Jason, Michael, and Victoria Gold, Chris Pender, Mark and Melanie D'Aiello, Jim Baker, Donna Hobart, Mark Kunemund, Donna, Scott, and Ian Taylor, Anna Linzi, Tina Sarcia, and Stephanie Leighton. Other Unity Church members who could not be present at the race also gave generous financial support.
Cathy & Dennis OH 2013
Dennis and Cathy 

Ellen Dehm served as one of the volunteer photographers for the occasion. UCNE member and SOWMA Board of Trustee member Cathy Adler co-chaired the entire event for SOWMA with Dennis Harkins.
During the course of enjoying each other's company on a beautiful morning in a beautiful park, UCAN raised more than $1000 for the run/walk, which brought in over $25,000 to SOWMA thanks to Team Unity and the rest of the participants (500+). A wonderful time was had by all, while we Aided our Neighbors! Great job Team Unity! 

The Minister Search Information is NOW on the Web!
The Minister search webpage on our site is complete, and has lots of great information and photo galleries. Anyone who logs in as a member can see this information by going to the Minister Search tab under Member Access.

Not sure how to log into the web as a member?
Here's the Table of Contents for our new on-line Minister Search Packet. You will want to take a look!

Minister Search Committee Letter
Executive Committee President Letter
Our Congregation
Minister Search Committee
Executive Committee
An (A)Typical Year at Unity Church
Worship album
Social Hour album
Children's Service album
St. Paddy's Karaoke album
Easter album
Halloween album
Clara Barton Induction album
Misc. album
Winter Holiday Events
Unity News Archive
Religious Education
Religious Education Classroom album
Youth Religious Education album
Music Program
Listen to a musical sampler at Unity Church
Music  album
Order of Service Examples
Congregational Record
Administration & Committee Organization
Church Bylaws
Our Facility
Facilities album
Historic Unity Church
Restoration album
Campus Use & Rental Information
Social Action
A New Day
Mother's Day Weekend Annual Concert
Holiday Drive
Outrunning Homelessness
Unity Church Aiding Neighbors (UCAN) album
Annual Report Examples
Around the Town of Easton
Best Places to Live - CNNMoney America's best small towns
Town of Easton
Envision Easton - Master Planning Effort
DCR's Borderland State Park
Natural Resource Trust (NRT)/Sheep Pasture
Farmer's Market
Langwater Farm
Ames Free Library

Unity Music Program Continues its Strong Legacy
Sometimes in life we loose sight (and sound) of the beauty that surrounds us on a regular basis. It is so easy to take what we have at Unity Church for granted. After all, our Sunday services happen every week!

During the course of helping to prepare the Minister Search Information web page recently, the musical offerings that we have enjoyed at Unity over the course of the year were reviewed. The exercise revealed the incredible diversity and quality of the type of music that we can all enjoy at Unity.

There's the Adult Choir, Children's Choir, Bell Choir, and Band, all performing pieces that span the generations and multiple genres. Then there are the fabulous soloists, both those whom we get to hear regularly, such as soprano Susan Maffa, and those who visit on occasion and add grace notes to our already strong programming: soprano Juliana Anderson, pianist Anthony Wilson, singer and guitar player Wayne Potash, and recorder player David Olson.

Add a sprinkling of virtuoso playing by the musicians of the Vacherweill family, Unity Brass, and multiple guest performers at the Holiday and Mothers Day concerts, and it is a good bet that our music programming rivals that of virtually any other church.

If you want to have the joy of reviewing some examples of the above, click here to hear a Musical Sampler from Unity Church.

Of course none of this would be possible without the steady leadership of Musical Director and Organist Dick Hill, finishing up his 35th year here at Unity. And his organ-playing prowess is known throughout the organ community. Click here to read an article from the Sun Chronicle about a recent "Organ Crawl" that Dick organized.

Let's all take time to "smell the roses" this spring AND really hear the music at Unity as we wrap up our formal services.
And don't forget, we have a benefit concert to support A New Day (formerly Womensplace) this Saturday, May 11. Click the link below for more information:

Church & HH Colorform

Have You Seen the Cool NEW Committee Booklet?

Thanks to our Executive Committee Clerk, Ellen Dehm, and many Committee Chairs, we now have a booklet that includes descriptions of each committee, and photos of each committee member. The booklet will be updated annually with new committee member photos. This will make it so much easier, especially for newer church members, to put faces to those names they have heard!

To view or download a copy of the booklet, just click the logo above. You will need to log in as a member to access this document. If you are not sure how to log in as a member, click here to contact the Web Administrator for instructions.

We will also keep a copy or two posted in Parish Hall on the cork board.

Join the Church Yard Spring Cleanup!
Spring CleanupWhen   
Sat, May 18th, 9am - Noon 
Back Parking Lot 
Tidy up the grounds, especially the gravel that
has been misplaced by lots of winter plowing. 
What to Bring 
A sturdy rake, wheel barrel if you have one,
your energy and good will. 

There will be coffee, juice, fellowship, 
and the satisfaction of a job well done!

Contact Ellen Dehm with any questions at

Executive Committee Affirmations
At the beginning of every Executive Committee meeting, we go around the table and ask if there are any special affirmations anyone would like to make. Though they do make it into the EC meeting minutes every month, we thought it would be nice to express this appreciation in a more public way.
So, they are included in our Unity News regularly! Here are the
recent affirmations: 
  • Ernie Cohen for organizing and following through the lift Inspection again this year.
  • A wonderful Children's Service: Thanks to Jenn Gold, Kathie Malefatto, Kerry Cummins, Kate Haven, Adam Greenstein, Donna Hobart, Ernie Cohen, for all of their organizational support, and Mason Cummins and Liam McCafferty for their terrific musical offerings. And of course a big thanks to our Religious Education Coordinator Deanna Greenstein for pulling it all together!
  •  - and don't forget THE KIDS!! 
  • Recent Child Dedication Service: Kate Haven and the Tims Family did a wonderful job - very moving for all.
  • Ellen Dehm, Cathy Adler, Chris Pender, Melanie D'Aiello for putting the on-line Minister Search packet together.
  • Fellowship Committee, Ellen Dehm, and Cathy Adler for organizing the St. Pat's Karaoke party.
  • Kate Haven and Donna Taylor for their beautiful service.

To read all the EC minutes, click here to Login as a Member.  


If you have affirmations that you would like to pass on, please share them by sending them to


Annual Congregational Meeting on May 19, 2013

As you know, we have our always important Annual Meeting coming up on Sunday, May 19, 2013 at 11:45 am in Parish Hall. Please click here to see the Warrant, and contact anyone on the Executive Committee if you have questions.  


The Executive Committee will be providing food for this meeting, and child care is also provided. 

Fellowship Logo

Fellowship News & Events 

Unity Church Book Group
The Unity Church Book Group meets on the first Wednesday of each month.
  • June selection is Mountains Beyond Mountains by Tracy Kidder. The meeting date is June 12, 2013

The meetings will be held on at Noon at the home of Walter Tramontano. All are welcome! For information or directions please contact Michele Blake at 508-230-2839 or   


CommUnity Potluck Dinner

Webster's Dictionary defines "potluck" as "the regular meal available to a guest for whom no special preparations have been made or a communal meal to which people bring food to share; whatever is offered or available in given circumstances or at a given time."

Sounds pretty stress free, right?


In the spirit of being together in CommUnity, a group of members have arranged for Parish Hall to be open for a monthly potluck, the third Friday of every month..  

  • This month on May 17th, from 6 pm - 9 pm.
  • Bring a dish to share! 

Please join us. All are welcome!


Pictionary Night 

This fun game night is held on the third Friday of each month.
  • This month on May 17th at 7:30 pm at the home of Sally MacIsaac.

All are welcome! For more information or directions, please contact Michele Blake at or 508-230-2839.  

Looking for Unity Church Member Contact information?
You can find it on our web site under the Member Access menu,
after you log in as a member.

Now in a more eco-friendly format of 6 (or 3, 2-sided) printable pages!

Click here to get to the Member Login.

If you have any trouble logging in, just send a note to the Web Administrator using the instructions on the Member Login page.

New to Unity Church?
New to Unity Church or want to Join Our Mailing List? 

Big THANK YOU to Our Sunday Helpers!
Thanks to our volunteers who helped to make our service and Social Hour wonderful this year:  
  • Jannelle Codianni, Chris Pender, Mark Kunemund, Brigitte von Weiss, the Executive Committee, the Fellowship Committee, Kate Haven, Jason Gold, Carolyn McCafferty, Edie Marsdon, Michele Blake, Melanie and Mark D'Aiello, David Olson, Lori and Richard Freitas, Ellen Dehm, Nancy D'Uva and Tedd Messier, Cathy Adler, Scott and Cheryl Brigante, Jessica Chapman and Frank Gianonne, Susanne Rogers, MaryLu Love, Ken Love, Carol Heap, Andy and Bob Champagne-Willis, and Susan Merow.  
Unity Church Aiding Neighbors (UCAN)

Click the link above to learn about Social Justice at Unity Church.   

Click the link above to see fundraising opportunities for Unity Church.

The Unity Exchange is a place where members and friends can offer gently used items to others for just a donation to the church. Be sure to check there often, as items are added as they are offered!

Upcoming Events

Photo Credits for this Issue of the Unity News
Ellen Dehm and Melanie D'Aiello

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