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Vol. 2, No. 21 , April 17, 2013



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Keep the Flame Burning  
Pledge Communion Sunday - April 28, 2013 
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There is a fire in the hearts of UUs the world over - the desire to spread our message of love, tolerance, acceptance and our other principles that define, or speak to, our liberal religious beliefs.

How then can we keep this fire burning in the hearts of the members of our Unity Church home?

Here in North Easton, where our beautiful church stands, we the people are now challenged to keep it strong and viable as we move into the future.

How do we do it? We do it in the same way that we have come together over the last few months: with continued caring commitment. All of us, our lay leaders on the Executive, Worship, Fellowship, Lifespan Religious Education, Budget, and Caring committees, those who come to worship on Sundays, sing or play in the choirs, teach religious education, and help out at Social Hour, and those who help in so many, many other unsung ways - we are all keeping our Pledge to Walk Together!

With our time, talents, and caring, our Unity community has navigated through an unprecedented time of challenge, but also of success, excitement, and hope. Now is the time of year when we must also address our financial stewardship of our community.

One of the things we often shy away from is talking about money as it relates to church. We all know that a sound financial footing is important to ourselves and our families. The same is true with our church family. We don't like to put a price tag on our religious experience but we must understand that supporting each other with our financial pledge is every bit as crucial as supporting our worship and caring. In our current situation we have 56 pledging units - there were 86 last year - and a bare bones budget that includes a half-time minister.

To keep our religious community momentum on track, we must all do the math, look at our commitment, consider our tremendous potential for a sustained beloved community, and then make our pledge.

We urge you to come to church on Sunday, April 28th, Pledge Communion Sunday, to "Keep the Flame Burning." Bring the family and come for breakfast and conversation in Parish Hall at 9:30 am. 

The service will start at 10:30 am and speak to the universal message of giving in the spirit of generosity, and include an original skit, some appropriate songs, and a not too serious format. At the end of the sermon, after a time of reflection, we will ask you fill out a pledge card and then collect them as everyone forms the closing circle.

If you are unable to attend, a steward can make a home visit to discuss your pledge.

If you are unable to contribute, please let Audrey or Susanne know. We always understand that there are times when basic family needs are great. Your willingness to communicate with us will be very helpful for budget planning and most appreciated.

Now let's "Keep the Flame Burning" at Unity Church. 



UCNE Stewardship Committee

Susanne Rogers (508-238-3516)

Audrey Davies (508-238-0115)  

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