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Volume 2, No. 11, November 10, 2012
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Chalice Only Congregational Conversations Update

On a clear Wednesday evening, October 24th, 24 members, and on a raw, rainy Thursday evening, November 8th, 16 members, gathered together for conversations about moving forward with professional ministry at Unity Church. Both discussions were fruitful and heartfelt, with members sharing their hopes and concerns about our short and long-term ministerial needs.

There is a real desire to be together and strengthen our community bonds, and to maintain and enhance our quality worship services. People want Unity to not only survive, but flourish. And, given the turn out at the meetings, folks seem willing to share their time to see that happen.

What a great starting point for our future together!

Over the next couple of weeks, the Executive Committee will review all of the ideas brought forth during the first two conversations and develop a plan to move forward in the hiring process for our next minister. This plan will be presented at our next Congregational Conversation on Tuesday, November 27, 7pm, in Parish Hall.

We hope everyone attends and gives us feedback!

So on Thursday, November 22, give thanks for the great congregation that we are now and are yet to be. Then on Tues November 27th, roll up your sleeves with us as we finalize our plans together.

See you at church!

The Executive Committee
Chris Pender, President
David Olson, Vice-President
Susanne Rogers, Treasurer
Ellen Dehm, Clerk
Melanie D'Aiello
Brigitte Von Weiss
Ernie Cohen
Lynn Santiago
Mark Kunemund

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What's New in Religious Education?
Our sweet little voices express joys and concerns, and then we listen to a fun story, sing a song, and off we go to Religious Education (aka RE)! But, have you ever wondered what happens after the sanctuary doors close behind us wiggling, giggling children? Read on for a little "tour" of our classrooms!

Welcome to the Preschool and Kindergarten Room!

Hands & Flames

This year we learn about our- selves and the world around us!
Cheryl and Kerry help us to discover what it is like to learn by asking questions, listening carefully, helping others, and showing compassion and love. We have learned how great it feels to work together, and helped each other to make beaded necklaces, beautiful butterflies and "Helping Hands" hats!

One of the highlights of October was a wonderful lesson with our musical guest Greg Wolf! Through a great sing along, we learned how different kinds of music can make us feel different ways, and how we can create our own music by using household items!  


Welcome to the First and Second Grade Room!

BIG U! little u! What begins with U? Unitarian Universalists! Unique and Unrepeatable! And the universe, too!


We first and second graders are using the works of Dr. Seuss to explore what it means to be a Unitarian Universalist (UU)! Adam and Neal, certainly love reading these fun books with us! Even though we have always loved Dr. Seuss, most of us never thought about what these silly books could teach us! Who knew that the Cat in the Hat could help us learn about democratic problem solving? We did! And we certainly know how to search for truth and meaning by "Thinking the Thinks we can Think"!


Whether it is creating images in (shaving cream) clouds or adding as many feathers to the tail of Gertrude McFuzz as we possibly can, we certainly love doing art projects as we discuss the story of the week!


Welcome to the Third through Eighth Grade Rooms!

We older kids are split up into three classrooms! Down in the conference room, Carol is exploring some UU Superheroes with us. We were certainly thrilled to learn that the "real" Superman, Christopher Reeve, was actually a UU Superhero! He certainly helped us to realize what it means to be inclusive!


We have also learned that, although it may be cool, you don't need to be able to fly to be a super hero! Lewis Latimer, an inventor who created the current version of the light bulb, helped us to realize that! After channeling some of his creative energy, we created some awesome inventions in our classroom - using things from the recycling bin.


In the White Classroom, Kathie and Sally are helping us to explore our moral compass. We may not have thought a lot about it before, but now we are delving deeper into our own actions by "taking a stand" on some difficult questions about our actions and our faith! After exploring where we are on our own individual spiritual journeys, we have also thought about what kind of person we are now, versus the kind of person we were a year ago. Even though we may feel the same, we have found that we are continually evolving!


And finally, in the Yellow Classroom, we are exploring inside the Toolbox of Faith with Carolyn and Michele. Mirrors and rulers and duck tape, oh my! Who knew that these simple household items could hold hidden UU meaning? Low and behold - that ruler can represent the democratic process! The mirror can be inner reflection! And Duck Tape, which really can be used for everything, represents our flexibility!


But wait! There is more!

Even though we work separately most of the time, there are times when all of our age groups come together for special projects. We kicked off November as two larger groups, discussing our Rainbow Principles! Did you know that our rainbow flag represents more than inclusiveness?

Rainbow Colors & UU.jpg

And what better to do after talking about the rainbow? Decorating up those classrooms!


We hope that you will join us next month to find out what the rest of November brings! If you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact Deanna Greenstein, Coordinator of Religious Education, at or 508-238-6373.

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Bells 2007

21st Annual Handbell Concert

On Sunday, November 18, another fine concert will be performed by the remarkable union of two handbell choirs, Unity Church and St. Mark, who have joined together in love, twice a year, for the last 21 years.


The concert will be held at 3:00 pm at St. Mark Congregational Church (click this link for directions), 200 Townsend Street (and Humboldt Avenue) Dorchester, MA 02121.

Please see Richard Hill at  for more information.  


Anyone interested in carpooling, please contact

Ellen Dehm at 508-944-4947 or 

Clara Barton Sisterhood Welcomes Audrey Davies  
At the service on November 4, 2011, Audrey Davies was enrolled into the Clara Barton Sisterhood of the Unitarian Universalist Association. Many were on hand to congratulate Audrey and thank her for years of service to Unity Church and the community.
 CB Service Collage

Mark Your Calendars Now for Some Fun! 
The Fellowship Committee has been busy scheduling some fun events in the upcoming months. Please put these on your calendar now, and be sure to bring your friends and families, too!  
  • November 18, 2012: Bell Choir Concert at St. Mark Congregational Church (see the article above)
  • November 25, 2012: Fellowship Luncheon (the original Nov.18 luncheon was rescheduled)
  • November 30, 2012: Potluck and Cookie Baking (see the article below)  
  • December 1, 2012: Annual Holiday Concert with the Unity Singers and Players, at 7 pm. 
  • December 2, 2012: Unity Church Handbells Annual Christmas Concert, at the Ame's Mansion at Borderland State Park. Click here for more information. 
  • Dec. 8, 2012: Adult Holiday Party

Look for more information soon. In the meantime, if you have questions, please contact Cheryl Brigante, Fellowship Committee Chair, at

Cookie Monsters Unite!
The Fellowship Committee is sponsoring the 3rdCookie Jar & Kid Cropped Annual Cookie Baking Event with a True Potluck Dinner. All ages are welcome to have some cookie rolling fun. We try to have some gluten-free and egg-free cookie dough available so no one is left out. If you are willing to bring some, please let Cheryl Brigante know. Extra rolling pins and cookie cutters are always welcome.

Dinner will be a true Potluck, we eat what we get and there will be cookies for dessert. We will provide lemonade and tea and coffee.

If you have questions, please contact Cheryl Brigante, Fellowship Committee Chair, at

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Big THANK YOU to Our Sunday Helpers!
Thanks to our volunteers who recently helped to make our service and Social Hour wonderful: Jessica and Frank
  • Jannelle Codiani, Chris Pender, Mark Kunemund, Brigitte von Weiss, the Executive Committee, the Fellowship Committee, Kate Haven, Jason Gold, Carolyn McCafferty, Edie Marsdon, Michele Blake, Melanie and Mark D'Aiello, David Olson, Lori and Richard Freitas, Ellen Dehm, Nancy D'Uva and Tedd Messier, Cathy Adler, Scott and Cheryl Brigante, Jessica Chapman and Frank Gianonne (right), Susanne Rogers, MaryLu Love, Susan Merow, and Bob Champagne-Willis. 

Special Thanks to our Choir Members 

Tom May, Greg Wolfe, Frank Smith, Bob Champagne-Willis, Nicola Wilbar, Ellen Dehm, Cathy Adler, Susan Maffa.  

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