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"We Pledge to Walk Together..."
Volume 2, No. 9, October 22, 2012
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Executive Committee Letter to the Congregation


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Dear Members and Friends of Unity Church,

Over the last several months we have come together as a congregation multiple times to have frank discussions about how to move forward in our current economic situation. Together we made the important decision to make sacrifices in the short-term to help ensure the long-term vibrancy of our congregation.


We adjusted our budget to reflect supporting 1/2-time ministry in the future, and we bid Rev. Tess farewell. This has all been very important and necessary work.


Now what? Let's go back to the basics.UCNE Church HOW Plaque Cropped 2


We pledge to walk together,


There are many ways in which we walk together - as a whole congregation, via our committees, and as groups of individuals - and the Executive Committee (EC) is so encouraged by the congregation's response to the challenges we faced thus far. The Budget Meetings and the Congregational Meeting were fine examples of how our congregation grappled with serious questions in a respectful and caring manner.


All of our committees are hard at work, stepping up to make plans for keeping congregational life as stable as possible, and generating ideas to enhance our lives together.


Of course there are still many questions to be asked and answered about our short-term and long-term church life. The EC and Committees are actively working to provide answers for the short-term challenges, and the congregation as a whole will participate in defining what professional ministry looks like at Unity Church in the long-term.


Please join the Executive Committee on Wednesday, October 24th at 7 pm, Thursday, November 8th at 7 pm, and/or Tuesday, November 27th at 7 pm to ask questions, make suggestions, and continue to work in the spirit of collaboration. The first two meetings will be similar. At those meetings, information on various types of ministries will be provided and a general discussion held about how to move forward. The third meeting will summarize the first two meetings and then we all can start to develop a plan to select our next minister.


in the ways of truth and affection,


Now more than ever, we all need to speak up about what does and doesn't work well for us as individuals and as a community. We need to support each other and our committees. Respectful, direct communication can only serve to make us a better congregation. We hope that you always feel you can come directly to the EC or   committees with your concerns.


as best we know them now, or may learn them in the days to come,


We have tried to get a "head start" on our discussions by anticipating questions, and addressing questions we have already heard from congregants. These questions and our best attempt to answer them can be found in an FAQ document. Please click here to open and/or download, that document . We hope you will find time to review it and let the EC or appropriate committee know if you have other questions or suggestions to add to it, so we can share as much as possible with others.


We are all in this together. We certainly do not have all of the answers yet, but we are off to a good start and hope to learn more as we move forward. We will keep you posted as more information is available. In the meantime, please watch the Unity News closely for related articles and web postings.


that we and our children may be fulfilled and that we may speak to the world in words and actions of peace and good will.


The EC is confident that our congregation can continue to move forward in a positive way. Yes it will be a different year, but it just may be one of our most fulfilling.


We are honored to serve you and look forward to a wonderful year together.


The Executive Committee

Chris Pender, President

David Olson, Vice-President

Susanne Rogers, Treasurer

Ellen Dehm, Clerk

Ernie Cohen

Melanie D'Aiello

Lynn Santiago

Brigitte Von Weiss

Mark Kunemund

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