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10 Treatment Tips to Relieve Sunburn
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10 Treatment Tips to Relieve Sunburnsunburn

Sunburn is a painful reminder to us during hot, summer days. Fairer skinned people are higher prone to getting sunburn more than darker skinned people. We have all experienced sunburns, whether is a light burn or a heavy burn. Once you have sunburn, the damage is done - although it may take 12 to 24 hours after sun exposure to know the full extent and severity of sunburn, and several days or more for your skin to begin to heal. Unfortunately, there's no quick-fix treatment for sunburn. In the meantime, there are some steps you can take to help minimize your discomfort.  Try these simple home remedies to treat sunburn:   


1)  Soak cotton balls in vinegar and dab on skin.


2) Make a paste of baking soda and water and spread on skin.

3)  Soak a washcloth in cold milk (2-4% milk is best) and gently lay cloth on skin.

4) Squeeze out the contents of a vitamin E capsule onto skin.

5)  Spread plain yogurt on sunburned skin for cooling, soothing relief.

6)  Soak black tea bags in warm water, let cool, and place on sunburned skin. The tannic acid in tea can draw the burn out of the skin.

7)  Take aspirin, acetaminophen, naproxen, or ibuprofen promptly to ease the pain and swelling caused by sunburn. Take every four hours as needed to keep inflammation down.

8)  To soothe itchy, sunburned spots, gently apply an over-the-counter cortisone cream or ointment. The steroid in the cream also helps reduce inflammation.  


9)  Wear loose clothing, as your skin will be very sensitive. Cotton shorts, linen slacks, and skirts with soft elastic waistbands, oversized T-shirts, and sandals are examples of the kind of clothing that will make you feel better while you heal.


10)  Take a cool bath with oatmeal or milk. The cool water lowers your body temperature and soothes the skin, while the oatmeal and milk treats the burning feeling and reduces the itch.  After the bath, pat your skin dry. Do not rub. Apply moisturizing lotion.  Avoid using any perfume, cologne, or scented body wash, as this will further irritate sunburned skin.  


Source:  Daily Glow

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This year, give the fireworks a run for their money with a delicious and unforgettable menu that is sure to set patriotic hearts aflutter.  

Red, White, and Blue Potato Salad

This recipe uses a trio of potatoes and makes a festive July 4th recipe. Use only one type if you prefer.


Honey-Chipotle Barbecue Chicken Sandwiches

This recipe yields slow-cooked barbecue flavor in less than an hour. The sandwiches need to be broiled at the last minute, but the rest of the menu can be made ahead of time.


Lemon-Cornmeal Pound Cake with Berries and Cream

This is a light and refreshing dessert that won't leave you feeling overindulged. Fresh berries and fluffy whipped cream make a patriotic display of color that will complement any table.


Simple, Perfect Fresh-Ground Brisket Burgers

We loved the flavorful patty we got from grinding inexpensive beef brisket. Ask for the flat cut of brisket for the leanest choice. Traditional condiments like ketchup and mustard are an option, but we found this burger so good on its own that all we added was cheese, lettuce, and tomato.


Watermelon Salad

Instead of offering watermelon wedges at your Independence Day cookout, branch out with this sweet and savory watermelon salad featuring cubed watermelon, red onion, kalamata olives, mint, and feta cheese. Even with all the added flavorful ingredients, it still weighs in at only 46 calories per 1/2-cup serving.



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July 2015 

Happy 4th of July!


It's summer and the mercury has been on the rise! Protecting yourself from common summer health woes is just what the doctor ordered. Whether you're outside enjoying some fireworks, or lounging pool-side, this issue we look at ways to safely beat the heat.


Heading to the beach on a warm, sunny day is certainly a popular activity this month. To ensure that your trip lives up to expectations, you may want to be sure you remember to load up on the sunscreen. The most common hazard of going to the beach (besides getting sand in all of your stuff) is sunburn. As you probably know, getting burned by UV rays increases your risk of skin cancer. While sunburns go away on their own, why suffer from them longer than you have to? 10 Treatment Tips for Sunburn features remedies to help treat sunburn quickly, safely, and effectively, to help you feel better faster.


This summer has been a scorcher and if you're pregnant you're probably feeling the season's wrath in a multitude of ways. The increase in blood supply and hormonal changes can make you feel hotter than normal and cause swollen ankles. You might even experience lightheadedness and headaches or feel more tired than usual. So until summer's heat breaks or your due date arrives, beat the heat with these smart tricks for moms-to-be.


The weather forecast for July is calling for temperatures in the 90's, which you know means lots of hot and humid days are going to be the norm this time of year.  With the temperatures on the rise, we have to be aware of the effects it can have on our bodies... namely, "down there." 9 Summer Feminine Hygiene Mistakes to Avoid provides some helpful tips so you can feel fresh, clean and most importantly, avoid those embarrassing moments.  


With the constant heat and humidity, have you found it especially difficult to stay awake? You're not imagining it - the combination can easily affect the body's ability to cool itself, making you feel more tired and drained than usual. When the humidity is high, much of the heat lost is countered by an almost equal heat gain. Thus the cooling of the body is minimal, leading to overheating, discomfort, and grogginess. Here are 6 Tips to Fight off the Daytime Sleepiness to help you stay awake and alert so you can enjoy the rest of your summer.


Holidays can be hard for people who are watching what they eat. It can be especially difficult on the July 4th--after all, what's more American than hot dogs, burgers, potato salad, and fresh homemade apple pie? But don't despair. If you do the cooking yourself, you can enjoy all your favorite 4th of July recipes made the healthy way.


With warm regards,


The Practitioners and Staff of Lawrence OB/GYN 

Tips to Beat the Heat During Summer Pregnancy pregnancy 

When the weather heats up, pregnant women tend to have a love-hate relationship with the climate. While the onset of summer may mean a break from long winter doldrums for some, for others it means adding more heat and humidity to an already-budding inferno of a pregnant body. Regardless of how you feel about the warm weather, there are several things to consider to keep you and your growing baby safe in the heat.


1. Drink Water...Lots of Water

During pregnancy, hydration needs increase in general, but when it's hot outside, it's very easy to lose fluid from sweating, something pregnant women do even more of due to the additional heat of the growing baby inside. When you're dehydrated, you'll be more prone to dizziness, feeling faint, and uncomfortable Braxton Hicks contractions. In addition, if you're not taking in adequate amounts of water, the body will retain fluids, contributing to swollen hands, ankles, and feet.


2. Get In the Water

In addition to drinking water, going for a swim in a cool lake, swimming pool, or ocean will ease your overheated pregnancy woes in no time. Being in the water will also alleviate swelling, reduce the likelihood of dehydration from sweating, and offer a feeling of weightlessness that is quite welcome for mamas feeling heavy in the heat.


3. Exercise Indoors

As temperatures rise outdoors, it's best to bring your workouts indoors, into air conditioned facilities. This will reduce the likelihood of getting overheated and dehydrated while exercising. Be sure to drink plenty of water before, during, and after your workout, and discontinue any exercise if you feel lightheaded, experience contractions, or any pain.


4. Dress for the Weather

Look for clothes that are loose-fitting and lightweight to promote comfort and reduce friction and rubbing. Flowing dresses and skirts in breathable fabrics such as cotton and bamboo, will help keep you cool and comfortable all day long.


5. Lay Off the Salt

Avoid eating high amounts of salt and salty foods, which will make you more likely to retain fluids and become dehydrated, something that is already a concern when it's hot outside. If you're dining out, be sure to drink extra water with your meal to make up for the high salt content normally found in restaurant fare.


With a few small changes, and some mindfulness with activities, meals, and attire, you can beat the heat during pregnancy and stay cool the whole nine months.



9 Summer Hygiene Mistakes to Avoidhygiene 

Summertime is a haven of heat and humidity. That's why keeping cool and dry--even down there--is important for your health in more ways than one. This summer, make sure you're not breaking these feminine hygiene rules.  


Mistake #1: The lazy swimmer

Whether you're headed to a pool party or the Jersey shore, swimming is a favorite summer pastime. But lingering for hours in a damp bikini can promote urinary tract infections. To ward off yeast growth, always remove wet swimwear immediately after swimming.

Mistake #2: Lingering open pores

Grooming your bikini line is a staple of summer, but getting infected pores and skin infections shouldn't be. To reduce potential skin irritation, groom the day before you soak in a public swimming pool or salty sea water. Then use a dab of antibiotic ointment on the skin to prevent infections. This gives your pores time to close and heal before your summer adventures.

Mistake #3: Not washing correctly

After a day of perspiring, a refreshing shower is a great way to cool down. But don't let your washing techniques spur a vaginal infection. Scented body washes can be irritating and upset your body's natural pH balance.

Mistake #4: Monthly reminder

When your menstrual cycles visits, feeling fresh can be a chore. During the humid days of summer, use tampons instead of moisture-holding pads and panty liners. If that's not possible, change pads frequently and use feminine powder to keep the area dry and free of bacteria-growing moisture.


Mistake #5: Tight clothes

On the hottest summer days, avoid tight, restrictive clothing. Skirts, sundresses, loose linen capri pants and cotton shorts let your skin breathe. This reduces a build-up for moisture and potential infections.


Mistake #6: Reducing odor

When the thermometer rises, so do our body odors. Unfortunately, women may also notice increased odor below the waistline. Never spritz perfume or body sprays on your panties. Instead, use feminine deodorant sprays to freshen up after using the restroom and reduce odors.


Mistake #7: Risking toxic shock syndrome

Summertime is perfect for vacations and weekends at the beach. If you're having your period it can be easy to leave that tampon in until you reach a clean restroom or get back to your hotel room after a day of activities. Don't risk getting toxic shock syndrome by using a tampon for too long. Replace your feminine products once every four hours--or more often as needed.


Mistake #8: Trapped moisture

If you're in the habit of wearing a bra to bed, kick the habit this summer. The tight cloth against your breasts causes moisture to build up and not let the skin breathe. This leads to chest pimples and heat rash. If you can't imagine not having nighttime support, change into a bra made of thin mesh fabric. Leave the padded, push-up bras for daytime.

Mistake #9: Panty choice

Did you know your panty choice has a lot to do with your feminine health? Undergarments made from silk, velvet and other sexy choices are cute, but they retain moisture. In the summer make sure to choose a breathable fabric such as cotton to keep your skin dry and cool.


Source: Kudzu


6 Tips to Fight Off Daytime Sleepinesssleepiness

Nearly everyone has days when they feel sleepy. But for some people, excessive sleepiness actually gets in the way of daily work, childcare, and even leisure activities. This is known as hypersomnia, recurrent sleepiness that makes people want to nap repeatedly, even at work.  


Not surprisingly, the problem of daytime sleepiness usually starts at night. Even missing just a few nights' sleep, or not getting enough uninterrupted sleep, can slow you down and sour your mood.  


Before you go blaming the hot temperatures, know this...poor sleep habits are often the cause of daytime sleepiness. To help you avoid any more groggy and crabby days, try these 6 ways to improve nighttime sleep and avoid daytime sleepiness.  


1. Get adequate nighttime sleep.

That may sound obvious, but many of us succumb to shaving an hour or two off our sleep time in the morning or at night to do other things. Most adults need seven to nine hours a night and teenagers usually need a full nine hours. Block out eight or nine hours for sleep every night.


2. Keep distractions out of bed.

Reserve your bed for sleep and sex. Stay away from reading, watching t.v., or using your cell phone in bed. Don't do your bills or have heated discussions in bed either. They may leave you sleepless.  


3. Set a consistent wake-up time.

People who have problem sleepiness are often advised to go to bed and get up at the same time every day, including on weekends. But randomly setting an ideal bedtime can lead to more frustration if you suffer from insomnia and already have trouble falling asleep.  Instead, start out by setting a wake-up time only. Stick by that for the first few weeks or even months to establish a rhythm. That process of always getting up at the same time helps to anchor the circadian rhythm. And if you do that and have a bad night, you'll also to be sleepier the next bedtime.  


4. Gradually move to an earlier bedtime.

Another approach to getting into a consistent schedule is to try going to bed 15 minutes earlier each night for four nights. Then stick with the last bedtime. Gradually adjusting your schedule like this usually works better than suddenly trying to go to sleep an hour earlier.  


5. Set consistent, healthy mealtimes.

Regular mealtimes, not just regular sleep times, help regulate our circadian rhythms. Eating a healthy breakfast and lunch on time -- rather than grabbing a doughnut and coffee in the morning or a late sandwich on the run -- also prevents energy deficits during the day that will aggravate your sleepiness. Plan to finish eating meals two to three hours before bedtime.  


6. Crank up the cool air. In the summer months, warmth can lead to feelings of drowsiness and fatigue. If you have access to air conditioning, crank it up to fight those persistent and pesky feelings. Stuffy and warm atmospheres can bring upon mental exhaustion, as well. 

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