Sept. 16, 2016

Statement by CMS President-elect Katie Lozano, MD, FACR, regarding Amendment 69

After extensive discussion, a statewide survey of Colorado physicians, and a formal review by a special task force, the board of directors of the Colorado Medical Society voted to oppose Amendment 69, a cooperative to be authorized by the state constitution that would replace most other health insurance. Physicians know there are many problems with the current health care system that they and their patients know all too well, but Amendment 69 is not the answer. Our physician members believe the complexity, uncertainty and approach behind Amendment 69 may make things worse.

Our opposition to the amendment is not an endorsement of business as usual. That is why CMS will continue our years-long fight to create a health care system that works for patients and the physicians who care for them. There are common sense reforms that we will continue to champion, like our opposition to the proposed mega-mergers of four of the nation's largest health plans. In addition, the Colorado General Assembly can address other priorities like protecting the physician-patient relationship, helping patients understand and afford the costs of their care, and provide clarity about what consumers are actually getting for their health care dollar.