June 29, 2016
COMPAC announces success of endorsed candidates in primary elections
Colorado Medical Society's political action committee (COMPAC) is pleased to announce the success of its endorsed candidates in the primary elections. COMPAC once again relied on its grassroots physician interview process to make its endorsement decisions; thank you to all who were involved. Grassroots involvement is critical to our advocacy work. Thanks, also, to the component societies who assisted CMS in scheduling candidate interviews with local physicians.

COMPAC regrets that our friend Steve Sherick, MD, did not get the result he sought in this election, despite the hard work of CMS physicians and CMS staff. Many donated their time to the campaign knocking on doors and talking to friends and colleagues. As he says, this is not the end, it is just the beginning!

Looking forward, there are a number of important contested races coming up in the general election and there are plenty of opportunities for physician participation. Email Susan Koontz if you are interested.

Primary election results
Winners in races with COMPAC-endorsed candidates/friendly incumbents:
SD 12 - Bob Gardner (R)               
SD 29 - Rhonda Fields (D)              
SD 33 - Angela Williams (D)             
HD 6 - Chris Hansen (D)                 
HD 8 - Leslie Herod (D)                  
HD 21 - Lois Landgraf (R)                 
HD 42 - Dominique Jackson (D)
HD 43 - Kevin Van Winkle (R)
HD 63 - Lori Saine (R)
Winners in races where COMPAC decided to stay out of the primary election:
HD 51 - Hugh McKean (R), primary 51.98% of votes
HD 10 - Edie Hooton (D), primary 51% of votes
HD 62 - Donald Valdez (R), primary 64.37% of votes
Two friendly incumbents who were challenged and defeated:
HD 16 - Janak Joshi (R)
HD 64 - Tim Dore (R)
Candidates for open seats who were defeated:
SD 31 - Steve Sherick (D)
HD 7 - Michele Wheeler (D)
HD 32 - Maria Gonzalez (D), winner could not interview
HD 38 - Mike Williams (R), winner could not interview 

Also, if you have not already done so, please consider contributing to COMPAC and the Small Donor Committee. Go to www.cms.org/contribute to pay online with a credit card, and be as generous as you can up to $575 per election cycle. If you already belong then please consider signing up your spouse or friends -- any eligible voter can join. Your contributions are vital to keep us in the game and continue our process of interviewing and endorsing candidates. We still have more interviews to hold prior to the general elections.

With your help, we will continue our efforts to make Colorado the best place in the country to practice medicine -- and elect the candidates who can enact the laws (and prevent the passage of others) that will help us achieve that goal.
CMS shares MACRA concerns with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services called for comments on its proposed rule on the implementation of the quality payment program, which includes the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) and advanced Alternative Payment Models (APMs). The Colorado Medical Society joined the American Medical Association and many other state, national, and specialty medical societies to submit our concerns on the proposed MACRA rule.

Our comments seek to: 

  • simplify the proposed MIPS program to ensure that it facilitates meaningful opportunities for performance improvement while decreasing administrative and compliance burdens;
  • provide a more robust APM pathway that can support physicians who want to make the transition to new delivery and payment models; and
  • accommodate the needs of physicians in rural, solo, or small practices in order to enhance their opportunities for success and avoid unintended consequences.
Click here to read the letter.
Register for the 2016 CMS Annual Meeting

Join your colleagues at the re-engineered CMS Annual Meeting in Keystone Sept. 16-18 as we engage some of the top health care policy and political experts in the nation on issues such as universal health care, physician-assisted death, Medicare payment, physician burnout, health plan mega-mergers, politics, and more. We'll have plenty of time for rest, relaxation and rejuvenation, too, for attendees and their families. 

Webinar: Learn about the new name for Colorado Medicaid, Health First Colorado

Colorado Medicaid is changing its name to Health First Colorado (Colorado's Medicaid Program) this summer. Join the Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing to learn about why Colorado Medicaid is changing its name, and how this change affects your patients and your practice. They will also direct you to resources to help educate your patients about this change.

There are two remaining dates for the webinar: Wednesday, July 6; and Wednesday, July 13. Both are 12 - 1 p.m.

Register to attend an informational webinar on TCPi

TCPi Colorado Practice Transformation Network presents an opportunity for 2,000 clinicians in Colorado to receive practice support as they prepare for new payment models. All physicians -- primary care and specialists -- are encouraged to stay up to date on Medicare payment reform and consider taking advantage of this federally-funded support to help their practice thrive in the evolving health care landscape.

The SIM Office is hosting a series of informational webinars and encourages anyone who is interested in learning more about TCPi to register.

More information on the webinars and links to register can be found online at www.colorado.gov/healthinnovation/tcpi. They are held each Wednesday, alternating between morning and mid-day. Questions? Email TCPI@hcpf.state.co.us.

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