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"What I did on my summer vacation"

I wanted to share a true story with you of what some of the ICD-10 Coalition members are doing in their own community to encourage others to begin or continue their ICD-10 transition planning.

On July 24, more than 60 Pikes Peak PAHCOM managers attended the ICD-10 Show 'n Tell where Sandra Robben-Weber, Colorado Springs Pulmonary Consultants, and Chris Hall of Matthews-Vu Medical Group presented an overview of the work they have done implementing ICD-10 in their respective practices.

Through the unique pool of ICD-10 resources, they had an opportunity to preview a new tool that is being offered through the Coalition. What had been an exhausting, labor-intensive effort suddenly had the potential to be a well-organized project that had manageable pieces and parts. Excitement followed, and with a little encouragement, Sandra and Chris agreed to pilot software offered by Complete Practice Resources, one of the Colorado ICD-10 Coalition partners, in their efforts to implement ICD-10 in their practices.

Initial results were impressive and they decided that rather than wait until they could report successful implementation, they would share their experiences, both good and not so good, along the way with the Pikes Peak chapter's membership. That way they could encourage the rest of their community to utilize the many tools and resources that are available to begin the transition.

Both Sandra and Chris are in varying stages of implementation and they discussed the challenges faced in getting the project off the ground. Both are tapping into resources available through the work of a small group within Pikes Peak PAHCOM, the resources of the ICD-10 Coalition, the resources of professional associations - PAHCOM, AAPC, AHIMA, MGMA, AMA, to name just a few - and they are also using the software offered by Complete Practice Resources to keep the project organized, on budget, and moving forward. To assist with questions about the project management and code translation software, Complete Practice Resources was represented on 7/24.

The audience was engaged and the discussion lively during the presentation. With the help of the presenters, the group began to better understand the full impact of the transition to ICD-10. Several "Wow!" moments were noted. Even though the presentation lasted two hours, related conversations continued well beyond the presentation. The take-away from the ICD-10 Show 'n Tell presentation was simple: the key to successful implementation of ICD-10 depends upon appropriate provider documentation and, equally important, management's skill in capitalizing workflow efficiencies and minimizing interruptions to cash flow. And, resources and support for management's function are readily available.

Take the time to tap into the resources

Check out the Complete Practice Resources ICD-10 Toolkit and ICD-10 Transition Software which are available at the lowest price in the country by ordering through the Colorado ICD-10 Training Coalition.

Sign up for free Complete Practice Resources ICD-10 webinar on Tuesday, July 30 or Thursday, Aug. 1 at 4:30 p.m. MDT when Denny Flint will discuss the top 5 things to start your ICD-10 transition. Click here for more information and for the links to registration.

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