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September 2014
30 Years of Continued Success Serving California Fire Service and Law Enforcement Personnel

We are pleased to announce that California Administration Insurance Services, Inc. (Cal Admin.) has just celebrated its 30th anniversary as the Plan Administrator for California Association of Professional Firefighters (CAPF), California Law Enforcement Association (CLEA),  and National Peace Officers and Fire Fighters Benefit Association (NPFBA).


This is truly a milestone event since CAPF, CLEA, and NPFBA now exceed 40,000 participants from over 300 different unions and associations from within the state.  Additionally, the three Plans have paid in excess of $110 million in benefits to disabled and deceased law enforcement and fire service personnel.


According to Jim Floyd, founding principal of Cal Admin., "it has been one of the most rewarding tasks of my life helping Cal Admin. serve thousands of our first responders and their families in their time of financial need due to job-related and non-job related disabilities and death. Cal Admin. and its staff are truly honored to have worked with so many dedicated people for all these years."

Floyd goes on the say the secret in Cal Admin's 30 year success story has been the ability of each Plan to self-fund and self-manage the most comprehensive level of benefits through its representative board of directors and trustees with the fervent objective "to take care of each other" in the event of disabling illnesses, injuries and death.

25th Anniversary of Cal Admin. Children's Scholarship

In addition to helping first responders and their families during their time of financial need due to job-related and non-job related disabilities and death, Cal Admin. helps the children of first responders achieve their higher education goals. For the last 25 years, Cal Admin. has awarded $500 scholarships to 8 children of CAPF, CLEA, or NPFBA participants to help with college or vocational training expenses.

2014 Recipients:
Rachel Blackman, Foster City Firefighters Association
Katarina Campisi, Contra Costa County Firefighters Association
Krista Cave, Alameda Firefighters Association
Megan Linney, Santa Clara Firefighters
Marisa Montalbano, San Diego County Deputy Sheriff Association
Kelsey Nelson, Napa Firefighters
Janessa Sorpa-Sims, DSA of Santa Clara County
Ashley Stebbins, California Correctional Supervisors Organization

Please check the CAPF website in November for information about the 2015 Scholarships. Applications will be due April 1, 2015.

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