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NPFBA Long Term Care Ad


Applies to:

Long Term Disability and Long Term Care  

A beneficiary is a living person, charitable trust or non-charitable organization designated by you to receive your Death Benefit. CLEA and NPFBA will send your Death Benefit to the beneficiary on file so it is important to keep your beneficiary information current.


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November 2012   
15 Ideas to Reduce Stress
A landmark five year study of Buffalo, New York police has shown that daily job stress contributes to increased risks of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and suicide. Protect your health by incorporating stress-management in your day.

Some ideas for stress-management:

1. Add 1 serving of walnuts or walnut oil per day to your diet. Both have been shown to reduce blood pressure during stress.

2. Practice deep breathing for a few minutes each day.

3. Start a stress journal. Write about stressful events and your reactions for 10 to 15 minutes a day.

4. Express your emotions.

5. Schedule regular time for something you enjoy such as a hobby or recreational activity.

6. Learn meditation.

7. Exercise for 30 minutes 3 to 4 times per week.

8. Try yoga. In addition to being relaxing, it can help with lower back pain.

9. Massage therapy.

10. Laugh - Laughter and anticipating laughter have been shown to reduce stress hormones.

11. Drink black tea.

12. Spend time playing with your pet. Studies show that pets reduce stress levels.

13. Eat more complex carbs like whole-grain bread and oatmeal.

14. Eating oranges, spinach, fatty fish, pistachios, avocados, almonds, raw veggies and calcium rich foods may help your body cope with stress.

15. Volunteer.
Long Term Care Planning - Not Just for Your Parents and Grandparents
As our grandparents and parents age, many of us have to deal with the logistics of long term care for them. Maybe you can see mobility problems developing or the early stages of Alzheimer's and realize that soon your parent or grandparent will need long term care. Or maybe you are already coordinating or providing long term care for your parent or grandparent. Chances are that your parent or grandparent never included long term care in his/her retirement plan and doesn't have long term care coverage. As you know, this adds to the burden on your family in terms of both caregiving and money. You can protect your children and grandchildren from the same concerns by purchasing a long term care policy for yourself and a spouse. However, it's important to remember that long term care policies like life insurance policies depend on your health so you should purchase one while you're young and healthy.

When you purchase a long term care policy, you expand your options. Instead of being forced to rely upon family members or deplete your assets to cover care, you can choose the best long term care option for you. An NPFBA Long Term Care policy provides money for Home Health Care, Assisted Living, and Nursing Home Care. In addition to giving you choices, a long term care policy reduces the stress on both you and your family by helping with the financial aspects of care.

Don't put off protecting yourself and your spouse! Long Term Care coverage is cheaper and easier to medically qualify for when you are younger. If you wait too long you may not be able to purchase a policy. Remember, you have to be under age 61 and not retired to qualify for NPFBA's Long Term Care Plan. 

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Sponsored by California Administration Insurance Services, Inc., the CLEA  Plan Administrators, the Children's Scholarship Program provides 4 scholarships of $500 each to children of CLEA Participants. 


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